I love making blog comments, because it helps to build up my blog’s backlinks so as to get more search engine traffic and also to get traffic from the blogs that I comment on. Blog commenting can also help to build your brand when commenting if you leave a great comment, rather than saying “thank you” or “nice post”.

But recently I have stopped commenting on a few blogs, I will not say which ones because I don’t want to start any drama. These reasons can also be said of other bloggers as well why they stopped commenting on other blogs.

So here are some 8 reasons why (not just me) people stopped commenting on your blog.

Why I Don’t Comment

  • The Content Was Poor
  • This is the #1 reason why people don’t comment on your blog. YOUR CONTENT WAS POORLY WRITTEN. A numerous amount of new bloggers have always wondered why their visitors don’t comment on their article and they fail to realize that the content was poor and having not benefit to the reader. Sometimes the visitor doesn’t even read the article therefore leaving no comments.

    The reasons why your articles might be poor is because you do not take time to construct it well. Poor contents are not going to bring you traffic or comments either. You have to make sure that you do research before you start writing, know what you want to write about, use the perfect keywords to target traffic, use catchy headlines and most important write to satisfy your readers needs. If you write to please your blog readers then they will be more than happy to leave comments on your articles.

  • Too Much Process
  • I don’t like going through too much process just to leave a comment on your blog. I feel like I’m being interrogated or taking a survey. Asking the blog readers to full-out a lot of stuff before making a comment can be annoying and will turn them off from commenting on your blog.

    Normally readers want to full-out a regular form before commenting. Such as, their name, email address, website address and then the comment. So don’t make it more complicated, they won’t comment.

  • Comments Are Disabled
  • Well I’m not sure why you want to close comments on your articles. Thais why I don’t comment, simple. Because your comments are closed.

  • My Comment Takes Long For Approval
  • I like to see my comments displayed as soon as I hit the “submit” comment button/link. This will make me want to comment more on your other articles and build up my backlinks. Sometimes the blog owner doesn’t come online to approve the comments after 3 days or so. This will make more people want to comment less on your blog articles.

  • No Top Commentators List
  • I would like to be awarded on your blog as one of your top commentators, but you have no top commentators list :(. This is also one of the first things that I look for on a new blog that I visit. Having a list makes readers want to commentator more because they can get a link back to their site.

    I like to reward my commentators so that’s the reason why I have a list to show them. My list has the top 20 commentators who commented in the last 30 days.

  • You Show No Love
  • I love blogs that uses the Comment Luv Plugin.

    Comment Luv is a free plugin that you can use to reward your blog readers by displaying one of their blog articles whenever they leave a comment. Comment Luv also encourages blog readers to make a comment so that they can promote their latest blog post.

    So if you don’t have this plugin on your blog, I encourage you to download it now if you want more comments.

  • Your Blog Has Low Traffic
  • Comments are hardly ever on blogs that has little or no traffic. Why? It’s simple, people want to comment on a blog that has lots of traffic. Blogs such as Mashable.com, ProBlogger.net, CopyBlogger.com, and others…

    If your blog has little traffic and you wonder why your articles aren’t getting any comments, then you need to think again. You can build up your blog traffic simply by commenting on these top blogs, or other blogs that has more traffic than you.

  • Your Blog Thinks I Spam
  • I have visited some blog and tried to make a comment, I’m not sure what plugin they installed but it says that I am spamming. That’s ridiculous!!! I am no spammer. And I think that plugin, whichever one it is, you need to uninstall it because it thinks your readers are spammers. If you call a loyal blog reader a spammer, that person will get offended and might not come back to your blog to read much less to make a comment.

    Its best to install the Akismet Plugin which is a great spam blocker and Gasp Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin which lets the person checks a little box to prove that they are not a spammer.

    Group Discussion

  • What are other factor why you don’t leave comments on a blog?
  • Share your views on this topic.


    1. Mairaj Pirzada


      Hey Kharim,

      These 8 reasons are really written well, and are awesome for the people who don’t get comments on their blog posts. But I do get comments daily on my blog posts. And I love seeing them appreciating my blog posts,

      While All the reasons were really awesome, they let me understand, Why a blogger not gets comments… I’ll share these reasons on my Facebook, as loved it really .. That was great that, “you are just saying thanks, great post” not a valuable and descriptive comment.!

      Let me thank you now, This was one amazing post, let me read more great posts from your blog.. 😀 thanks for all them.

      • Reply

        Hey you are welcome bro.

