When you talk with marketing specialists about whether or not you should use premium WordPress themes, you will always be told that this is the best option available. That is the case because of so many different reasons. Unfortunately, most business owners believe that they save money when they opt for the free themes and they actually miss out on a lot that could be accomplished by simply choosing premium WordPress themes. Obviously, not all premium themes are suitable for your project but generally speaking, you want to seriously consider using them because of the following reasons.

More Customization Options And Features

This is by far the biggest advantage that premium themes offer. You automatically gain access to many more customization options and features. We are faced with a huge competition in the theme industry. Every single theme shop is trying to offer lower prices and increased features in order to increase client base. The customer receives themes that are a lot better these days. For instance, a really good example is offered by the drag and drop builder. This allows people that do not have HTML or PHP knowledge to easily create responsive website design that looks really well and is properly coded. You will never find something like this with the free WordPress themes. Besides this, you do get access to multiple pre-built templates, layouts, unlimited color choices and highly improved shortcodes.

Updates And Support

One thing that many do not know is the vast majority of free WordPress themes are no longer updated and there is no support offered. This means that in the event a vulnerability appears, your entire site can be hacked. The premium WordPress themes will always offer regular support and updates. Theme shops make money through the themes sold so it is in their best interest to keep updating and making things perfect for the customer. This is not a need for the regular theme developer.

Being Unique

The simple reason that the premium WordPress theme has to be bought means that it will not be used as often as the free theme is. This is a huge advantage for site owners since it means that there is a much lower possibility that there will be thousands of other sites out there that look exactly like theirs. Also, the premium themes will include numerous customization options. You can easily use the theme as a foundation for the creation of something that is 100% unique. Something like this is simply impossible for the free WordPress themes so something like branding would be impossible.


The bottom line is the paid, premium WordPress themes are always going to be a lot better than the free themes. They are more secure and allow you the possibility to build an online business that takes the correct first steps towards succeeding. You should always dedicate part of your launch budget to buying a premium theme. This initial investment is going to make everything that you do a lot better in the future.


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    I think everyone loves using unique themes, so by opting for premium themes we will get so many options and lifetime updates as well.

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    Well indeed we must use premium wordpress themes to get more features and protect our blogs from unwanted attacks. You have shared some important points here.


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