Get More E-Mail Subscribers with These 6 WordPress Newsletter Plugins

According to some estimations, email marketing is one of the most cost-efficient marketing methods there are. The statistics claim that for every $1 invested towards it, email marketing returns up to $38, which is the incredible ROI of 3800 percent. Nonetheless, in order to make your emailing as efficient as possible, you need to expand […]

Steps You Need To Follow In Order To Draft The Best Cold Email Ever

You may think that today’s online vibrant growth has left the old email behind. Don’t give up just yet on it, because it is still one of the most effective and simple ways to build your online marketing strategy. There are lots of ways you can use your email. Further we would like to detail […]

6 Ways to Guarantee Delivery for Your Email Marketing Campaign & Avoid Spam Filters

The success of your email marketing campaigns rest heavily on deliverability; whether your emails are being delivered to the intended recipient or not. Simply put, if your emails don’t hit your list subscribers’ inbox, your chances of converting and making sales is 0%. Executing email marketing campaigns is far beyond randomly sending content with your […]

An Easy Guide to Spamming Your Customers and Never Selling Anything with Email Marketing

You may have heard that email marketing is one of the best ways to convert customers, drive sales, and turn marketing leads into customers, but whatever you’ve heard, forget it now if you don’t have the right emailing strategy and content.   Email As Often As Possible   Your customers and subscribers wanted to hear from you […]