Your business’s logo is the first thing that comes across to your audience as part of your branding. This makes it evident that your brand’s visual representation should be clear and meaningful, reflecting your business values as well as what you have to offer.

Not to mention, a logo needs to be memorable to leave a lasting first impression. It takes a consumer only about ten seconds to form an impression when it comes to a brand’s logo. 5-7 of these people recognize the logo when they see it again.

Moreover, the more memorable and meaningful your logo is, the more value you’ll earn. A case in point is the Starbucks logo. Of the 40 million images shared on Instagram daily, 10,000 have the Starbucks logo in them.

The interesting fact is that the logo does not make it into the picture on purpose. Since its clear that a logo is significant for your e-commerce business, let’s understand the seven types of logo designs that you can choose from for your business.

Logo designs for your e-commerce business

There is a lot that goes into consideration when it comes to logo designing. A logo is a venture’s representative. Therefore, it should communicate what you sell and what your company stands for.

Even the color selected has a critical role to play as it speaks with the consumers. Research from the Loyola University of Chicago confirms that a signature color can up your brand’s recognition by 80%.

In addition to the color, some other essential questions to ask when designing a logo for your e-commerce store include:


  • How will the logo look on marketing and advertising materials?
  • Will the logo look great on products?
  • How well does it convey your branding message?
  • What sort of emotions and thoughts does your logo elicit when a customer sees it? For instance, specific shapes, styles, colors, and words can trigger emotional responses.


Mentioned below are seven types of logo designs that you can choose from when working on your business’s logo:


  1. Watermark logo design

A watermark logo design is a font-based logo that sheds light on your brand’s name. For example, Coca-Cola and Google showcase watermark logo designs. Such a logo is dependent on the typeface, text, and unique typography that express your business’s identity.

This is a cost-effective option for e-commerce stores on a shoestring budget. The type of a logo is an ideal pick when your business has a distinct name. Plus, it is an excellent way for a new business to get out there and make a name for itself.

  1. Lettermark logo design

A lettermark logo is like a monogram for your business. It is similar to a watermark logo. However, unlike a watermark logo design, it uses the initials of your business instead of its name. Think HBO and FedEx to get a clear idea of what a lettermark logo design is.

In this logotype too, font plays a crucial role in striking a memorable impression on your customers’ minds. That said, a lettermark is great for businesses that have a long name that may not look good as a watermark.

It is also important to note that such type of a logo is best for businesses, which have existing brand recognition so that they can take the time to educate the viewers on what the lettermark stands for.

  1. Logo symbols

Logo symbols also go by the name of pictorial marks. Twitter’s logo is an example in this case. A logo symbol is a bold way of building brand recognition. However, selecting the right image is a challenging aspect of this logotype.

A pictorial mark reflects the brand personality. In most cases, your business name determines whether a logo symbol is good for it or not. For instance, it makes more sense for the Apple logo to be a pictorial mark than any other type of logo design.

  1. Abstract logo marks

An abstract logo mark is a particular type of pictorial logo. Instead of using a name specific image such as an apple or a bird, this logotype uses an abstract image. Examples here are Pepsi’s logo and Nike’s swoosh.

These work well in condensing your brand, what it represents, what it stands for, and more into a single image. Such logos allow you to create something distinct to represent your business.

Moreover, an abstract logo mark allows you to design an image without any cultural implications associated with specific images. You can also use form and color to your advantage to plant emotions around your e-commerce business.

  1. Mascot

A mascot is another pictorial logo. It is a drawing of a person such as KFC’s Colonel logo or anthropomorphized character such as Mr. Peanut from Planter. It is a colorful and fun type of logo that can help you create a brand’s spokesperson.

Such a mascot logotype is excellent for global e-commerce businesses because it permeates the problem of translation in different languages. It is also suitable for you if you plan to expand your services in the future.

A mascot logo is also best when your customer base entails young children or families. Such a logo is great for encouraging customer interaction for social media marketing as well as networking events.

  1. Emblem logo

An emblem is another type of logo that you may choose for your e-commerce business. It consists of a font inside an icon or symbol such as seals, badges, and so on. Such logos give a traditional appearance. However, several brands have modernized the conventional touches to this logotype.

You have Starbuck’s logo to look up to for a clear image related to the emblem logotype. The details in such a logo tend to be intricate most of the times. Consequently, replicating the brand logo on clothing or business cards gets difficult.

To elaborate, on a business card, the details of an emblem logo may shrink too much and become unreadable. Similarly, in the case of embroidery on clothing, it would increase the workload. Hence, you will need to create a simpler emblem if this is the type of logo design that you want to opt for your business.

  1. Combination logo

Finally, this logotype combines the wordmark with the symbol or icon to deliver a versatile logo that taps into the potential of both the wordmark and pictorial logotypes. Inspirational examples, in this case, include Adidas, Dove, and Hawaiian Airlines.

A combination logo is flexible by nature. It incorporates an image with a supportive text that professional logo design service can help you pair together creatively. On top of that, the logotype offers uniqueness. Hence, it is suitable for several business types including your e-commerce business.

Take home message

An excellent logo exhibits simplicity, uniqueness, creativity, and a clear branding message. Each logotype offers merits as well as drawbacks. Hence, you can select the one that meets your business needs the most.



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