Video marketing is one of the most essential and popular mediums for businesses to reach out to their customers. Some geniuses call this the ‘age of video marketing,’ which is true considering how useful the videos are for conveying ideas emphatically.

A video helps in communicating quickly in a format that most people understand. This is the reason why people love videos more than any other type of content.

Here are some stats that prove video marketing is the way to go for the businesses:

  • Video content is 53 times likelier to appear first on the search engine results when compared with text content.
  • More than 90% of the online users watch out videos before buying any product.
  • Video ads are trusted by 36% of online consumers.
  • Every month, an average online user spends close to 20 minutes watching video ads.
  • Landing pages with videos lead to 80% more sale conversions when compared to the pages that don’t.

These stats give you an overall idea of how video marketing is becoming an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. This is backed by new developments in the technology landscape, making it easier for you to create and publish videos for teensy price or sometimes even for free. All you need is a smartphone or basic knowledge of graphic designing to create videos for your business.

It is essential to have a good strategy that can make sure you reach the maximum audience and hit the right targets. Here are five essential things that you need to have in your video marketing strategy to make it successful:

1. Give importance to the schedule

Just like there’s need for scheduling your Facebook and Twitter posts to make them run consistently, your video marketing also needs a strategy that can help you keep up the consistency. Most businesses tend to create and publish a single video for their products and services and expect it to become popular among the people. However, after a couple of days, the video goes off-track in the vast internet space where more than 400 minutes of videos are added on YouTube alone every minute.

This is why you should consider creating a series of videos for your products and services. You can upload them in specific intervals so that they appear consistently on the feeds of social media pages. Think of a story that you can turn into a viral video. Once you create the video content, you need to set up a specific schedule for uploading the videos to be uploaded.

Make sure the videos are released consistently at proper intervals. You can use various analytic tools to determine the engagement of your target audience before and after you publish the videos. However, make sure that you don’t abruptly stop posting videos. Come up with creative ideas for the videos and post them regularly to make sure your brand stays fresh in the minds of your customers.

2. Leverage the short-video format

The best way to communicate with customers for any business is through social media. It helps the business reach out to the customers, and in addition, acts as an excellent medium for users to communicate through posts and shares. You can leverage the possibilities of social media to create short, shareable videos, rather than having long textual content. You can make videos that are less than 30 seconds, which is the best way to promote business online through the platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others.

Videos that are smaller in length have better chances of online visibility for the audience when compared to long videos. Nowadays, you also find the social media platforms with live video options that let you simultaneously shoot and share videos. You can leverage this feature to create short live videos that can be intriguing for your customers.

3. Tips and tutorials

The best way to make people watch your videos is by posting relevant tips and tutorials for them. You might think that it might give away your trade secrets, but trust me, this will help in establishing a strong belief among your audience that you are an expert in your field. Also, tips and tutorials give you an opportunity to make multiple videos and share them with your potential customers. Nowadays, Virtual Reality marketing has become pre-eminent among the youth, which helps them to learn a lot of things through videos. Remember, as long as you provide relevant information to the audience; they keep coming back to you for more information.

4. User-generated content

Getting customers to generate video content and making them post on your social media platforms or website is a great way to bring in more engagement for your brand. Customer-generated content can result in high response rates than content generated by a business. This is one of the reasons why rather than spending hours creating a video; you can reach out to your customers to create and post videos of their own.

You can give away rewards for the best videos, which will ensure that you get a good response from your potential customers. The best thing about user-generated content is, it shows how passionate your customers are for your brand, which influences others to try your products and services.


5. CTA

One of the most common mistakes that businesses do is forgetting to attach a CTA or call-to-action in their videos. Remember, unless you have a CTA in your videos, you see no difference in the results since the viewers don’t get an idea about what they need to do. This is why you need to focus on creating a CTA at the end of each video that will lead the viewers to try out your products and services.

Video marketing is one of the best ways for the businesses and brands to reach to their customers and stand out in a crowd where most businesses still use text-based marketing. If executed properly, a good video marketing campaign can help your brand reach new heights of success.

Author Bio: Jafar Sadhik

A passionate technical content crafter, blogger, and a White Label SEO Services savvy marketer. Presently employed at Stan Ventures, an Indo-American digital marketing company.


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    Nice information about the essential things that you should include in video marketing strategy, this is very helpful for the digital marketers and also for the video and youtube marketers, thanks for sharing, I really appreciate this article…

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    Pictures and videos are the demands of the day. Most visitors like to watch info-graphic pictures or a descriptive video which is easy to follow and understand. There fore a mixtures of text, pictures and videos will allow you to have maximum engagement from your visitors.

    Thank you for sharing, keep up the good work. 🙂

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    Great post.

    Video content has slowly started to take over marketing spaces. People prefer watching a video rather than just reading text. Video gives your visitors a visual delight which makes more of an impact rather than text.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

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