        Getting comments on your blog is a great thing, this means you are doing the things which takes to make a blog successful. The people love your content and also show that they have read what you wrote.

        Thanks again for commenting.

    2. Reply

      Your article is superbly awesome. I’m so satisfied with the information. I was searching this topic,Thank you so much, please keep writing such articles.

    3. Joe


      Wow, I love commenting on blogs so much that I teach others how to do this as well, and call it BLOGGING. Probably not the most common term but I like it.

      I can’t stand blogs that don’t give LUV. In fact, I have a template letter that I usually send the blog webmaster explaining how I would have commented on their blog if they didn’t just give links, but allowed them to be “dofollows”as well. I also explain that I blog often and once I establish trust with a blog, the blog usually converts me to a customer or subscriber of their products.

      Funny thing is I never get a response…..LOL. What’s your take?


    4. Michael


      I love commenting on blogs. But what I usually consider before making my own comment is how interested I am with the blog post. Otherwise, I won’t comment to the blog especially if I couldn’t relate on whatever post it have. In that way, I wouldn’t cheat the blogger and myself too.

    5. Reply

      I also dislike leaving a comment when it’s just plain difficult….for example, after entering “the first and third numbers displayed,” sometimes it doesn’t recognize me and I’m told “We think you’re a robot” – after all that tedious work!

    6. Joseph Requerme


      I agree with you. Some blogs have plugins that says your IP is banned for being spamming. Oh c’mon! How come I am spamming if this is the first time I am commenting in to your blog. Makes sense.

    7. Reply

      I hate blogs that say I am an spammer even if I am not. I recommend using GrowMap Antispam Plugin instead of Akismet.

    8. Reply

      Thanks very much for the lengthy comment Kesha. I really appreciate it.

      CommentLuv and Top Commentators Plugin will surely do the trick for gettin in more comments.

      As for the Akismet, I no longer use it. Took it off the day I found the Grow Map plugin. 🙂

      • Peter Hutyr


        Akismet sucks, I left a comment on one of my favorite blogs. Then my firefox browser crushed 3 times, and while restarting the comment got resubmitted 3 times because I had not navigated away from the page. Now the email and the website has been blacklisted as spam by akismet. Its now typically hard to comment on some blogs that are using akismet. I will definitely try the grow map plugin and see if its cool.

    9. Kesha Brown


      Kharim, you are absolutely right! I used to be one of the Disqus users and didn’t know it was hurting me but that’s because I didn’t know anything about Commentluv. Once I installed Commentluv though I started to get more comments and will never use anything else!

      Poor or duplicate content is the #1 reason why anybody wouldn’t comment on sites I think. If I start reading a post and I don’t understand it, is written poorly, or is something I’ve read (almost verbatim) elsewhere, I’ll leave the site. None of the above entices me to keep reading further anywhere on the site.

      I also just installed the Top Commentators plugin because I saw my name on someone’s sidebar one and thought “hey, look at me!” So I decided to give some love back to my commentators as well. It’s a great plugin with more tan enough options for how you show the top commenters.

      For you Kharim, I’d say get rid of that Akismet plugin. I installed it for one of my clients and seemed to get MORE spam than we did without it. I use WP-spamfree now and in the emails it tells me if the sender is “Possibly Forged”. I know then I can automatically delete. So far, this plugin has been spot on.

      Thank you for the Gasp Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin resource as I was wondering what people were using to house the no-spammer checkbox! On to install on my site 🙂

      I love to support others and comment on articles I find useful. This was one of my great article reads for the day. RT coming soon!


    10. Richard


      I hate jumping through a bunch of hoops just to leave a comment. Generally if I have to register, or go through captcha, I’m less likely to leave a comment. That’s why I like to use GASP or Akismet. I also like to see comment luv on a site. I think it just makes it so much more enticing to leave a comment when I see that plugin installed.

    11. CathyRoberts


      I used to be a huge fan of the Top Commentator plugin, and Comment Luv. Weren’t both of those targeted by Google for penalty though?

    12. Dana


      One thing that avoid me to comment is the complicated anti-spam process. I will leave that kind of blog even though I have written a long comment that need to be submitted.

    13. Brankica


      Thanks Kharim for the list.
      I am trying to avoid these mistakes although I am happy with a few comments I got by now, considering my blog is rather new.
      I wanted to install the Top commenters plugin but I thought it looks nicer like on the We Blog Better than the default.
      But now that I see you use the default, I am going to install it.
      Oh, and the GASP plugin is so great, I had a lot of spam but now I have nothing to worry about.

