While the trends, techniques, and dynamics of social media marketing continue to evolve, Instagram has emerged as a platform for social media marketing. Instagram’s favorable algorithms, high rate of growth and a promising rate of engagement have made it a potential giant for social media marketers.

Along with other things, the availability of third-party Instagram marketing tools has also swelled. There are now tons of Instagram marketing tools out there, aimed at assisting you with planning, organization, and execution of your Instagram marketing strategies.

Below are the best Instagram marketing tools for 2017, considering the trends and dynamics of the contemporary era.


Buzzweb is a great tool to analyze your brand’s and your competitors’ Instagram pages, as well as grow your brand’s followers and provide your boss or clients with reports on your social media campaigns made anywhere anytime. With the help of the platform, you can do it in a form of PDF report.

Another useful Buzzweb feature is influencer discovery. It helps you to find the most proper for your brand influencers among 10k English-speaking bloggers, organize them into lists and reach out to them.
And, probably, the greatest feature is competitors analytics. It provides you with a list of your brand’s business rivals, as well as analyzes their influencer marketing strategy and spending on all their social media activities.


Wishpond is a comprehensive set of Instagram marketing tools, aimed at making the planning, organization, and execution of your Instagram marketing strategies simpler. This set of tools is specially designed to scale a business quicker, without any coding. Along with tons of other marketing automation features, Wishpond also enables you to create contests and promos for Instagram.  As contests and promos are essential elements of contemporary social media marketing, marketers are likely to find Wishpond extremely useful.

Wishpond lets you create Instagram hashtags contests, Photo contests, Vote contests, caption contests, video contests and referral promotions. Even though this tool can influence your Instagram marketing to a limited extent, it deserves mention considering the current trends and techniques.

Social Insight

Social Insight is a comprehensive analytics tool, ideal for sophisticated Instagram marketing. Social insight provides several features with analytics being the highlight of the tool.

Social Insight offers a range of actionable metrics related to your audience, posts, and engagement. These include follower growth, followers gained/lost, interactions post, engagement rate, average likes/comments, etc. This tool also analyzes and concludes the best time to post and the most engaging post types. Moreover, you can also check metrics for the top and the most engaging photo/video filters and utilize those metrics to create highly engaging and response-promoting posts.

Not only will these metrics assist you with boosting engagement, but will also prove to be extremely useful in planning and creating future strategies.

Apart from that, Social Insight also lets you schedule and post content on your desired time. This tool efficiently organizes your scheduled posts, and sophisticated algorithms ensure that no post approvals are required.

Social Insight’s ‘Team collaboration’ is worth mentioning too. This tool makes it easier for teams to execute collaborative projects, without giving away confidential information.

Social Insight’s dashboard lets you add team members, link multiple Instagram accounts, set specific notification preferences and create individual logins.


Foursixty is a handy tool for marketers. This tool is aimed at maximizing your sales by turning your Instagram shoppable. It may seem like a fantasy, too-good-to-be-true for marketers. However, it actually is a reality.

Foursixty can embed Instagram galleries anywhere in the HTML of any e-commerce platform or website. It makes it incredibly easy and convenient for your customers to explore your brand and make purchases. In a nutshell, this would let your customers shop your products directly via your Instagram gallery.

You can even extend purchasing freedom to your clients by tagging multiple products in a single picture and letting them choose and shop whatever they want.

Foursixty lets you customize your shoppable feeds to adjust them according to the theme of your brand or simply make them aesthetically pleasing.

Another feature worthy of a mention is that this set of tools demonstrates social ROI by revealing which content drives maximum engagement and revenue. All of this is made possible through Foursixty’s performance dashboard and Google analytics integration.


Vibbi is a one stop shop for all your marketing needs. Vibbi offers a range of features and services, inclined towards maximizing engagement and multiplying audience.

Vibbi offers numerous services aimed at increasing the popularity and credibility of your Instagram page. Businesses with diverging operational scales can leverage Vibbi to gain followers on Instagram fast. Vibbi offers Instagram followers, likes and views at reasonable rates.

You can purchase many followers, likes, and views as you want and get them delivered to you instantly.

You can also acquire Vibbi’s services to backup your content on a local hard drive and forget about losing your data once and for all. Vibbi’s Instaport lets you download your Instagram content onto a local hard drive and keep it safe.

Apart from that, you can also visit Vibbi’s blog where social media experts share their knowledge and submit articles related to evolving dynamics of social media marketing. You can learn about latest marketing trends and techniques from Vibbi’s blog and utilize that knowledge to improve your Instagram marketing.

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