Every business based online looks forward to achieving good rankings and getting the needed traffic to propel it to the next level. But despite having the willingness to pursue processes that would help bring about good rankings, lack of the right information renders any effort to push the site to better rankings futile. With this in mind, you need to focus on things that are inclined towards helping your website return more traffic and achieve higher rankings.

Ian Andrews, the cofounder of Ian Leaf Corporation, is a tech expert who has also been supporting young entrepreneurs by offering them advice on the best ways to push for the development of a solid marketing strategy. He shares some useful tips that will help you achieve higher website traffic as well as rankings.


  1. Page load speed

Users may decide to leave your site if it takes too long to load and that would hurt dwell time and eventually increase bounce rates. These are metrics that will obviously deny your website the traffic it requires, so while developing your site make sure to factor in load speed. You have many ways to enhance the speed of your website including using caching plug-ins and ensuring the code is streamlined and clean. If you have any images, it would also be advisable to optimize their sizes.


  1. Broken links

Users don’t like to get a 404 error whenever they click on a link. Broken links make for a bad user experience and might trigger users to leave your site for others with similar content, which is not a good sign for SEO ranking. So, make sure to monitor your site regularly for broken links and fix any that might be denying users access to important content.


  1. Quality content always wins

In the age of social media where there are sharing options, when you use high quality content users will be triggered to share with their friends and community members. And with this you get more people to read your content, which means getting more traffic to your website. Therefore, while preparing content for your website, put quality as one of the key factors to take into account. You might even hire a copywriter to do the content on your behalf if you are not skilled enough to compile an interesting article. Also get an editor to review existing content for quality and errors that might make it difficult for readers to get the message.


  1. Keyword research

One of the ways to create content that is relevant to the needs of users is considering the keywords being used across different platforms and by leading sites in your niche. Keyword research will help you pick the right keywords so you can help your content to appear in search engines whenever someone searches for answers using the keyword.


  1. Content and meta data optimization

The first thing search engines like Google look for is meta data and keywords, so if none of these are present in your pages your site will struggle to appear on SERPs. Optimize image titles, alt and description and also work on meta titles and include keywords matching the theme of your site.


  1. Contribute to communities

When you contribute to community sites like Quora, you are allowed to share links to your site. Many readers who are impressed with your contribution will want to learn more about your site, and this enhances traffic.


  1. Readability

Even if your audience is highly educated, you don’t need to use complex language while communicating. Make sure to be as simple and clear as possible so readers can get the flow of the ideas you are sharing.

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  1. Paul Lugg


    This was a very informative article, Im constantly trying to make my website ranking higher and be better than my competitors. Its hard work but i will get there.

    Thank you for sharing.

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