Every family that got its first gaming console remembers the excitement around it. Even today, the sudden burst of joy in the minds of the people who purchase or get their first gaming console is certainly out of the world. After all, these electronic machines are worth hours and hours of entertainment thanks to the innovative technology implemented in it. Despite so many gaming consoles present since the beginning of its invention, gamers have always loved a few of them more than others have. This post will discuss five of the best gaming consoles that players admired throughout their gaming experience.

  • Playstation

Manufactured in the year 1995, the Sony Playstation was a revolutionary product that used compact disks instead of gaming cartridges for adding more memory to the gaming content. This enabled better graphics enhanced sound quality, and some of the best game collections. The best part is that, it featured 3D games that surpassed the technology of any other console back then. It has since been upgraded to newer models that are also widely acclaimed. You can play some of the best titles on this device and still never get bored of it.

  • Xbox 360

It came in the year 2005 as the direct competitor to Sony’s Playstation 2 and 3. Microsoft showed the world that it too could improve its gaming quality, which is why the 360 remains their most popular device among all other Xbox models. Another reason for its success was the exclusive list of popular gaming titles that gamers loved to play. In fact, it led to a division in the fan base, as some preferred it to Playstation. The debate has been going on until date.

  • Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis arrived in the year 1989, with a vision to enhance the gameplay experience. In fact, the graphics were one of the best at that time and gamers boasted owning one of these back then. Moreover, the Genesis is known for its ergonomic six-button controller that enabled players to use more moves and combos in various games, thus multiplying the overall fun. Besides, there was also the feature of multiplayer gaming that let the device connect up to four controllers. It totally showed the diversity of gaming in those years.

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System

If one consider Sega Genesis as the father of the gaming world, then SNES is the Godfather. This capable console system was in direct competition with the former. It would be wrong to say that Nintendo tried to replicate a system similar to Sega as this came out in 1991. Instead, the SNES excelled SEGA with better sounds, graphics and one of the most admired collection of games. The SNES was one of the first consoles that started implementing 3D graphics in some titles.  You may also like to visit Gamesniped.Com to learn about retro gaming console auctions.


How many of the above-mentioned gaming consoles have you played? Did you find any particular one of them better than other consoles? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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    Hi Kharim,

    Did you ever play Atari? Not likely. 🙂

    That was my first console when I was a kid. Then got into Gameboy, Playstation, and finally Xbox.

    In the past 15 years or so, I’ve mostly tried to stay away from gaming in order to save time for my family and the Lord. Not always successful, but I’ve tried.

    However, I would love to start playing PUBG or something online and maybe even stream it

    • Reply

      No I have never played Atari before. I used to play Gameboy and Nintendo back in the days. I still play some PC games today like Rocket League and sometimes Fortnite.

      I think I tried PUBG one time.

      Yeah you should try streaming it. Would you stream on YouTube or Twitch?

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