How concerned are you when it comes to choosing a web host for your website?

Is the web host good enough for your website or should you just go along with the free hosting.

Well in truth and in fact, not everything free can be good for your or for your website in this case. When it comes to your website then you should always want the best for it. In this blog post I am going to share with you 4 reasons why good web hosting is the best and why you should get good hosting when that time comes.

Here are 4 reasons why good web hosting is a must.

Less Downtime Of Website

I personally think that it is very unprofessional for you to have a business website and the website is offline (apart from when you are doing maintenance work on the website).

But think about it long and hard…

Would you return to a website that is always down or seem to be not working at all, because of web hosting issues? I hardly think you would.

A website can only prosper if it is constantly online. Your website needs to be online 24/7 with at least 99.9% uptime so that visitors can have access to information or services provided by your website. Downtime of a website only means that business isn’t booming or the owner of the website isn’t really serious about operating a successful website.

So always consider the website always being online when choosing a good web hosting.

Speed / Loading Time Matters

The slower your website is, the more annoying it is for users.

Is that statement true or false? Answer: true.

Not all the time we are going to wait on a website to load so that we can get things done. There is something called a “back button” on a web browser and this button is often clicked when a website takes long to load.

The faster your website is then the more satisfied your website visitors will be and reliable web hosting is needed to keep your website up to speed.

Money Making Opportunities

This money making opportunity section goes back to point number 1 on this post.

The reason why you are not making money while you sleep is because your website is also sleeping or probably dead. Its time for you to wake up and breathe life into your website by getting a powerful web host. You could be missing out on some awesome money making opportunities right now because your because you are on some cheap hosting which allows your website to not function right.

One thing that successful website owners that truly make money online will tell you and that is get good hosting, because this will help to determine if you will make money online or not.

Security Is A Must

There are hackers among us and they are after your website.

Not only that, but your website is at risk as well if you don’t have your files backed up on your hard drive.

Good web hosting provides more security and features to ensure that your site is safe. Websites that have hosting that isn’t secured will realize that they are prone to being hacked because the hosting that they are on offers no form of security whatsoever.

Always remember that security plays a big role on web hosting, especially if you operate business online from your website and you have tons of customers.


When you get a good web hosting you will get loads of features in your hosting package.

Some of which may include:

One click installation of WordPress

Special WordPress hosting

24/7 Tech support

Website migration

Free domain

Host unlimited domains

Website builder

Ecommerce services

…and may more features.


It is always best to choose a great web hosting for your website because at the end of the day you will be less stress as a website owner.


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    Thanks for the article, Kharim Tomlinson. Web hosting has amazing benefits as you have discussed. Investing in a good web hosting service can be cheap in the long run for your business. The advantages discussed here are tried and tested. Security is a must for all the websites out there along with great speed with little to no downtime.

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    first, to I want to admire you for your choice of topic “4 Reasons Why Good Web Hosting Is A Must For Your Website”, yes, Kharim it’s the unique topic for me and I can’t read any post on this kind of topic in my life

    Oooh, good job kharim……….really, Kharim it’s too informative and unique post for me and I like it so much. Both the 4 points are too good and informative. Additionally points and conclusion are also having very interesting and informative. Thanks, Kharim for sharing this too informational post with us and make us part of this post.

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    Hi Kharim Tomlinson
    i read your this article, and this post is really great about good web hosting, for our website
    but i want to if we are going to new website then what will be best hosting for us?
    i am waiting your reply
    Thank you for sharing

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