GoCASTANET Marketing Infoormation

We are looking for experienced marketers and affiliate program managers to promote our innovative new service and affiliate program to the appropriate market. The Service: CASTANET is a cloud-based software solution that connects to your LinkedIn profile and helps automate outreach, connections and engagements using best practices to achieve optimal results. Most marketers underutilize LinkedIn […]

4 Effective Website Design Tips to Boost Your Business Sale

The journey to boost your business sale starts by designing a credible website and then ranking high in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Data suggests that the buying process for nearly 90 percent of the customers starts by searching for a particular product and service in a search engine. They then explore the top few […]

Essential Things You Need to Know About Digital Marketing

Unlike several traditional marketing platforms that hold tremendous boundaries to enter, every individual company now can employ digital marketing to expand their business reach. It’s like the deeper you go into it, the better you receive from it. Right? If you’re planning or commencing to explore this broad term – digital marketing, and aspiring to […]