Infrared inspections aren’t always the easiest things to arrange, but the benefits often outweigh the drawbacks. Not only can they help you identify minor problems before they turn into major issues, but they can also keep your mechanical and electrical equipment running smoothly.

But what if you’ve never scheduled an infrared inspection before? Who do you call? How do you set it up? What criteria should you use when looking for a good company?

Here are just a few things to consider about infrared inspections and the companies that provide them. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it should be enough to get you thinking about the right things and moving in the right directions. Good luck!

1. Price

How much will it cost to have your machines inspected? How often will you need to schedule inspections? What kind of monthly and yearly expenses are you looking at, and which companies are offering the best deals? You might want to email them directly and ask. You never know when they might be willing to offer a discount to an interested party.

2. Safety

An electrical infrared inspection isn’t any more dangerous than other inspections of its type, but you’ll still need to be careful. You don’t want to cause damage to your machines. Don’t be afraid to ask the inspection company about their safety training and how they apply it to their work.

3. Reputation

Never hire an infrared inspection company without doing some digging into their background. How long have they been in business? Are they members of any professional organizations? Are there any warnings about them on watchdog websites? If they have skeletons in their closet, you’ll want to know about them in advance. Always read reviews and see what other people have to say about them.

These are just a few things to keep in mind about infrared inspections. Again, it isn’t always cheap or easy to set them up, but they’ll be worth it in the long run. The very first time that they discover an unseen issue or critical machine error, you’ll be glad that you went to the trouble.

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