We have recently been seeing a lot of discussion about search engine optimization tactics and one question that is often raised is are link wheel is good or bad? To answer this question, we need to weigh up what type of link wheel we are talking about. Many people have different ways of building a link wheel to promote their main website and this often means that a link wheel can be both good and bad. When people say that they have been banned for using Link wheels, what exactly does this mean? How do we know that they are making the same kind of link wheels we are?

My Definition of a Link Wheel

There are so many ways to make a link wheel which means there are so many different definitions of what it is. I am only going to tell you what I think a link wheel is. The first thing I would like to mention is that I did not call this process a link wheel until someone named it. I use to unintentionally do this kind of back linking without even knowing that I was creating a link wheel.

So my definition of a link wheel is using web 2.0 properties on the Internet to build back links to your main website. These properties are usually free and allow back linking as long as you provide some decent content. Then I like to promote the web 2.0 properties by linking to them. This could mean more articles pointing in to the web .20 properties, or it could mean social bookmarking and so on. If you have a look at my picture below it will show you my link wheel strategies.

link wheel

My Link Wheel strategies

My link wheel strategies are very similar to Joseph Archibald’s link wheel methods, however there are a few differences.

Here are the main steps I take to building a link wheel:

1.  Create a main website or money site. Lay your website foundations by setting up everything.

2.  Signup for free blogs like Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Live Journel, and so on. Create accounts on Squidoo and Hubpages.

3.  Write a great new article for your website and re-write it 5 times, all different points or ideas but on the same subject. It is easy to write about one subject on the same day.

4.  Publish your article and then submit the others to the sites I listed above and possibly Ezine articles, and a Youtube video if possible. All the right anchor text pointing back to your main article.

5.  Promote your submissions by social bookmarking and article marketing. Add RSS feeds anywhere you can. For example you can put a RSS feed into the sidebar of any blog or even at Squidoo.

I guess this seems like a lot of work but it is so worth it! I challenge you to give it a go for just one article on your website. Pick the best one you have already because you know it is good, and then follow my strategy above to promote it.

Is Link Wheel Good or Bad?

To answer the question, are link wheels good or bad, I would say my way is great. I am providing real content for my Web 2.0 properties and not just getting a posts syndicated to them. Would it be right to punish someone that is just making more unique content to promote a website? I do not think so!

When people say that they got banned for making link wheels I seriously wonder what strategies they are using?

I recently wrote a post about fighting back after the Google Panda Update and it shows how I used this kind of link wheel strategy to get my rankings back.

What do you think the link wheel system? Are Link Wheels good or bad?




  1. phil


    Not sure, but i think this similar to pat flynn’s idea to support the main site with smaller sites around it. It depends on relevance and how detailed the other sites are.

  2. Reply

    Great tips! i have a dilemma though – is it worth it writing an article for a nofollow link? Or even should we include nofollow links into a linkwheel? Thanks…

  3. link wheel creation service


    Write a great new article for your website and re-write it 5 times, all different points or ideas but on the same subject. It is easy to write about one subject on the same day.

  4. online seller


    I have a website that is stuck on page 2 for my target search term. I will use this method to see whether it will make any difference.

  5. Reply

    Link wheel is an excellent strategy to get benefits in bulk from search engine crawler but some of the people categorize it in black SEO techniques. I don’t think that it is a part of black SEO technique; if we use fresh content for every new blog or web 2.0 websites.

  6. Joseph Requerme


    Hi Mitz, You are so in love with link wheels and there’s nothing wrong with that as long you do it in the right way. Do not be aggressive in making link wheels and publish unique and useful post like you are doing a blog post for your blog.

    • mitz


      Hi Joseph
      Links wheels are just one of many things to use to promote your website but when you say “Do not be aggressive in making link wheels and publish unique and useful post like you are doing a blog post for your blog” This is so true! That is the key to everything.

  7. Brena Fint


    Hi Mitz…Thanks a lot for the update you have provided us through your post…I am sure it will be a trend for all bloggers…

  8. Bill


    I’m thinking of starting up some link wheels for a couple of my websites. But I have a couple of questions for you.

    1. Do you think it’s possible to further improve the results by doing some small SEO stuff for the web 2.0 properties like optimizing on page and submitting to directories (if applicable) before you actually interlink the link wheel ?

    2. If I’m running a couple of link wheels, would it be a good idea to drop some links between properties that are part of separate link wheels ?

    Thanks !

    • mitz


      People get really technical when it comes to link wheeling… I only have one rule…do not link to the link wheel from the main site….thats it….

      As for internal linking….
      I post an article and put in the internal linking to it asap…then I promote the article….social sites, blogs, so on…even Ezine articles…I always mix it up and just do what ever I feel like for each post…
      this gives it a good chance to rank…then if it shows potential I work on it more…Give it extra attention. Make more links to it…See the best keywords for it and go for it…I can work on one article so much that it can rank for 10 top keyword phrases all number 1…

      I have one article that has been bringing me 1000 visits a day solidly for 2 years…then I did this above link wheel to it and sometimes I get 4000 visits to this one article….THIS IS ONE ARTICLE…

      I have others that get 100,500, 1000, 2000, in one day…

      The only way to see for yourself is to do it…try it on one article first and make sure you research the best keywords (not just one keyword) and make original content…

      • bill


        Thanks for the tips, will keep them in mind. I’ll try to focus on diversifying the keyword I’m trying to rank for.

