In order to write a blog post I am sure that you have to think and do some hunting. All of us as bloggers has to go through this process at one point or another to get blog post ideas.

Even if you aren’t a blogger and you write articles for a newspaper or for some other reason, you have to brainstorm and come up with ideas for what you want to write. Sometimes getting ideas can be really a difficult task at times. You have to make sure that your ideas will satisfy your reader or solve your reader’s problem.

I have some 10 cool ways to come up with blog post ideas to keep your mind working so that you will have tons of blog post ideas.

From Other Blogs

Visiting other blogs to get new blog post ideas has personally worked for me. I visit other blogs to read articles. After doing that, I normally find myself coming up with blog post ideas.

Blog Commenting

Making comments on other blog has also helped me to come up with great blog post ideas. Blog commenting also helps you to get traffic from the blog that you have commented on.

Forums In Your Niche

I often visit forums in my niche. Browse through the forum threads and make a couple replies on some topics. Forums are normally full of threads and you can get hundreds of blog post ideas to keep you blogging.

Asking Your Blog Readers

If you don’t have anything to blog about, why not ask your readers what they need help with or what they would like you to blog about. This can help you to get great blog post ideas and this will both benefit you and the reader who asked the question.

The reader will be really grateful for you helping them to understand a particular problem that they were having.

Having help them successfully, you can have that article re-tweeted by your readers and this in-turn will bring in more visitors to your blog.

Do Follow Up Posts

I am pretty sure that most blog post that you write is not fully covered. So you can scan through your blog posts and do follow up posts. Make sure that you like back to the previous post that you are doing the follow up on so that your readers can read that previous post and fully benefit from what you are trying to say to them.

Conduct Interviews

This is another way to write blog posts, by interviewing other bloggers or someone of interest. Other people like to listen or read interviews, so you can try it.

Do Tutorial Posts

Tutorial posts is one of the best post that can be placed on any blog. People are always looking for help and things on “how to” stuff. Making tutorial videos can really help your readers will and they will be coming back to your blog for more if you do more tutorial videos.

Watch TV/Videos

Watching TV o videos can help you to come up with blog post ideas.

I was watching the television some time ago and came up with a blog post idea entitled, The Love Of Money, which I offered up as a guest post.

Share What You Know

If you know something that other bloggers don’t know, why not share it. This is what you call unique content because nobody has already written what you are thinking. This will also make your readers like your blog.

Check Twitter For Interesting Stuff

The people that you follow on Twitter is always tweeting interesting stuff, surprisingly, you can get tons of blog post ideas from twitter.

Group Discussion

  • Where do you get your blog post ideas?

    1. Jetta@credito online


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      articles or blog posts on this sort of area . Exploring in Yahoo I at last stumbled upon this website.
      Studying this information So i am happy to express that I’ve an incredibly excellent uncanny feeling I found
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    2. Stacey


      Great list! I find my ideas get sparked from other blogs as I am commenting on various subjects. Whenever something hits me I put it into my spreadsheet even if it seems like a borderline topic. I also find when I go back and review my sheet, I sometimes get some spin off ideas from what is on there as well!

    3. Rohan Advani


      Hey Karim nice write-up. I still don’t do forum submissions , I should be starting it right away!!! Thanks!

    4. Lee


      Some great tips there, I will put most of them to good use.

      The only problems I find in tweeting my posts is Twitter closes my account for spamming, now I don’t tweet a link to my posts. So how can I promote them?

    5. Eli


      And, once you get ideas then you can use a tool such as evernote to manage the ideas. Just a tip.

      • Reply

        Evernote is great. I had the app on my mobile phone and its great for keeping notes.

        Thanks for your comment.

    6. John Ernest


      Twitter is a great source for ideas. From the simplest of tweets, a great and viral content can be curated by the most talented bloggers. I severely needed these tips because I often run into a writer’s block. Thanks a lot!

    7. Alden


      Lurking and reading on forums is one of my ways to get ideas. You can also get ideas about the latest trends to write about on . It is very helpful, believe me.

      Thanks for these tips Kharim, I’ll consider some of your suggestions.

    8. RoseAllen


      I must say that you have given such very good tips. But I think if you already own a blog the easiest way to do it is ask your readers. But with me what I do is blog comment, visit other blogs which is Yes it is very helpful to come up with new ideas.

      • Reply

        Sometimes a blog visitor will also email you and depending on the question they ask you then you can turn that into an article.

        Thanks for your comment.

    9. samsmith


      Good points. Actually, whatever that related to internet, such as blogging or internet marketing, Google has been always the best tool.

    10. Reply

      Great posts are hard to do consistently on a day-to-day basis. Probloggers really have to work at it. I thought about all the different ways and angles a blogger can approach choosing posting topics

      • Reply

        You are so right. Sometimes we as bloggers have burn out and we need to rest at times so that we can recharge our brains to come up with new ideas.

        Thanks for the comment.

    11. Alexander


      Great ways it is really cool. I’m a dynamic World wide web user along with a blogger. I do this to change tips and also study from other people. In addition, you become friends together. That’s is one of the satisfying part.

    12. Reply

      When I’m facing writer’s block, I either: run or read. Running never fails to clear my head and inspire me. As far as reading, I’m always seeing a style I want to mimic or finding an idea I want to expound on.

    13. Marketing Philosophy


      As a blogger there are many times that I cannot find a subject to write about, when this happens I just search for youtube videos (there are many valuable videos) and find a ton of new ideas, this always helps

      • Reply

        Yep. You should try out forums as well. Tons of topic ideas which people are searching for. When you do this then you can go back to the forum and share your article.

    14. Buy Real Hair Extensions


      Thinking an idea for a post is not an easy stuff even writing is also not a easy stuff. you need focus to be able to do this task. Anyway, you shared good ways that will probably help everyone to this kind of task. Thanks for the great insight!.

