Local businesses often struggle to make headway in the internet jungle due to a lack of good strategic planning. There is a misconception that simply putting up a quick website or social media page is all that is needed to attract new customers. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are several common mistakes made by local companies that lead to frustration instead of increased sales.

Ignoring the Email List

Just about every small business has some type of email list of customers. The problem arises when there is zero action taken to communicate with this list. Smaller businesses have a tendency to collect emails after one purchase from a customer and then forget the customer exists. This is a habit that leaves lots of money on the table.
Savvy companies know that email lists are gold when they take time to build an ongoing relationship with customers via email. Acquiring a customer is much harder than keeping them. That’s why it pays to keep in touch by sending out brief email news, announcements and tips that reminds customers that your company is relevant to their lives.

Lack of Current Content

A website that describes the business and offers is good. However, this information is pretty static, which means over time it becomes stale. Consumers and search engines like to have fresh content. Adding a blog and providing updated information on a monthly basis drives new visitors to your site. 

Inadequate Social Media Presence

Some small businesses do not have a social media presence at all. Others have at least one social media page, but it is woefully neglected. Being engaged in social media on a regular basis is an easy way to level the playing field to compete with larger companies.

No Compelling Enticements

The business does not have any unique offers that appeal to potential customers. Providing a free report, white paper, game or contest are some of the things that attract fast attention.

Mobile Consumers Left Out

Like it or not, an increasing number of consumers are using mobile devices to search for products and services online. Small businesses should mobilize their site to stay relevant.

When it comes to effective online marketing local business strategies often leave a lot to be desired. The best way to get more sales for your local business is to come up with a smart marketing strategy that is cost effective, highly targeted and comprehensive.


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    These are really good points. Especially the last one. Businesses must have a mobile centric marketing strategy. As more and more people are using smartphones and tablet PCS for their regular internet searching and accessing, companies can no longer ignore them. So deigning a responsive website or a mobile app is the first step. Additionally creating industry related engaging contents and building email lists are also very much important for any businesses.

  2. Waheed Murad


    Yes, Common Mistakes made by Bloggers and webmasters, specially ignoring the list 😀 i am myself in it.
    Thanks for this great post

  3. Anchal


    Hey Kharim,
    Nice post and yes, ignoring the email list and inadequate social media presence are very common mistake made by local businesses. Social media is really play an important role in promoting our business and we have to update on it. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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    Nice information you have shared. The online marketing method includes user-centered web design, target market research, search marketing, conversion marketing, affiliation marketing and web analytic techniques.Because online marketing is one of the best and advance way to promote business .The market analysis section of your business plan should illustrate your industry and market knowledge.There is a great need for proper understanding of the business market.

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    i think my problem is Mobile Consumers Left Out and honestly i never thought about this before. This really clear my mind and i should re-start my strategy.
    thanks for your valuable information.


  6. Mitch


    I agree with almost everyone here, The Email list is the most crucial point on this list, but i would like to add something about Content,
    yes it’s true if you constantly add fresh content you will drive new traffic to your site, but the problem is not getting new traffic,
    the problem is getting that traffic to commit and purchase on your site,
    you have to make sure that your website structure is neat and easy to use,
    make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for and fast,
    have clear and big eye catching “Call to action” buttons and slogans.
    upgrading and optimizing the user experience on your website is by far more important than just getting traffic !
    many thanks and Best Wishes!

  7. ajay


    yes!! really social media play an important role. because its only a single way to grow and hold your audience..

  8. Akaahan Terungwa


    These tips are classical, guest blogger. It is my experience that I committed many of them myself – and had to pay dearly in terms of lost customers!

    However, if any online marketer can fix these points right, making money would naturally not be a challenge!


  9. Sagar


    Nice and very informative post

    Online marketing is the new boom in the industry. Many are working on their website to make the best out of it but are failing. The only reason for this is the lack of good strategic planning.

    Online marketing is very good way of promotion of services or products. The above post explains few of the mistakes which many web master make. Some of them I feel very important is change of content, good social media presence and mobile adaptability. Content is mostly static but users like always updated information so we should always update our content, social media is a platform which is best for online marketing of any website and as mobile users are common many use mobile phones for surfing and other things in internet. so being adaptable to mobile phones is also very essential

    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Lutfur Rahman


    I think most do things wrong starting with the content and the strategy and that’s lead the business to know where.

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    This is totally a must for social media these days, i think this really helpful for who want to be success in Digital marketing.
    thanks for your sharing.


  12. Sudipto


    Nice post and Yes, social media really plays an important role as it helps in promoting our business and drives new customers. Lack of content and ignoring Email list is also very common mistake. Thanks for sharing this post.

  13. Kuldeep


    Ignoring the email list is the most common mistake that local businesses make. Email list is one of the ways by which you can get good clients for your business. You have listed some common mistakes which will help local business owners to build effective strategy for their business.

  14. I. C. Daniel


    Social media is a must these days, you can reach success in no time with a good facebook marketing strategy.

  15. Vicky


    I guess those who are struggling for their success in digital marketing should surely read out this post.

  16. Samir


    Seems like these are the most common mistakes in days digital marketing. “Ignoring the Email List” seems to be very common as I’ve seen lot of people are ignoring this.


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