  9. wwe wallpapers


    About the link wheel idea, it used to work great until Google update their algorithm and now they more or less just frown upon it if Google see’s all the blogs linking back with either the same email, Google account, etc.

    • mitz


      The problem is that….Why would Google care if it is great, original content….People think they can use duplicate content and junk to do this link wheel but you cannot… It actually takes hard work…

      Also the idea of having a blog to show your websites updates has been around forever…Google even has blogger for this…

      All google wants is good original content. If you provide this then everything you do will work.

      • Ulvi


        Hey Mitz, would you kindly tell, if it’s ok to use same web 2.0 accounts to create link wheels for various sites. For instance I have 50 sites and I want to create link wheels for them. Can I create new blogs in same Blogger or WordPress (…..) accounts to form the link wheel without stress or should I just create new accounts for every project? I’ll be very appreciated if I get a solid answer to this question.

  10. Anne Chris


    Your are generous to share these steps. Thank you,I admit im not aware of this linking wheel.

  11. Sonny


    I came upon the concept of link wheels rather late. I just read about them at Squidoo, as a matter of fact, a couple of months ago. But, even as I was about to implement one, I read (in a few places, actually) that link wheels don’t work as well as they once did…

  12. Gege from Money Making Ideas


    Now I know what is a link wheel and how to do it! I think this is an effective way of link building. thank you for sharing.

  13. Alison Barrows


    Hey, Mitz! I haven’t used link wheels too much, as I’m not a very experienced SEO, lol. I don’t think link wheels are bad, but I just prefer to have more randomness in my link building. I don’t interlink my Web 2:0s links.

  14. John


    I think link wheels are good if Google doesn’t find a footprint for them. If you don’t use the same pattern over and over again(same sites in the same order) I think they work just fine.

  15. Khan


    For my site promotion I have never used Link Wheel Strategies.I only promoted my sites by simple techniques and are very effective.

  16. Reply

    I’ve been hearing about link wheel that, it gives excellent results if done the right way and also that, we should make our backlinks for our link wheel only from quality pages to get the best result. Other than the usual methods like forum/ blog commenting, article submission…etc I’ve been skeptical about link wheel but maybe I’ll try and find out.

  17. Sue


    Well , you seriously shared a nice strategy for link wheel , and I agree with you , the way you are going about is awesome , provide unique content and at the same time promote your main website , nothing is wrong with that.

  18. Reply

    I think the way that many people do link wheels, automated with programs like SeNuke and 1 page wonders with duoe or spin content, is not a good tactic. If the content is better, and you add more than one post to each hub of the wheel then you are building up little on topic hubs and these, with a little bit of link juice, are ideal.

  19. Steve Coursen


    I’ve used the combination of posts on other blogs that I control, press releases, and sites like Squidoo to lbuid a series of links to a “central” hub. I then have those hubs link back to my main site.

    It ends up being a sort of collection of mini-link wheels.

  20. arthurprudentt777


    Hi Mitz,
    you forget to mention that you can build link wheels using press releases. The main point is that you can wright a good press release (spin it a few times) and submit to different press release websites interlinking your PRs.

    • mitz


      Hi Authur
      Yes you can do this as well. But I do not use that method.
      I really do not need to add anything else to this as it already works but Press Releases are definitely one way to go.

  21. Retoru


    I’d like you to tell me just what you think “web 2.0 properties” are. It seems to me that you’ve just learned a buzzword and throw it around to appear to have an expertise in something. So, please define these “web 2.0 properties”, as the use of the term makes no sense in the context you’ve used it in.

    • mitz


      I have given examples of some in the steps I use. I never said I was an expert but I do make a full-time living online.

      If you have different ideas please explain them. There is no dictionary or clear definition on Internet marketing terms. If there is, then who defines them?

  22. Megan Brown


    Mindblowing Strategies you are following. I like it very much and I think if its work for you and if you have not faced any hurdel in using it till now then this would be BEST to use it.

    Yes its facts that link wheels is not proves beneficial to many as a results they get banned their site but I think there might be something wrong with their strategy otherwise I don’t see any loopholes in this.

    Anyway let me walk on your way and see what happen. So thanks a lot Mitz for sharing it to us coz its very important as it concern to building BACKLINKS.

  23. Reply

    I think link wheels are a great way to expose your blog to search engines. I have done it already with this blog and the answer is yes I am seeing great results.

    Thanks for the wonderful post Mitz

  24. Kathy Grin


    Now I know what link wheel and if it is really good or bad… Before, I always hear that from my friends and I am not aware of it bu thanks to this post… It makes me updated of what’s happening in the world of blogs…

    • mitz


      Hi Kathy
      This method does work and takes a lot of work but I always recommend it to promote a website.

  25. John Cooper


    Hi Mitz,
    Well I have never tried link wheeling. Because i still have confusions with link wheeling. How could one count its effectiveness with out using it. Link wheeling is a lengthy process and consumes too much time. It difficult for me to say whether it is good or bad.

    • mitz


      Hi John
      I have found that it has been worth its weight in gold! But I do not spin content or post duplicate stuff on the link wheel so it is always not just for links.

      In the process I have built up some worthwhile blogs that have their own page rank and income.

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