When trying to learn the art called blogging, people work on learning the best length of posts, best title of the post best formatting of the post, but no one really seems to be interested in knowing what is best style or tone to write your blog posts in. Some people believe that they should write it the same regular robotic way while other, including me think that a blogger should be himself while creating a piece. And, I’m not just saying it because I’m actually about to reveal legitimate reasons why it should be this way.

Here are the reasons why you should be yourself in blogging.

1. You Are Not In Examination Hall:

You are not writing an academic people, but you are talking to real people. And, how do you talk to other people? In robotic tone? In just the way everyone else does? No, you don’t. You have your own style to say words and express emotions which make you different from other people and helps you stand out. Blogging should be same. If you write just the way everyone else does, no one will comeback to read your blog. But if you write your posts differently with a touch to reality, you can have tons of loyal readers coming back for more and more.

2. Makes It Personal:

The sense of talking to each other makes it believable. And, when you are trying to teach someone something, it becomes really effective if you talk in your own tone. This is because this will no longer feel like a boring lecture and instead your reader

would begin to enjoy your words while planning to follow your instructions. In robotic tone, no matter how good you write your articles seem to be just another piece of information spread on the Internet with millions of other pieces.

3. You Work Your Best:

When you are comfortable within your own skin and not trying to be someone else you get the best of yourself. Since, you are comfortable with what you are doing, you love your work. And, when human being loves to work on something, success ultimately draws in. It can really boost your productivity if you stay in your own skin and let everyone else be what they are.

4. Emotions Are Important:

There are millions of girls in the world, but someone is special that you cannot live without. There are countless mothers in this world, but you only love one and that is your own. Why? Why it happens? It happens because of emotions. You see without emotions life is nothing at all and so is blogging. You cannot express your emotions while working hard on pretending to be someone else. You just have to be yourself to actually express what you are feeling like.

In general, being you is not only good, but important. But in blogging, it is just too much necessary. So what do you plan to do? Are you going to continue to be someone that you are not? Or you want to recognize yourself and bring it to the world? Decision is up to you.

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  1. Sam Adeyinka


    Hey Kharim,

    Another article that tickle my fancy is this one. When I started my blog, I have since been trying to ask questions from people, “how to this”, “how to do that”? This literally don’t help except that you try something out yourself.

    I liked the manner in which you have approached this subject, Kharim. Heads high! šŸ™‚


  2. Shathyan Raja


    Blogging is all about being yourself. We are here to build a blog and get online reputation and branding. As you have told, yes copying, doing fake things will bring in only bad name and reputation.

    Even, When I approached your for Guest Posting, I sent you an article written by my writer and unfortunately it was to be copied and I got a bad reputation and name in you. So her the mistake is my writer but everything goes to me as its my blog and my reputation.

    So always be yourself and be unique in Blogging.

  3. Raj


    I really liked your examination point no1. It clearly says that we should not fake anything and just be yourself at our website.

    Nice cool examples and points thankyou.

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