“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

         Wendy Piersall (American designer and entrepreneur)

The dynamic entrepreneur hits the nail right on the head with this one – increased and relevant traffic can do wonders for the web presence of your organisation and will eventually help you get that much-coveted top spot in the search engine results. And what better way to do that than invest in a strong and innovative SEO team that gets together to create wow results for your visibility and online presence, bringing in increased traffic and high rates of conversion for your business.

SEO or search engine optimization, as we all know, is the way of managing the visibility of a website on the search engine results page. The realm of content marketing is in a state of constant flux, and newer ways of improving visibility are cropping up every single day. Keeping pace with the advent of modern software and telecommunications technology, SEO and all other types of Internet-based marketing has undergone many a modification. Increased viewership on a website that appears on the top of the search engine results page more often than not means a potential growth in the customer base and that is how Internet marketing takes your business to newer heights.

How does SEO work?

Having different targets for search such as academic, video, image, news and industry-specific search results, SEO looks at the workings of the search engines. Advanced computer algorithms are responsible for search engine behaviour, and SEO notes this carefully along with the search items or keywords and preferred search engines among the users. Taking all of these into account, you will then get a clear idea of how to optimize your website or web page to match the trends of online consumer behaviour for increased revenue generation. The SEO team gets together to come up with a marketing strategy that includes editing or refurbishing existing content, looking at the coding aspects to increase the relevance to specific and targeted keywords, and excluding the barriers for achieving increased search engine indexing.


What makes SEO so important for the growth of your organisation?

Something that has been making rounds for quite some time now is that SEO is slowly becoming outdated with the rise of mobile technology, local SEO and content marketing strategies that are being chosen over many organisations over SEO. However, the best way to counter this line of argument is by saying that all of them ultimately boils down to serving the purposes that SEO used to serve, and that too, in a bigger and better way. How, you ask? Well, here is how – the following are the 10 best reasons, carefully compiled from many, that tell you why investing in SEO is not such a bad idea after all, and what it can do take your organisation to newer heights.

  1. SEO does wonders for your visibility

SEO indeed works towards increasing your visibility manifold. With advanced keyword analysis and coding techniques, errors in linking and cross-referencing can be done away with through the help of impressive SEO services available with the leading SEO agencies. Focusing on optimal user experience through the methodical SEO strategies can help you gain visibility with even the onlookers who would have normally looked past you. Your website or webpage can be enhanced to fit into the gaze of all your targeted customers through effective SEO tactics enabled with smart marketing strategy.

  1. Build your brand through SEO

Brand building has never been easier before. With clever SEO tactics, you do not have to worry about hitting the bull’s eye with your consumers through all the introductory content that you splatter across the web. Placing content intelligently following the market trends and patterns of targeted consumer behavior, SEO can help you attract a high flow of traffic from the initial days of the brand building itself that ensures a steady flow of potential consumers viewing your product from day one, so you stick in their memories for long.

  1. SEO opens up the scope for making use of free advertising

SEO starts with creating content that will attract consumers towards your website and thereby, your product. Having a strong SEO team is thus imperative for making great use of free advertisement space, that is, the web. Since SEO plays a major part in determining how you will be visible to your consumers, it is best to let the Internet trends decide what kind of organic advertisement you wish to put up on the web that appeals to the mind’s eye of your potential buyers. SEO is basically for making use of the free advertising opportunity that you get through the Internet, and it is never wise of a deft businessman to let such opportunities go by.

  1. SEO increases trust and credibility for your brand

Trust and credibility are the golden words for businesses – valuing the image that your brand has painstakingly built starts from the very foundation of earning trust and credibility, and maintaining them for long. SEO, in the age of modern marketing techniques, helps you in doing that by putting you right on top of the SERP. The consumer psyche in the era of digitization has evolved, and now the herd mentality has switched on the “believe everything that is on the Internet”. Cashing in on this very psyche, you can always employ effective SEO strategies that help your brand shine brighter than the others on the web by being featured among the top three in the SERP, and half your battle is won right there.

  1. SEO is affordable and has variable pricing

Believe it or not, SEO is actually affordable. With a host of SEO agencies offering stellar services related to all things Internet marketing, you will be able to find many price packages that fit your budget. An important point to note here is that SEO is never too expensive as it is essentially not a cost but an investment. Reaping the benefits of the investment that you allot for SEO will help take your business a long way with increased traffic leading to more revenue generation. Studies reveal that with an effective SEO partner, you will be able to achieve twice of what you had set a goal for within half the time if you choose to invest wisely for your Internet marketing department. What’s more, SEO pricing is always variable and depends on the array of services that you choose to opt for – they do not have a fixed pricing. Customised SEO services are available with most leading SEO agencies, and you can pick from their range of services the ones that you need to improve your Internet marketing strategy.

  1. SEO provides easy measurement and conversion factors

There are rarely any marketing techniques even half as scientific as SEO. With each aspect and element in SEO being totally measurable, you will find the results in detail if you choose to invest in a good SEO strategy for your organisation. Proper evaluation and analysis factors in SEO make it crucial for conversion factors too. Converting site visitors into customers starts with effective SEO strategies and techniques that can well pave your path to success.

  1. SEO has a far-reaching impact on sales

SEO has been proven to be the best ROI among all the Internet marketing strategies as it has the best conversion rates among all. With very little cost, SEO can multiply the revenue in a matter of months, if strategized properly. With comparison-shopping on the rise among online buyers, the need for employing smart SEO tactics to make the most of the price-conscious crowd of consumers online is the best bet that you can place through online marketing.

  1. Market share for SEO has risen following mobile technology

With almost 90% of the consumers looking for online reviews and depending on them for making decisions just before a purchase, it is high time that organic SEO is put in place for your business growth. Following the advent of mobile technology, most of the consumer traffic is observed to have been occurring through the mobile devices. The market shares for bandwidth and telecommunications is on the rise through SEO, and all the leading brands have shifted base to mobile technology-based SEO for the upcoming years.

  1. SEO can help you stay ahead in competition

A recent study by Ipsos OTX revealed that around 71% of the consumers make a purchase based on an advertisement they have seen online. When they turn to searching for your product, you can stay at the very top through better SEO strategies. While your competitors spend generous amounts on billboards, offline advertisements, and mass media genres, you can focus on improving your SEO to make it work for you so you can take advantage of the loopholes in the online marketing strategies of your competitors. SEO helps you take a lead over them all by ensuring yours is the product that the consumers see first when searching for similar products that they see offline.

  1. Social media leveraging with SEO is the ultimate PR goal

Social media leveraging can be boosted through SEO by simple steps of being visible on the social media platform with the proper kind of content. With the right mix of fascinating and relevant content, fine-tuned SEO strategies, and the ever-increasing popularity of the social media platforms among consumers, you can create a fabulous network between your communications and marketing department for achieving top-notch PR goals of interlinked communications.

And the list goes on! Refuting all arguments that say that gone are the days of strategizing online marketing through SEO, these reasons once again go to explain why SEO is still relevant, and how! Act fast, get together a reliable SEO team for your businesses today, and double your profits in a matter of mere months!


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Ava Smith is a blogger by profession, regular contributor and Assignment Writer for several educational portals and one of the most popular guest writers. She has an eye for spotting smart talent suited to the Internet marketing industry and likes to provide effective SEO tips through intriguing blogs in her spare time.

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