The digital arena is where most businesses today do all of their most important marketing. If you can generate sufficient buzz and interest online, you will have no trouble in recruiting customers to your business for the long-term.

The following digital marketing trends are the most essential ones to watch over the next year. These are the trends that will define 2020 for marketers.

AI-Driven Advertising

Data is at the heart of everything that we do in the digital arena today. Whether we are using a social media platform or just browsing Netflix, there is always data, and an AI to process it, nearby. In its simplest form, AI-driven marketing involves offering users personalized recommendations based on their previous preferences. By looking at the data for what a large number of people have done, based on past behaviour, it is possible for an AI to begin to learn patterns that people would never find.

Within the context of marketing, serving up smarter recommendations to consumers improves conversion rates and increases the chances of them engaging positively with any recommendations they receive.


Chatbots are another example of a technology that is driven by artificial intelligence and could not function properly without it. Chatbots have mostly been deployed so far within a customer service context, as they can handle many issues automatically without having to waste the time of a human.

While these features may have started out as a way of improving user convenience, many businesses now view the chatbots as marketing tools and a vital way of improving customer engagement. Chatbots have been growing in sophistication for some time and 2020 is likely to see the technology finally begin to mature as a marketing tool.

Blogs For Websites

Adding a blog to a business website has long been regarded as one of the simplest, most effective things you can do to improve the volume of traffic flow and maintain a high SEO score. Maintaining a blog on your website gives you the chance to communicate directly with your users and share the most important information and news you have with them.

A blog is also a simple way of adding value to a website, meaning that you give people a reason to visit other than to give you money and to buy products and services from you.

For example, if your business specialises in providing Bad Credit Loans to those that need them, adding a blog to your website about subjects like how to better manage money and what to do if your credit score is low will encourage members of your target audience to visit your website. Many websites have found that adding a blog makes a significant difference to the volume of traffic that they receive on a daily basis, as well as the number of visitors who go on to become regular repeat visitors. Digital marketing is a fast-moving field, so no one really knows what the next 12-months will hold. However, the trends above have been building for some time and now finally look set to come to fruition. In terms of formulating a marketing strategy for 2020, the above trends are the ones you need to focus on.

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