So It has been a long while since I published an article on my blog. This is because I am using some other avenues of making money online.

I must say that blogging is a very great way of making money online, and I am still making money from my blog even though I am not posting on a regular basis.

So what additional ways am I making money online?

Drop Shipping On eBay

This is a very easy way of selling on eBay and making money without have to physically owning or having the time in your position.

In simple terms, instead of buying and selling, drop shipping is selling and then buying (and of course shipping the item to the customer).

The way this works is that you find an item on Amazon for example, and you list it on eBay for a higher price, when your item gets sold then you purchase it on Amazon and ship it to the person that bought it from you on eBay.

You collect your profit from the sale and it is as simple as that.

If you want to know more about drop shipping then you can find tons of tutorials online how to drop ship on eBay.

Online Casino Games

Apart from the trending online games and gaming systems, you can play some Online Casino Games and make some extra money.

Instead of playing other games that pays you nothing to play their games, why not play games that do pay you?

For me, I love playing games, but when it comes to making money while playing it then that’s the option that I would go for.

Play Stakers and make some money today.

Stock Market Investing/Trading

The stock market is one of the newest ways to make money online.

I just started trading on the stock market, just started 6 months ago and I must say I love the stock market.

The stock market is used by millions of people and they trade millions of dollars on a daily basis whenever the market is open.

Forex Trading

I have dabbled a bit in Forex trading. I am still very new. I have used a demo account to do binary trading.

With my demo account I took $5,000 and traded all the way up to over $98,000.

Of course this was virtual money and I took some serious trading risk that I might have not taken with real money.

But the demo account did show me that you can basically take $5,000 to over $500,000 in one week… if you play very risky.

Selling Our Own Merch

You can make your own t-shirts, caps, hoodie, pull-overs, etc. and sell them online.

I make designs and use TeeSpring to put them on a shirt or hoodie and sell it online.


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    I’m really into this online casino business. But as for the payment, is it really safe? I found some of them are just scam.

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