Social Media is no longer just an ordinary platform for people to meet and greet. It has gained a lot of importance lately due to its usage in various fields. Social media marketing has an enormous role in establishment of a company, brand or product. With 2.7 Billion people having an account on social media platforms, its safe to say that social media sparks an imperative for company executives to use this as a platform to create recognition and hype. Popular sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram behave as powerful advertising platforms; if exploited smartly, can work wonders for business.

A business is called successful only if the product sells. The products will be bought only if it reaches to more and more people. The more popularity it gains, the higher the probability of the business being a mega hit.

Ways of promoting your business:

  1. Social Media: Social media is the biggest platform for advertising, promoting and establishing your subject. If you know the art of exploiting the platform, the battle is half won. It has a huge potential of increasing sales.


  1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the method of setting up keywords that could be searched by the user on search engines. When the keyword is typed, your content or product pops up, thereby gaining more attention and views. There are several organizations that smartly set up SEOs for your idea to attract more attention. SEO companies are gaining a lot of recognition lately due to their contribution to business marketing strategies.


There are added benefits if SEO companies and social media work hand in hand. In today’s world, 60% of the population follow their favourite brands on social media platforms. When a keyword is typed on a search engine, the company’s social media account link comes up. It’s appropriate to say that social media accounts behave as SEO content themselves.


Benefits of Social Media for Business: –

  1. Brand recognition: Every opportunity that lets you conglomerate your content and increases your visibility is precious. Social media accounts act as channels and voices to promote your brand. It’s important to make yourself accessible to new customers and become recognizable.
  2. Increased Inborn Traffic: You can’t expand your business with the same old customers. You need new visitors to increase conversions. Putting up captivating content on your accounts and presenting yourself well, increases the probability of a new customer to visit your profile. The more visitors you get, the better you get ranked for your keywords. This leads to more inborn traffic, which eventually leads to more sales.
  3. Brand loyalty improves: Social media provides a pathway for companies to connect with people; they must use it wisely and smartly. A strategic plan to present yourself online can behave a powerful influence on customers to be brand loyal. According to statistics, the companies that regularly keep their followers updated via social media platforms enjoy loyal customers.
  4. Drastic decrease in marketing costs: Social media is an inexpensive way of advertising. Even the paid advertisements on Facebook and Twitter are relatively cheaper than alternative ways of advertising. You just need to spend ample amount of time to syndicate your content and make it crowd-attracting. These efforts itself reap sweet fruits. Step by step, as the popularity of your account grows; conversions increase as well.
  5. Rich customer experience: Customers appreciate personal connections. Social media is the right platform to exploit that. For example, if a customer likes your product and compliments you; you can thank them and suggest better additional products. If there’s a complaint, you can apologise and connect with them via emails. As people find you accessible, they suggest others to associate with your brand too; thereby increasing conversions. Your sales increase, once they learn that you care about their needs.
  6. Better SEO ranking: Relevant traffic is captured from search engines, by means of SEO. Social media relevance is treated as a significant feature now for better rankings. The more recognised you are, the more conversions you earn. Being active on social media acts as a brand signal to search engines to regard you as a credible, trustworthy and legitimate commodity.
  7. Gain valuable customer insights: Social media allows us to collect immense amount of information of everything around; the people and their interests. As customers, we all sentimentally connect with things and brands. With some social listening and strategic planning, this sentiment could be targeted to please the crowd and establishment yourself in a plausible way.
  8. Keep competitors under check: Competition is throat-cutting; thus, it’s important to know where you stand to improve your strategies and move forward. Social media provides abundant amount of information about your competitors which you can use to strategize and stay ahead of them.
  9. Geotarget content: If you’re based in a different place but want to share your content about your campaign in another place; doing it physically can be extremely difficult. Based on location, you can target specific audience by geo-targeting.
  10. Higher conversion rates: In the end, all that matters is if your brand is well established to sell its products or not. It’s crucial to convert buyers into followers. Interactive social media accounts of companies serve as a personification of brands that attract crowd; eventually leading to the customers trusting your brand and following it.


In conclusion, social media is the mightiest weapon which can weave wonders if used strategically with care.


Author Bio: James Tredwell is a Technical SEO at who works with unique problems and advanced search situations. He helps clients improve organic traffic through a deep understanding of Google’s algorithm and Web technology.


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