With so many social media platforms available, it can get difficult for the modern marketer to settle on which one to use for their customer service practices. In today’s world, no business can afford to overlook the immense value that social media customer care (SMCC) brings to a company. Nor can they continue to ignore the detrimental mistake of neglecting their customers on social media (SM). Unfortunately, despite the fact that there are so many options for picking a SM platform to work with, the business of SMCC needs to be streamlined to effectively receive and manage your customers’ complaints, requests and demands. That’s why, thanks to websitebuilder org, here is a list of the 5 best social media platforms for SMCC.

1. Facebook

When we think of social media, Facebook is probably the first thing that comes to mind. That’s probably because FB made social media a thing. Nonetheless, with over 79% of all internet-using adults on Facebook, it stands to reason that this is the number one platform that any business needs to get to their customers.

2. Twitter

Famous for tweeting, Twitter is the top spot for up-to-date news and current conversations. 80% of all social media-based customer service requests actually come from users on Twitter, making it the number one spot for current businesses that already have customers looking to connect with them via the platform.

3. Instagram

The social media of imagery, top brands get an average of 216 comments per post on Instagram. Image-based businesses like graphic, makeup and fitness would benefit most from this platform.

4. Snapchat

The top social media for consumers from 13-34, snapchat is a popular choice for businesses that cater to these age groups.

5. Pinterest

A platform for visual learners and online shoppers, people use Pinterest to help make purchasing decisions. It’s an excellent choice for CS if your target customers are mobile shoppers who like visual guides.

To learn more about SMCC and how to make it work for your business, check out these clever insights and research from Website Builder.

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