A blog’s name is one of its most important parts. After all, it is usually the first thing people will see when they either click a link to the page or find it in a search engine. If a blog’s title is obscene, many will find that a deterrent, keeping them from reading your blog at all. Similarly, if a blog name is too long or incorporates a word that is difficult to spell, people who find your blog and enjoy it will have a difficult time finding their way back.


All good blogs have names that:

Are a Good Representation of the Blog’s Content
A music blog should have a music related title, a book blog one related to books. If you have a blog about golf, it shouldn’t be called “The Ramblings of a Rambler,” as that has little to nothing to do with the topic and will just serve to confuse people who find your blog in search engines.

Have Related Keywords

Search engines find websites using keywords. Therefore, in order to be found, you will want your title to incorporate some of the keywords related to your material. A music blog might want to say straight out the word “music,” or if it’s a bit more specific than that, include the instrument or music genre that your posts tend to focus on. This can greatly increase your chances of being found in searches.

Are Memorable

While blog names should have keywords and represent the blog, they should still be creative, either making use of a famous quote and turning it into a pun, or fabricating a phrase of your own that readers will find catchy.

While these are all aspects of what a blog name should include, coming up with ideas for blog names still takes effort. Here are some creative ways to go about the process if ideas aren’t coming naturally:

1. Pick two topics that comprise the majority of your content and string them together, or find 2 words that fit to one topic, preferably through the use of alliteration.


  • Shoes and Shortcake (for a fashion and dessert blog)
  • Lace and Love (for a lingerie themed blog)
  • Adventures Abroad (a travel blog)
  • Wizards and Women (for a blog giving dating advice to sci fi/fantasy geeks)
  • Books and Budapest (for a blog about book reviews and travel)

2. Throw your location into the title.


  • The Princeton Princess (a blog about a spoiled girl in Princeton)
  • American Agriculture (a blog about exactly that: American Agriculture)
  • Seeing Scotland (a blog about touring Scotland)
  • Exploring America (a blog about traveling the US)
  • Wake Up, Wisconsin (a blog about Wisconsin nightlife)
  • Denmark After Dark (a blog about nightlife in Denmark)

3. Make it a pun on a famous quote or a well-known movie or song title.


  • A Whole New York (a Blog about things to do in NY)
  • To See or Not to See (a blind man’s blog about his experiences)
  • Who’s Afraid of Virginia’s Shelf? (a blog about someone named Virginia who is a hoarder)
  • The Lord of the Bling (a blog about jewelry)
  • Game of Scones (a baked goods blog)
  • Fiddle on the Roof (a blog about roofing companies)
  • When It Rains, It Pours (a weather blog)
  1. Make a name that describes you as the authority on a specific topic.

Examples: (These should be self explanatory)

  • The Exorcist Expert
  • The Money Making Master
  • The Fashion Fairy
  • The Karaoke King
  • The Salt-less Chef
  1. Ask a question, be it one people are familiar with or an actual question of your own.


  • Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar? (a baked goods blog)
  • What’s Black And White and Read All Over? (a book review blog)
  • What Should I Wear? (a fashion blog)
  • What Is There to Do on a Sunday? (a blog with activity ideas)




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  2. Sekhar


    Interesting post, I liked the write up. Names are important for blogs, but I think whatever you come up with it only makes sense when people notice you. If people know about you, your blog name would be there in memory. There are lot of blogs out there, but do we like them for their names. No, we like them for their contents.

  3. Gautham Nekkanti



    Great tips to help us choose a creative name for our name. I think branding should be kept in mind while picking the name. Easy to remember one.

  4. Alysha


    I am agree with your tips and I hope it will really work properly in 2013 seo and I think we should don’t refer to suggested domains unless you are completely satisfied. They are auto-generated domains and may not comply with your business objective or target audience. Hundreds of domain name suggestion tools and websites are there to give you this service for free. However, it is not always safe to pick them up for your business. There are drop domains, preoccupied domains or not available domains from the list.

  5. Ryan Biddulph


    Hi Katie,

    4 is clever. Be an authority by developing your skills and choosing an authority-lending name.

    This boosts your brand and also helps you to garner positive attention from readers in your niche.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Reply

    Thanks! This is by far the best ideas I have read about in a very long time. I have been using sites like Stumbleupon for ideas, but I will definitely check these out.

    • Katie Elizabeth


      Hi Shiv!

      I like using Stumbleupon to get ideas too! Also, if you haven’t been using Quora, you might want to check that out! It really helps me find some great topics for my writing.

      Thanks for commenting!


  7. Reply

    well names makes really great impact on our web site. we can use two key words also for our web site names. if we can’t remember it names then how our user will remember it so make it simple.

    nice points Katie Elizabeth

  8. Sai Krishna


    All we have to do is selecting a meaningful, short and easy to remember name, and its not easy as you are reading 🙂

  9. Reply

    The main aim for me was to find a BEST NAME for my blog before starting my blog. I used to think nights and nights to find a name, and atlast found a name, which was “ExceptNothing”, Sounds good..huh? 😛 I loved it a lot! <3 The name represented that it would have all kinda articles, but nowadays no time to post even a single post. Yet another awesome post! Thanks WebMaster! Cheers 🙂

  10. jonsonmayal


    Nice post ,I have real all the content .I have got great knowledge reading the post .
    I think here the author discussed the main topic of creating Website Name.
    something written very hint if it will be elaborated the topic will be great.

  11. Jijin


    Yes you are right blog name is the important part of a blog. Either way blog is best when compared to website or blog. And the tips you’ve shared are really informative.


  12. vishal fulwani


    Nice one, Blog name is most important for blog. I am newbie and this information is good for me. Thank you!

    • Katie Elizabeth


      Hi Vishal!

      I’m glad you found it helpful. Good luck in your future blogging!

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