The journey to boost your business sale starts by designing a credible website and then ranking high in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Data suggests that the buying process for nearly 90 percent of the customers starts by searching for a particular product and service in a search engine. They then explore the top few websites that come up in the search results to make their purchase. Thus, any web development company in delhi, Pune or anywhere else gives equal importance to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as it gives to designing.

Here are a few tips that a good designer makes use of to boost the business sale for its clients.

Creates Responsive Website

Gone are the days when browsing was done on desktop browsers. The proliferation of mobile devices has compelled the web development company in Chennai or Delhi to change their designing approach and improve the user experience. As people browse websites on various devices varying in screen size, pixel resolution etc., designing a responsive website is the need of the hour. This website has a flexible and fluid layout, which guarantees the same experience across various devices as it adjusts with the screen size, which ensures an improved user experience. 

Website Should Load Faster

As the average attention span of a user is three seconds, any website that takes more than three seconds to upload irritates the users and they abandon it and move to the competitors’ websites. Here are a few things that hamper the loading speed and hence one should be vigilant about it. 

  • Images are the biggest culprits that hamper the faster loading of the webpages. Thus, make use of optimal images.  
  • There might be some unnecessary elements on the webpage, which increases the loading time. Thus, audit the page elements to find such elements and remove them.
  • Enabling the browser caching gets the site pages stored in temporary storage or cache. This makes the loading of pages faster for repeat visitors.
  • Plugins play an important role in designing a website, but over time, many plugins become unnecessary and accumulation of these hamper the loading speed. Thus, reviewing the plugins on a regular frequency and deactivating and deleting the extra or unnecessary ones help in improving the loading speed.

Choose the Right Colour Scheme

Colours can have a significant impact on a person’s moods and emotions, thereby impacting their choices and behaviours. As colours have emotional and psychological effects, the colour scheme you choose for the website should be engaging and compelling for the users to respond to your call-to-action. It should also align with the type of products or services you offer. For instance, the blue colour makes people feel that something is dependable and trustworthy. Thus, a website catering to financial services can choose blue as their colour palette.

Have Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumbs are extremely helpful to the users as they not only help the users to trace their path but also dig deeper into the site to visit similar pages. Having breadcrumb navigation enabled helps in positive optimization and minimizing negative factors like bounce rates. They are a useful tool for enriching user experience and thus any good and experienced website designing company in Chennai, Delhi etc. will always use it. This is especially beneficial if the website has a complex hierarchy that can overwhelm the users, thus deterring them from digging deeper. As it also helps the search engines to understand the internal structure of the website better, it also impacts the SERPs positively.

These are few of the most effective tips that help to provide better user experience, increase visibility, drive more traffic and hence boost the business revenue.

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Author Bio: Ipshita Is A Digital Marketing Expert And Works For Digital Marketing Agency.

She Loves To Write About Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Designing And Blogging.



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    Great content!

    Having an online presence plan and website enables you to promote your company online. Also essential is a website because it helps to build credibility as a business.

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    I couldn’t ignore reading this post after reading the other. The above website design tips will also help boost your SEO. This means more traffic, more sales or leads. Beautiful!

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    Thank you so much for helping me out with this design thing. I hope now my project will perform much better.

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