Are you a serious blogger? Are you a newbie who is willing to make a name in blogosphere? Do you want to know the future of blogging?

Then, there is some good news for you. Blogging is something that is not going to die. Ever….Well this may seem to be an illogical statement because everything that has ever arrived in this world must dies, but trust me when I tell you, blogging is not one of those things. Even though there are numerous ups and downs in the life of a blogger and blogging itself, one thing never changes and that is effectiveness of blogging. Any business in this world will become stale if too many people step into it, but blogging is not such business as well.

Yes, the more people join the more competitive it becomes, but still it never loses its power and charm.

If you ask me if I believe that blogging is immortal, I will say “yes”. But if you ask me that it is just a guess or so, I would answer “no” because I got a comprehensive list of reasons to prove my point. And, I bet that when you are done reading this, you will have no choice, but to agree with my words.


Blogging is not a small thing:

Do you think there would ever be a day when the whole Internet is shutdown? Of course there is no way. Why? Because Internet is not a small thing and no one in this world can deny its importance and benefits and so is blogging. There can be arguments about the power of blogging because those who don’t succeed in this business are always going to be negative about it no matter how much anyone may try to convince them. It doesn’t matter if they agree or not, blogging is not something that can possibly be shutdown because there are too many people who are enjoying its benefits and who believe in this business just like I do.

Blogging is a Global disease:

No, it is not actually a disease. I just said it to make things simple. Look, if blogging was a disease, it would have been the one which was impossible to stop. There can be no medication, no classes nothing that can stop people from blogging. And, this disease is not in just one town, it is not in once city, it is not even in one country, it is a global disease that is unbeatable and unstoppable and I can’t explain how hard I’m laughing right now for explaining blogging by considering it a disease. We all know the (place link to italic words) benefits of blogging and I know its future is bright.

The Money Factor:

You see, money is the basic thing for many problems in the world and certainly money is mostly the reason for fights between human beings. Even between very close relatives sometimes. Though, it is not possible to buy everything in the world with power of money, there is a lot and I do mean a lot that can be bought using money and a big amount of money means a very comfortable life financially. Since, blogging helps people making some extra cash or even full-time income, I don’t see there will be any way or any proper reason that blogging will ever go down. At least as far as money factor is attached with it.

No Actual Risks:

If we start to count the dangers and risks involved in real life business or I should better say in offline world because Internet world is no more a “fake world”, we would need a lot of space actually to place the words. There are just too many harms and dangers involved from many different angles and any person who is not sharper than the common people, he can never be a successful businessman. But that’s not how blogging is. There are absolutely no risks involved in this business.

You don’t have to worry about the trends, you don’t have to worry about your colleagues and how they are dealing with your clients because in blogging, you can do it all by yourself. The only risk that keeps waking bloggers in mid nights shivering with fear is the danger of being “hacked”. You can be hacked because technology has advanced too much, but again you can use the technology to save yourself from hacking attempts of all kinds. You should probably beware of the (place link in italic words) ways to save your blog from hackers because this is just too important in today’s blogosphere. Apart from hacking, there are no actual risks involved in this business.

“The More You Put In The More Comes Out” Formula Works:

This may seem to be a simple formula, but hey! It doesn’t work everywhere. In blogging, your income directly depends on one thing and that one thing is that how much you want it to be. For example, if you want to make a million dollars per month, you can. But first you would have to realize how hard you will have to work to achieve that and then start working that much hard. Nothing is impossible in blogosphere and the more you pour your hard work in to this business, the more favor it will return. So stop worrying about the limits and stop worrying if your hard work will pay off or not because it will.

I think these points are good enough to make anyone believe that blogging will never die. But most importantly, blogging will never die because of the passion and love that it has from millions and millions of people from all over the world. Love is what makes our lives beautiful, simple and enjoyable.

In the end….

What are your thoughts about it? Do you think blogging is immortal and this is something that is going to be here forever? Or you got other views? I’d love to hear that in comments section. Let’s keep the conversation going.


Hello, I’m Raja Tahir Qaiser. Young passionate Blogger. I keep a close eye on Universities in Pakistan and courses they offer to Pakistani Students. Must read Preston University updates.



  1. Sourya


    Don’t know from where this post came but you said right that Blogging is Not gonna die because it has started only. 😀

  2. Ellen B


    To become a successful blogger you’d better blog about subject you are passionate about. Make sure your blog is really interesting, and your readers have something to learn from it.

  3. Shahalam khan


    I am a newbie and I can see a bright future in blogging all thanks to your post and all the information thanks a lot.

