Are you building up your blog just like how a bodybuilder builds up his body? Are you constantly working out your blog? How strong is your blog?

Body builders can teach us a lesson and how we can apply their workout to our blogs so that we have one of the best blog on the web.

Body builders are determined to build up their body and they are willing to make it happen despite the amount of work they have to put in. As a blogger are you determined to build up your blog and willing to work on your blog to make it happen?

Working Out – Blog Posting

  • Working Out

In order for a bodybuilder to be successful in building up his body, he has to be constantly working out. This would mean that this bodybuilder would workout 7 times per week. Everyday of the week working on his body will make him successful.

  • Blog Posting

As a blogger how often do you post a blog? This can have a great effect on your blog. Regular posting on your blog can is the most important thing.

Going To The Gym – Getting Traffic

  • Going To The Gym

A bodybuilder has to go to the gym everyday to work out. He has to go to the gym, the gym can come to him, unless he has a home gym. Even if he has a home gym he has to go to it.

  • Getting Traffic

Are you going out to get traffic to your blog or are you waiting for the traffic to come to you? If you don’t advertise and market you blog, how will you get traffic? You need to do like the bodybuilder and go get traffic to your blog just like he does everyday by going out to the gym.

Strength – Security

  • Strength

After doing some vigorous work out over a period of time no doubt this bodybuilder has gained some strength. He can now lift things he couldn’t in the past.

  • Security

You need to build up your blog’s strength by making it secure. You will have to install some plugins and take some extra measures to secure your blog.

Group Discussion

  • Are you constantly working on your blog as a bodybuilder works on his body?
  • How do you get traffic to your blog or do you wait on it to find your blog?
  • How strong is your blog? Strong like a bodybuilder?


  1. webmaster


    i really like these infomraiton about the building blog. i really like and its true that building a blog need hardwork just like to make the body
    thanks to share he information

  2. Denis


    Very interesting post. I would be very glad to follow on these tips and apply them to my blogs so that I can get more traffic or improve my blogs that will ultimately leads to my blog’s success.

  3. Noah Rainey


    Great analogy comparing successful blogging to a body builder. I’ve never thought of blogging like this ;). Thanks for the tips Kharim!
    .-= Noah Rainey´s last blog ..ThemeSheep – 3 New Upcoming Themes – Sunday May 9-10, 2010 =-.

  4. ron


    using a subject everyone can understand clever . keep up the good work
    .-= ron´s last blog ..How to get the most outta your twitter . =-.

  5. Melody


    Such a wonderful someone who has been blogging for over a year. I’m just starting to get to the point where the motivation is lacking. But just as the body begins to slow down, you’ve gotta find the strength to just limber up and get moving..
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..Who’s In Your Online Clique? =-.

    • Reply

      Yup. Thanks for the comment Melody. Think of it as surviving. If you don’t eat food you will eventually die. If you don’t feed your blog with posts, it will also eventually die.

  6. Glen


    Love the comparison Kharim, very different.
    .-= Glen´s last blog ..5 Security Tips For Your Forum! =-.

  7. pedro


    Another good post here, i try and and publish a post everyday, but sometimes you need to rest, like a bodybuilder you need time to recover and rest, you sometimes need to sit back and review your exercises and maybe try something new, a new machine perhaps, like blogging you might need to try different techniques to drive traffic, like joining for one, posting to stumble upon and using other social networking sites.

    you can spend a lot of time social networking as much as you do blogging perhaps like eating the correct food, there is no point eating 20 slices of pizza then going to the gym


  8. Jarrod


    Hey Kharim,

    I love how you’ve compared body builders to bloggers. It really makes us question what we are doing to become successful bloggers. Are we taking action to make things happen to progress to the next level, or are we passive and waiting on things to happen for us?

    I know when I first started blogging, I wanted to have a successful blog but all I wanted to do was blog. And even at that, I was comfortable with blogging 4… maybe 5… and if I was lucky, 6 times a week. Not only am I aiming to blog at least once daily, I’m doing other things that I never imagined myself doing when I first started blogging like marketing my blog and a host of other things.

    Thanks for sharing, this is a reminder for us to stay on track and if we’re not on the right track, get on the right track.

    • Reply

      You’re welcome Jarrod.

      I really thought about this post comparing the body builders to bloggers and it came out well. Glad you liked it. 🙂

      I notice that you post regularly and this is really great. Keep up the good work and continue to build up your blog. 8)

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