Everyone that uses the Internet deserves a smooth surfing experience to find instructive, educative or entertaining information. If a website visited doesn’t provide that experience then it is time to leave  the website.

A lot of factors like slow navigation, poor content, broken links, poor design etc can make visitor to   close a web page quickly and move to another. However, these are not the only factors that could lead to user experience. The displayed ad by the publisher is another factor that makes a lot of people leave a website.

Ads are used by bloggers, publishers and advertisers to make money online. It is what makes the Internet to be free. If the ads displayed are too intrusive then the user is not going to enjoy a smooth experience.

Website visitors deserve to access information online without hindrance by intrusive ads or other factors mentioned above. To prevent poor user experience of any website, the user can install an adblocker on their browser.

An adblocker is a script, extension or plugin that can be installed on a browser like Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc, to prevent the display of ads along with the main content of a website. If an adblocker is installed successfully then it would be easier to surf a website ad-free.

Already there are so many types of adblockers. While some are effective others are just mere scripts that would add to the poor user experience of the visitor.

If this be the case then it’s time to embrace the best adblocker I have seen yet – This is called ADZbuzz Ublock.

This amazing ADZbuzz Ublock is the new adblocker project which provides users with more than ad blocking function. It has a lot of extra functions and features which certainly guarantee publishers and advertisers great benefits.

Below are 5 surprisingly awesome reasons you need this free Ad blocker today:

  1. It speeds page loading time and improve your browse performance

Having ads on a site can slow down your browsing experience. However, with ADZbuzz Ublock, ads are blocked and you enjoy a smooth and fast browsing. This helps you save time for real!

  1. It helps you save your bandwidth without wasting data

Truth be said, with ads on a website, more browsing bandwidth is consumed. Ads not only slow down your browsing experience, they also make you to spend more on data than a website with no ads. ADZbuzz Ublock ensures you save bandwidth and data when installed.

  1. It pays publishers directly


Publishers rely on ad revenue to earn money but removing ads from their website will not make this possible. After installing the ADZbuzz Ublock extension, you can support publishers at the same time.

However, with ADZbuzz Ublock you can donate and support your favorite publishers. In this vein, publishers will not see this adblocker as a threat to their earnings but as tool to make more money.

  1. Its users become part of a bigger community to save money

When you register for ADZbuzz Ublock, you have the opportunity to shop join the ADZbuzz community where you can shop online save money in the process. There is a centralized advertising platform or ADZbuzz Savers where you compare prices of products and save money in the shopping portal. One of the team members, Jens Steyaert, explained a lot more about this in the comments section of this Adzbuzz Ublock Review.

  1. You can refer ADZbuzz Ublock and get reward for your efforts

With ADZbuzz Ublock, you can join the ADZbuzz referral program and get rewarded for referring others to the adblocker and community. This is sure another interesting way you can make money online.

ADZbuzz Ublock is a great adblocker. Unlike other adblockers in the marketplace, it is 100% free and directly pays publishers who rely on ads to make money online.

The above benefits should endear you to this tool that will replace the failed ad-supported web. It’s a tool that benefits the user, the publisher and the advertiser.

So, checkout and install ADZbuzz Ublock today!

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  1. Rajpal Singh


    Hi Kharim,
    users are annoyed with bad quality ads like popup and adult ads. today the use of ad blockers are increased and it also affected the publishers.

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