For most Edmonton residents, having a smooth running computer is a vital part of their life. There are a number of people out there who use their computers for work. With all of the dangers out there on the internet, finding a way to keep a computer safe is a top priority. One of the most potentially harmful things a computer owner can run into is a virus. When a virus hits your computer, you will have to find professional computer repair Edmonton.

Here are a few warning signs that the computer you have has a virus on it.

Strange Hardware Malfunctions

One of the first things you may notice when your computer has a virus is the hardware components malfunctioning in weird ways. If you start to notice the disc tray on your computer is opening and closing without provocation, then you may be facing a virus. As soon as you start to notice these things are happening you will need to call in a professional to take a look. They will be able to track down the issues you are having and get them resolved in no time.

Constant Pop-Ups

Another very common issue you will notice when your computer has a virus is constant pop ups as soon as you sign on. Most of the viruses out there will release a slew of different annoying reactions like this when attacking a computer. The best way to reduce these pop ups from showing on your computer is by logging on to your computer in safe mode. Once you have logged on, you will be able to run a virus scan. This will allow you to pinpoint where the trouble with the computer is and how best to eliminate it.

Inability to Get Online

If you are having trouble with signing on to your computer then will need to perform a bit of troubleshooting in order to track down the problem. Some of the computer viruses out there are able to block your wireless internet connection, which will prohibit you from being able to get online. If you leave this type of issue unattended, it will be very hard for you to stay connected. Make sure you find the right professionals in an area to handle the repairs for you before making a decision on which one is the right hire.

At Iconic Computers, you will be able to find the right service you need to keep your computer running its best. They have the experience and knowledge needed to get the right results for your repairs. Call them or go to their website for more information.


  1. Reply

    there is lot of stuff which takes place unknowingly. Viruses may harm us to maximum levels. it is worth knowing about stuff so we can prevent stuff rather than curing later

  2. Reply

    Yup, this is reality sir, usually many of the programming personals create money by monetising online and upto now i’ve seen many addons getting installed without my permission, though i’ve a sound knowledge sometimes i cant stop them from getting installed, thanks for this post

  3. Josh


    I am really surprised by the amount of viruses that do effect the internet connection. I mean the idea behind most of the viruses is to monetize on people that do not have a lot of computer skills. many of them are just poorly written and that causes problems. Anyways thanks for the great post!

  4. Reply

    I know from personal experience when I’ve had a computer virus my computer has bogged down and performed every action (if it even could) really slow. Every computer virus behaves differently though. Thanks for sharing your list of things to look out for!

  5. Reply

    I know very little about computers, but I know enough to realize that something isn’t right with my computer. There have been numerous pop-ups lately, more than is usual, and I’m worried about clicking on them to close them out, because sometimes doing so causes something to suddenly download. So far, I’ve been able to stop the downloads, but I’m fairly sure I have a virus. I will be sure to follow your advice and go into safe-mode to clean my computer. Once I’ve done so, do you have any advice about how to better protect my computer?

  6. Ryan Jones


    As a computer guy 😀 I’d like to share a bit of information in regards to this.

    Disk drive popping in and out? Doesn’t sound like a virus, just a troll who put a VBS script on your system, easily locatable and usually in a loop in the start up folder.

    Always read what you’re clicking, and emails you don’t know, don’t run. All too often people will just click through an install prompt, which if its from an untrusted 3rd party they usually have crap add-on’s attached to them that have a check box you can uncheck and not let run.

    As for running an Ant-Virus scan, download malwarebytes on ALL computers, its free, thus allowing for in an emergency running it in safe mode to nuke any bad bugs you were unaware you had. More than happy to help if anyone needs help with these sorts of things 🙂

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