Do you own a mechanic business? Is your business relatively new and you’re working hard to get the word out and build your customer base? Let’s face it, mechanics face a lot of competition, so a big part of building your customer base is standing out from that competition and getting noticed. While there is nothing wrong with the traditional forms of advertising and marketing, you may also want to consider creating a blog on your website. A blog can offer all kinds of benefits to your business, as we will discuss.

Help Boost Your Google Rankings

A website is only effective if it gets traffic, we all know this. So how does your website get and build traffic? One of the biggest ways is to rank high in the Google search pages. Ideally you want to get on that first page of search results since the majority of people don’t bother to look past it.

Did you know that a blog can actually work to increase your rankings? That’s right, when you blog correctly and make use of SEO keywords, then you should start to see your website steadily increase in the rankings. Not only that, but if you use other tricks of the trade such as videos and images in your blog, then it’s going to rank that much higher.

Increase Your Page Count

Another way a blog can help is that each blog creates its own page in your website. This means more possible hits in terms of search results. People are going to start discovering your website as they search for all kinds of different topics that you can cover in your blog.

Become an “Expert” in Your Field

In an industry such as car repair and mechanic shops, being an “expert” can certainly help you in terms of building your customer base. When you write a blog, you’ve got a chance to discuss issues that resonate with customers. You can talk about such things as red flags with your brakes, when to buy new tires, what to do about rust on your car, etc. You will start to carve out a real spot for yourself in the market where you appear to be an expert.

Take a look at the Tuning Guru website as an example of what you can do with a blog, and the kinds of things you can discuss. As you’ll see it helps to create an image that you are in expert in the field.

Link to Social Media

A blog will also give you a chance to link to social media, and vice versa, thereby covering even more avenues. Social networks are where the majority of communications seem to be taking place right now, so each time you post a new blog be sure to include a link on your social accounts.

An Excellent Marketing Tool

At the end of the day a blog acts as an excellent marketing and advertising tool for your mechanic business, drawing more interest to your website and in turn your company.

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