Keeping a website simple is the popular modern design approach called the art of less or minimalism. Basically, what you are trying to do with minimalism is to offer more for less, keeping the website clean and simple but crisp. It means offering all the required elements in a clutter-free manner.

Here are a few proven tips for making your website simple and clean and yet engaging:-

Use Whitespace

This is the space between various elements in any composition. Any good website designing company Delhi understands how this empty or white space improves the user concentration and hence their experience on the content or the products. They feel less stressed and pressured and more engaged. Not having enough white space often distracts the user. They either forget the initial reason why they came to your website or take more time to find what they are looking for. Either way, they won’t feel satisfied and might not come back again.

Have Only Important Information on Landing Page

Any good website designing company India designs the landing page based on the concept of ‘above the fold – below the fold’. The top half or ‘above the fold’ should contain only the important information or a short engaging video telling a story that the visitor can relate to. Consider this part as the headlines of the newspaper, which if engaging will motivate them to dig deeper to find the whole story.

Use Conversational English

Don’t use flowery language or too much technical or corporate jargon that is hard to understand by an average visitor. Keep it simple and conversational using more of first-person and second-person words like “we and you” so that the visitor feels that they are a part and parcel of what is being said. Always remember that websites should be about the customer and you talking more about their problems, challenges etc. and the promise to resolve their issues. The way to communicate instils a sense of belonging and they start gaining trust.

Have a Guided Navigation

The navigation should be clear with the pages organized into logically-named categories. Don’t make navigation guesswork for the visitors. Also, make it a guided trip for them by pointing towards certain ideas or actions in a subtle but obvious manner. This will ensure that they don’t miss the elements that you want them to explore, but at the same time, they shouldn’t feel rushed or forced to look at them. This type of navigation makes the visitors feel that you care for them and are not trying to force things on them.

Leave Out Hype

The visitors feel engaged in websites that offer honesty and transparency. Just posting things to create unnecessary hype sends a repulsive vibe to the visitor. State the facts in the right and transparent manner. Don’t just promise the moon as visitors hate to be taken for a spin. Let them go through the facts to make an educated and well-informed decision. The visitor always feels more satisfied when he or she feels that they have drawn their own conclusions.

Use Pictures or Videos to Tell a Story

Instead of a copy-heavy page, try conveying your story, message or solution using a picture or a video. They are a powerful medium to connect and engage and can convey much more in a few words.

Any website designing company in Delhi that keeps a tab on the latest trends understands the art of saying more with less, which is a popular modern design approach right now. You need to keep your website simple but crisp following the tips discussed above.

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Author: Ipshita Shekhawat

Author Bio: Ipshita Is A Digital Marketing Expert And Works For Digital Marketing Agency. She Loves To Write About Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Designing And Blogging.



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    nice post but i have a question please help me i m having a website and does not about any whitespace in it
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