  4. Charan Pammi


    Really Great post. While reading My soul is feeling very proud being a blogger. I didn’t notice that after a long time You are the one to make me smile

    Thanks a lot and well written

  5. Reply

    I personally think that blogging about yourself is one way ticket to fail, you have to blog for others. You can still blog about yourself of course but think about how it will help others, it has to serve a purpose for others.

  6. Reply

    Blogging can ne’er die, at lease until web is alive (hope it’ll be forever) – here I entirely consider you

  7. Rohit


    its the universal truth that blogging won’t end because of the two factors I personally think about.., these are..
    google’s support in blogging, bloggers get benefited with google adsense easy money making program and therefore peoples get encouraged with e same.
    the other thing is it needs less capital and people get most out of it..,
    by the way nicely formated article.., 🙂

  8. Reply

    oh .. Thanx a lot for sharing this. I had recently started career in blogging.
    As now a days Google algorithms are getting change very soon, Contents become more important. so bloggers future is bright.

  9. Reply

    I love this post so much. Personally I love writing. It’s my therapy. My release. My joy. I’d write if no one ever read it again. But I have to admit that it’s better – I’m better – when other people do read it:) To me blogging = community and in that respect I hope we never lose it:)

  10. Reply

    Blogging will never die as long as there are people who love to write and share their thoughts and ideas. Not only it helps us express what we are thinking, but at the same time we can earn money from it which will be useful for our daily living.

  11. John Gough


    Blogging is here to stay, it is a fundamental way of expressing yourself, and isn’t interesting to be able to go around the world and find out what people are thinking. Surely that can only bring peace to the world. It’s here to stay. It’s here so we all can hear.

  12. Felix Lee


    I absolutely agree with you that blogging is immortal and will last for a lifetime. There are a lot of opportunities and convenience that blogging offers that you cannot find in the outside world.

  13. Parmar


    i too think this and agree with your thought, i think that as life goes on things takes chang and blogging is also about this only whichever niche it is health, technology, entertainment whatsoever every day there is something new and that is our article. so there is no end of blogging.

  14. Reply

    Hello Dear

    really these valid reason and and you are right and blogging will never die and your all points are great and interesting so thanks for giving me interesting points

  15. mansi kaul


    Hello Dear

    i am very impress to your title really and blogging will never die but this is fact and you are correct Blogging is not a small thing and this is one of the best source of money, so thanks for sharing me

  16. Smith jhone


    Well There can be arguments about the power of blogging because those who don’t succeed in this business are always going to be negative about it no matter how much anyone may try to convince them.

  17. chitra


    As u told blogging will never die. There are more oppurtunites to the people who loves to do blogging.

  18. Alex Thompson


    Blogging won’t die just because it’s not the number one, go-to platform for content creation. Online content platforms are not locked into some kind of cage match where only one can emerge victorious.

  19. Mark Jordan


    Great article Jay! I guess every single new blogger should come to this blog and read this article – it has all the questions answered with details.

  20. techconduct


    blogging is like a environment where water from sea converts to clouds then rivers and then ocean

  21. Emmanuel


    Ha..ha.., I just couldn’t agree more.
    Blogging is here to stay.
    Hey Raja, I like those points of yours.

  22. Farrell Conejos


    As long as Content is King, blogging will never die and will never fade away in the online world. Blogging has been available for a long time now and many new methods have been jumping out but it will never take blogging down. Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Link Building and more will always depend on contents and blogging is one source of finding quality and informative contents.

  23. Okto


    Blogging is always related to internet, we can’t separate that. But in form of freedom of expression, blogging will always exist

  24. Reply

    Blogging will never die, at lease till internet is alive (hope it will be forever) – here I totally agree with you. But not just for the reasons you’ve mentioned – bloggin was the first ad is still one of the most convenient and easy way to share your thought and your unique point of view with people without being a journalist or any risk!

  25. Mitch


    although you mentioned good points but i don’t think that the “Formula” Works as much you believe it does.
    i think there are just SO many people blogging nowadays (and more and more starting up daily) that I think you have to have real original substance to maintain an audiences interest.
    and with the social media explode age, blogging doesn’t receive nearly the same kind of attention as social media sites!
    Its not dead yet, but i fear blogging is fighting a losing battle.

  26. Chavol


    I think that blogging will be around for a long time as it is an avenue for thousands, if not millions to be able to express themselves and be heard (or rather seen). With the multitude of blogs around the world, I think that it will somehow become a norm for everybody and not a new fad – as it has been for the past few years.

  27. Pramod


    Completely agree with all the points brother . blogging is the key source of many people ..these people are nothing but a source of inspiration for other people and more people get inspired to join this profession .. I think this cycle would continue forever ..thus making blogging immortal .

    Best Regards from Pramod

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