We are looking for experienced marketers and affiliate program managers to promote our innovative new service and affiliate program to the appropriate market.

The Service:

CASTANET is a cloud-based software solution that connects to your LinkedIn profile and helps automate outreach, connections and engagements using best practices to achieve optimal results. Most marketers underutilize LinkedIn as a component of their strategy for awareness, lead generation, and relationship building – so we built this tool to streamline the process and make it effective for everyone. Target your ideal audience, set customized messaging, and let the system go. It will view profiles, endorse connections, send messages and connection requests, and much more. We have some people who use it simply to send a personal message to everyone in their network monthly to better cultivate and engage people already connected.


The Market:

  • Individual professionals: Realtors, insurance agents, and marketing professionals
  • Marketing agencies: use the tool and provide the service to their clients as a ‘managed service’, creating a new revenue stream
  • Large companies: buy in bulk and leverage the tools for your entire sales team



  • Starts at $199/month and goes down depending on how many users on one account


Super Affiliate Program:

  • Visit http://www.LinkedInHeroes.com
  • Lucrative payouts: 100% of the first month plus 20% ongoing for life of account
  • Only $499 one-time fee to join, which covers the cost of account setup, training and support

Program is managed by the Partnerstack Affiliate system

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