    15. Reply

      Commenting really helps. While commenting, you will feel that you can write much more than what you are expressing through a comment.

    16. Megan Brown


      Great post with full of information. I enjoyed lot coz All then 10 ways are not only COOL but also in real sense very EFFECTIVE too.

      I am saying this on basis of that I personally used many from this and get MINDBLOWING ideas.

      So thanks a lot for sharing this.

    17. jasmine


      These tips are great! Being able to minimize the time it takes to gather info and compact it all for a blog is probably the longest part of it all! Now, I can cut hours out of my day where normally I would be doing busy work.

    18. Reply

      nice information. It is very necessary to know about how effective is your blogging. these are wonderful tips for blog post.

    19. Best Ceiling Fan


      Personally, I’ve found one of the best ways to get blog post ideas is to use the Google Wonder Wheel. Simply enter in the main subject of your site and you’ll see lots of related keywords about which you can write more blog posts.

    20. Reply

      When ever I see myself stuck in a situation when I can’t think of any post ideas (Writers block situation), I usually go through my old posts and comments made my readers on my earlier posts and that helps me the most…
      apart from feeds, forum reading and reading other blogs in the same niche is another thing which works for me..

        • Samantha


          Hey, I’ve never realized that we can get blog post ideas in forums and in Twitter.
          The only thing I usually do is visiting others blog and read post and then there I get Ideas on what to post. So I am thankful that you have provided these set of ideas.

    21. Mike


      Hi Kharim, this is totally awesome blog post. Many of the ways you have mentioned are ways that I do when I need to find inspiration to write my blog post. Thanks!

    22. Jay


      Thanks Kharim! Cool article for those who seem to have less ideas on what kind of blog post they will do for today or tomorrow. I love guest posting and conducting tutorial videos.

      Bookmarked and shared your tips. Keep it up!

    23. bbrian017


      Kharim your always rocking these great posts I don’t know how you do it. Once again your top engaged at blog engage the people have voted! Congrats you deserve it.

    24. Mini A Ture


      I am an active internet user and a blogger. I do this to exchange ideas and learn from other people. You also get to be friends with them. That’s is one of the rewarding part.

    25. sba


      All of these are good sources for tweets and blog posts. When I write on my blogspot blog, I get ideas from other blogs, often in the comments when some has a problem but the owner isn’t responding (a big no-no in my book!). So I’ve written posts with more explanation and recounting differences in blogger templates. As always the devil is in the details!

      Lately, my source has been the clients for my freelancing work. When someone is new to WP you can point them to codex documentation but I find clients need something more ‘customized’. So I’m doing lots of screen casts lately.

      You can also get lots of ideas just doing google searches for your problems — someone has (several someones have) already written about pieces of the puzzle; there’s your opening!

    26. Nate Balcom


      This is often an issue for me. Coming up with content some times comes easy, but usually requires some inspiration. Thanks for the tips.

    27. Karl Foxley


      All very good ways of getting content ideas.

      I like to set-up Google alerts for keywords and keyword phrases related to my target market / niche. This way I get topic ideas sent to my inbox. πŸ™‚



    28. Isabel Rodrigues - Pro Blogger Journey


      I personally feel asking your readers is the best option. After all they are the one who will be reading your blog. So why not ask them what they would like posted.

      • Reply

        Thanks for stopping by and making a comment, Isabel. πŸ™‚

        If you ask readers then this will be even better for you to help them and they will respond in a loving way πŸ™‚

    29. Daniel Snyder


      Hey, I get a lot of article ideas off the radio. I’m always listening to local talk radio when I’m driving, and often they will cover a niche story in only a few words. I’ll dig up some more info online when I get home and write an article. Done this quite often actually… I also like your mention of follow up posts, this is a bright idea and one that is easy to do. You can never write everything there is to write on a topic.

      • Reply

        Oh yes, how could I forget about the radio. This is also a great way to get some great ideas πŸ™‚ thanks for backing me up on this Daniel πŸ˜€

    30. Murlu


      One really quick way is to just take whatever you may have learned or heard at work today and spin it into a post!

      Most of us that work will at least hear one good story or pick up on something interesting each day. Even though you may not feel that it’s super exciting – your blog readers possibly will!

      Plus, you can always bridge your own experience with it in the post which gives it a great voice of your own.

      • Reply

        Yep that’s true Murlu. Sharing what you know is one of the best ways to write blog post. The post will be well constructed and full of information if you write about what you have learn and know what works πŸ™‚

    31. Reply

      Conducting interviews and reading other blogs are my top picks.. Always gets you motivated to improve your blogging and write compelling articles for your readers. The rest are also great tips. Thanks Kharim!

    32. Reply

      Just another great post! “Forum” is my favourite, thanks for the great lists! some i have never thought about, especially Twitter, great idea! πŸ˜€

    33. Jamian


      You can always go to big sites like Amazon and browse through their category section and read about comments and reviews that related to your niche to get more ideas to write.
      Kharim you have a nice here, best wishes!

    34. Reply

      Lately I have been seeing a lot of bloggers, adding interviews and the idea actually seems quite interesting. As a reader, I have to say that I really enjoy reading such articles. On the other hand, even the interviews themselves can help you get some ideas.

    35. Dee


      Excellent ideas.. And I get people asking if I’ll either Tweet or post about something, so I just tell them to send me a copy/paste email and I’ll post it for free.. Well, actually what I say is it’s free but I ask that they Tweet or Facebook the post. They are happy to do it cause it helps them too. So, I guess I’m kind of getting guest posting, but not!

      For some reason the KeywordLuv is picking up that me last post was about the Superbowl, but actually it’s about a benefit concert that someone sent me and asked me to post.

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