It is almost the time for a new year and a new decade.

At the ending of every year people all over the world set New Year’s resolutions so that they can have some tasks to take on for the New Year.

We bloggers often set New Year’s resolutions as well. One task that you could add to your list is promoting your blog and generating blog traffic.

In this article I will show you a few ways that you can promote your blog in 2020 and get traffic to your blog.

[box type=”blue”]Promote Your Blog Using Forums[/box]

When I started blogging back in 2010 one of my favorite ways to promote my blog on forums.

Most forums allow you to add a signature in your profile.

A signature is shown each time to create a new thread or make a reply to a post on the forum.

On your signature you are able to add an image, some texts or a link. I added my blog link to my forum signature, so each time that I make a post on the forum there would be a link there leading back to my blog.

The links on the signatures are also do-follow, and we all know how important do-follow backlinks are when it comes to SEO.

The more you post, the more links you will have leading back to your blog.

I have created a brand new forum so that bloggers can chat with each other on topics related to blogging, traffic generation and making money online from their blog.

On my forum, you are able to add a link in your signature and also there is a special forum board there where I allow you to promote your blog link and articles for free.

[box type=”spacer”]How To Make Forum Promotion Work For You[/box]

In order to make posting on forums work for you, you have to be active on the forums. Participate in discussions. The more you post the more your links will show in your signature.

Be helpful to others as well. I guarantee you; once you are a source of help for other bloggers or users on a forum then they will want to know more about you and what you know.

So they will be more than inclined to click the link in your signature and visit your blog.

Join my forum today and go promote your blog for free, and remember to be active on the forums that you use.

[box type=”blue”]Remember About Guest Posting[/box]

Along with forum posting, guest posting is another awesome way to promote your blog.

When you find a blog that you would like to submit a guest post on, email the blog owner and find out their guest posting options.

Make sure that the guest post that you are going to write is related to the blog’s niche.

You can also make reference to your blog or link to a blog article in your guest post.

Place a link to your blog in the bio section of the article.

If you get comments on your article you should reply to those who left a comment.

Remember each time you leave a comment there will be a link back your blog.

[box type=”idea”]Bonus Tip: If you have more time on your hands, visit the blog of those who comment on your article, check out their blog and leave a comment on an article. This will surly help you to get more traffic back to your blog.[/box]

[box type=”blue”]Social Media Is Still A Powerful Tool[/box]

There are always millions of people on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and a lot others.

Promotion of your blog via social media sites is often recommended if you would like to get some views on your blog.

It is a great way to network with other bloggers.

If you are able to write a great juicy article on your blog then your blog readers will no doubt share your article with others on social media platform.

To make sharing easy for your blog readers then you should install a social share plugin on your blog.

There are tons of plugins out there, both free and premium, that will do this for you.

Activate only the most popular social media share buttons on your blog in the plugin settings.

Encourage your blog readers to share your article by using a short text asking them to share.

When using social media for promotion, especially on Twitter, you should use hashtags to get more views on your shared link.

[box type=”blue”]Host A Contest On Your Blog[/box]

I remember back in the days where blog contest were very popular.

This is a very great way to generate traffic on your blog.

I have hosted blog contests in the past and I will be hosting them again in the future.

There are 2 types of contest that you can host on your blog. These are guest posting contest and a giveaway.

[box type=”spacer”]Guest Posting Contest[/box]

When it comes to guest posting contest bloggers write a guest post on your blog and they should promote their guest post in order to win.

You can give points for the guest post by the amount of social shares they can get on their article and the amount of comments they can get as well.

This is the ultimate way to get tons of traffic and also guest posts on your blog.

Attract guest bloggers to participate in the contest by giving the winner(s) cash prizes.

[box type=”spacer”]Giveaways[/box]

You can also host a giveaway on your blog. There are plugins and sites where you can host a giveaway on your blog.

For the people who want to enter the contest, you can give points to share your article on social media, points to follow you, points to subscribe to your mailing list, points to visit a link, points to refer others to join the contest and the list goes on.

Attract people to join the contest by giving away something that you know they would want. Cash contest is the best way to go about it.

If you are not able to do cash then you can find some other prize to attract them to join.

[box type=”blue”]Pay For Advertisements[/box]

Paying for advertisement on another website or using Google Adwords is a great way to get traffic coming to your blog.

You don’t need to spend a bunch of money on advertising your blog. Set a budget and stick with it.

If you are able to spend $20 or even $10 per week on advertising then this is good enough to promote your blog, especially with Google Adwords.

Other websites may charge a higher price to place banners on their blog or website.

You can also sign up to websites that does paid advertising and I am pretty sure that you will find advertising prices within your budget.

[box]In Conclusion[/box]

There are tons of ways that you can promote your blog. The ones mentioned in this article is just a few.

Share with us your plans of how you will be promoting your blog in 2020 or other ways that a blog can be promoted.


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    I think running a contest is a great idea. When running the contest have people fill out information similar to what is being done here and it will increase the websites DA (Google will see activity and people will be on the site longer).Post the results of who wins so people know it’s legit

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