Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC advertising, is one of the most lucrative ways to turn a profit and increase your web traffic at the same time. But what if you’ve never used it before? How can you get started without losing any money during your learning curve? Here are just five things to research in depth if you really want to learn about PPC.

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1: Tracking
It’s important to establish a baseline before you start installing PPC ads all over the Internet. Many first-timers skip this step in their eagerness only to realize later that they have no idea how PCC is actually affecting their business. Know your numbers; familiarize yourself with your regular traffic; understand just how much revenue you already have coming in on a weekly and monthly basis.

2: Costs
The flipside of pay-per-click advertising is cost-per-click ads. How much is your average? How much are you actually making once you’ve subtracted creation and hosting costs from your overall income? How can you improve your ad copy or marketing campaign to reduce your CPC fees?

3: SEO Integration
In today’s market, no business can survive without search engine optimization (SEO). But many web owners aren’t integrating it with their PPC efforts as much as they should. While there’s substantial overlap in the two, they are separate disciplines at the end of the day, and they should be designed and analyzed as such. Don’t make the mistake of favoring one over the other.

4: Web Design
PPC marketing isn’t all about ads. In fact, one of the easiest ways to optimize it is through your own web design. If you can improve things like your landing page and your internal linking scheme, you can give your PPC a significant boost without touching any of your ads at all. Talk to a web designer or PPC specialist to learn more.

5: ROI
ROI, or return on investment, deals with how much of a profit you’ve made after sinking money into the initial project. When it comes to PPC, your ROI isn’t always immediately apparent, but the numbers should be carefully monitored anyway. Even changes that only amount to pennies can represent a shift in your fortunes.

If you’re ready to transform your online business from amateur hour to a real moneymaker, these are just five things you should know about PPC advertising. It can be a big boon to your income, but only if you know how to use it right.


  1. Mukta


    Hi admin
    Nice post for making aware about ppc advertisement. Very informative for the newbie and to start like a professional. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate your work.

  2. Reply

    Hello Kharim,

    PPC has always given great ROI to every business if implemented well. And one should always track the ongoing performance of the revenue and then plan a campaign to start upon. Analyzing the keywords which suits the best is an important part to go for. the more appropriate your add the more responses you will get which also improves the quality score and one has to pay less if the quality score for a keyword increases.

  3. ajay


    well, that’s why i prefer PPC over CPC the very big reason of it, is PPC depend on Different different Advertisement and good chance to click on it. so, basically i found PPC is more beneficial than CPC.

  4. findyahan


    Hi this is nice …I used PPC advertisement for brand websites, normally I do not use PPC for brands. The result was really unexpected, I know PPC definitely came with instant traffic but I get customers other then my local community through that practice and that was really amazing.

  5. bala


    thank you the information that you have shared is more informative since i came to know about the PPC advertising. hope everyone who reads the site will gain the information.

  6. Reply

    Hello Kharim

    I want to Google Adwords programs but I want a specific site where I want to show my sites ads. Is it possible through Google Adwords

  7. Nitha M


    Very Nice post. I recently started ppc Campaign. And this article is very useful for me.

  8. Reply

    Thanks a lot for this Article on PPC Advertising. Tracking is the most important part in PPC Advertising. Without tracking you couldn’t find which keyword giving me lots of clicks.

  9. Deepika Sharma


    Awesome article to understand about PPC Advertising. It’s really useful to me. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article.

  10. Hilary Moore


    PPC does cost alot of money. Im not convinced its entirely worth it.

  11. Reply

    I agree with these points, but I think before starting any PPC campign, you should read all documentation – if it’s Google Adwords – the docs are really helpful. Don’t think it takes too much time, or you can spend too much budget without any positive effect.

  12. vella di


    Thanks for this post about PPC (pay per click) Advertising. It’s really useful for online readers.Your tips really helpful for learning pay per click advertising.I was looking for such information to set my PPC ads strategy. it is definitely going to help me.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts.

  13. Kapil Heera


    Hello kharim,

    this is the great article that will help to beginners and i do agree with all the points that your wrote but one point that is website design, it is very very important to generate leads via PPC advertising, before few months ago a worked for a company and i did not design a new layout for ppc advertising but competitors are using that’s my client did not get good response from ppc advertising then we decide we will change the design for ppc advertising and we did within few days after that we got huge response so it was my experience that may be helpful for you.


  14. Marry Park


    I have seen the web design and seo integration helps a lot when we start PPC. its like there is noting these two things important when you advertise.

  15. Reply

    It is an internet advertising form used to direct traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher when the ad is clicked. Online marketing technique is Pay-per-Click advertising. This is one of the best forms of advertising that is ever more becoming general these days.

  16. Gautham Lurk


    Tracking is very essential in every PPC campaign. It helps in experimentation and trail and error method is the only way to learn PPC marketing.

  17. I. C. Daniel


    PPC is for selling a product, CPM for brand awareness. Right?

  18. Ron Killian


    Interesting post Karim, thanks for posting.

    I’ve only dabbled in PPC, mainly because I did not like the idea of losing money. I realize it takes testing and there is where the money comes in.

    But after reading your article, maybe I should give it another go.

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