    14. Reply

      I just started receiving blog comments after a couple of weeks, I think my biggest problem is low traffic . I’ll just have to keep marketing until I can build that up. Currently if I do everything right I reach about 40 hits a day. I guess thats ok for a noob. Great post.

      • Reply

        Well If you want blog traffic, you have to do blog commenting, guest posting and use social media sites often. That’s how I did it 🙂 Thanks for the comment as well

    15. Reply


      What a masterpiece;)

      Now i know why people don’t comment to my blog, LOL…Just kidding.

      The points you state are absolutely right, however i prefer not to have many “honest comments” in my blog just because they do comment due to dofollow links in my blog.

      Thank you for the great point, thumbs up!

    16. Thiru


      Yeah. Comment posting will be helpful to improve our brand, but we have to be selective in this matter Kharim. I am having list of 25 blogs which i visits regularly and do comments. They respect my comments and i get all need from their blogs.

      Better you also select some good blogs and do visit them often rather than visiting some very poor third grad blogs.

      Good day.

    17. William Tha Great


      Hey Kharim,

      Thanks for the awesome article!

      This is great You are right on point with everyone point you made. These are the main reasons why I wouldn’t comment on another persons post. Mainly if the article was of poor quality that would have to be my number reason not to leave a comment. It usually would have to be a truly poor written article p, because I love commenting and getting my point across. Today the Internet is becoming more and more popular way to fast for me not to take the time to get my word across and have my place online. My natural thoughts before reading anybodys article is to leave a comment and build a relationship.

      It sucks whenever I go to a blog and they have the comments box disabled. If you ever hope on running a successful money making blog you can’t have your blogging comments disabled. A blog is a community & there has to be different ways to communicate for it to thrive. Many times the blogger won’t even know he has his blog commenting disabled. This is why it is always good too shoot them a email to see if they know. Then if they didn’t I’m sure they would be happy you let them know!

      These are really all true reasons why a person is not commenting on your blog articles and pages. If you make sure you don’t fall under anything of these points en you will be okay if you keep working at promoting your content.

      Thanks again. Time to retweet! ( :

      God bless,
      William Veasley

    18. Gail Gardner


      Hello Kharim,

      The plugin that tells you your comment is spammy is WP-SpamFree. It blacklists many words related to networking, business, and marketing and often thinks my comments are spammy too (because those are topics I often comment on).

      Akismet is the worst offender when it comes to blocking real commentators. If you’re using our GrowMap anti-spambot plugin you don’t need Akismet any more. It was created specifically to block spambot comments (most spam) and NOT put real comments into the spam section.

    19. Reply

      I agree with most of the points above, but for me I comment on articles I feel like commenting on and it never has to do with the traffic I can get in return. I prefer to comment WITH other bloggers, when I comment on blogs and the bloggers don’t take the time to reciprocate, I move on to bloggers that do.

      • Reply

        Thats because your blog has lots of traffic John. 🙂 I need to build up my traffic. I only get to come online 2 days per week, so I am not able to comment on most blogs that I want to

    20. Renee


      I suppose all these points are correct, however you must remember your blog is on the www. and many people in the world are not quite as literate as those who are privileged. Since you have mastered English language you can spread your wings and guide others rather than using a tell-you-off tone. Like I dont even know what a commentators list is. And plus I dont know what they are. I am not picking on you, these are just my thoughts. Renee

      PS I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    21. Jonny Rowntree


      Great post and I agree that some blogs have too many steps in order for you to comment. However, you contradict yourself here. You say there are too many steps though in order to combat spam you advise to add the Gasp Antispam plugin which adds a tick box at the end of your comment which the commenter needs to tick before submitting the comment. This adds another step to the process.

      I’ll take these tips into my own blog to see what different it makes. Hopefully it should improve!

        • Jonny Rowntree


          You’ve hit a dead end. The Disqus commenting system uses Akismet spam protection, the same which is offered in plugin format with each install of WordPress.

          All Disqus has to offer differently is social engagement as you can connect your profile to Twitter, Facebook etc which in my opinion helps with page views and visitors.

    22. Reply

      As always top-notch content plays an important role. I would never comment as well if the content itself is bad. The second setback for me is the commenting system. More precisely if it’s Disqus. Don’t know why, but I just hate it – leaving a comment is tedious task there. Making everything as user-friendly as possible is a must if you want to maximize the comments on your blog. The CommentLuv point is a strong one as well. I rarely comment on blogs that don’t have the plug-in installed. After adding it on my blog, there was a good boost in comments. So yes – that one is really important.

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