There are many types of bloggers in the big blogging world, but only 2 will be mentioned in this post. These are the bad bloggers and the good bloggers.

I know this might seem kind of strange to you but it’s true. There are good bloggers and bad bloggers in the big blogging world.

Good bloggers builds up themselves, their blog, their readers and are very successful most of the times. But what about the bad bloggers? The try and break everything apart including their own blog.

How do you tell the difference between a good blogger and a bad blogger? Well let’s dig into this topic some more and tell them apart.

What Are The Differences?

Well it’s simply identified, one is good and the other is bad. One builds up while the other breaks down.

When it comes to posting articles the good blogger will put his/her all into it and delivery quality content to satisfy their readers appitite. They are often concerned about helping their readers to the fullest and make sure that they are properly educated with each blot post they have written.

The bad blogger might only post once or might be twice per two weeks. This is bad for buisness. Sometimes often their posts are not well written with sufficent information to satisfy their blog readers. This is because they hardly care about their readers and the blog itself.

Good bloggers often write great headlines to catch peoples attention so this will make people want to read the article and subscribe to their blog.

Personally I don’t like headlines such as “7 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks” because you are breaking down your blog readers.

It’s best to encourage your blog readers with great eye catching headlines rather than breaking them down with some bad headlines.

Being Mean
If a good bloggers finds a new way to drive traffic to their blog and to het more visitors then this blogger would share his new strategy with other. The same would go if he makes money online he would shre with his readers and this would make a great impression on this blogger and his blog.

Unlike the bad blogger he keeps everything to himself. He doesn’t like sharing and won’t share with his readers how he is able to do certain things online. He will flash his check in your face and don’t care.

In Conclusion…

Good bloggers are the ones that will survive in the big blogging world because of their kindness towards their readers and other bloggers.

So which of these two bloggers are you?

Share with us, what other traits there are in good bloggers and bad bloggers.

Please leave your comments below.


  1. Hunter


    Sometimes it is hard to tell the good from the bad, because bad bloggers make themselves look good.

  2. Daniel Sharkov


    Really liked the concepts behind good and bad bloggers. This was an interesting read. I have to agree that paying attention to your readers is an important factors. A matter of fact this is true for all types of businesses – both on and offline. If there’s no engagement involved, keeping your readers’ interest will become impossible. On the other hand coming up with quality headlines is not always as easy as it sounds. That is because the title should be search engine friendly and at the same time eye catching. Sometimes is takes me more than an hour to find the most suitable headline.

  3. Jonathan Beebe


    You’re absolutely right, and it can be applied to not just blogging but any kind of “model” you decide to pursue online. In the end, it’s the ethical marketers who will always win, because they focus more on providing value to others before expecting anything else in return.

    It’s a self-cleaning process though. In a few short months, the “bad bloggers” will be out of the picture anyway due to lack of results… because if you’re not being ethical, you can’t stand up for very long in the online world.

  4. Reply

    Looking from the fact and situation (and benefits too).. I believe most bloggers tend to be good bloggers. However there is also some bloggers tend to be the bad one.. and somehow I believe they must got their reason too.

    Btw sometimes good blogger – bad blogger depends on our own justification.

    * Loves the quote from The Surrogates – “What is this? Good cop, bad cop routine?” πŸ™‚

  5. Eric


    You make a good point here. This is pretty much why good bloggers win simply due to the fact that bloggers help each other out and are willing to keep going and keep learning and not give up.

    Makes perfect sense to me which one I’d want to be and I think I am.

  6. Jarrod


    Hey Kharim,

    You said it best here! I believe as effective bloggers, (keyword effective) we all have our jobs to provide important and key information. That’s our job period is to provide information. We can’t do a half job at that we owe it to our readers to provide them the value that they came looking for. Thank you for sharing, this should put everybody in a reality check.

  7. Murlu


    I think we’re all turned off by bloggers that come across as arrogant. You know the ones: they don’t every really appreciate their readers and only use their blog posts as a podium for their own merits.

    As a blogger, remember that giving always comes back two-fold. If you’re super helpful to each person that visits your blog, people will trust you and help you out as well.

    You can’t do this if you’re a bad blogger.
    .-= MurluΒ΄s last blog ..Earnings and Blog Report: May 2010 =-.

    • Reply

      Thanks for your comment Murlu. As i said that’s why I stopped reading some blogs because the posts to don’t really make much sense to me becaue they keep information to themselves and don’t share it. It’s best they wrote a diary πŸ™‚ lol

  8. Joe Boyle


    “He doesn’t like sharing and won’t share with his readers how he is able to do certain things online.”

    Good point. If you are a jerk to everyone and say “screw you, figure it out yourself”, who will want to read your content? Fantastic article!

  9. Dee


    One thing I decided a long time ago.. I will not promote anything I don’t like.

    For example, on a health site, I planned to sell acai berry products.. but the more I researched it, I found that most of the high payout acai companies had a horrible reputation for customer service. So I ended up with an affiliate link on my site where I make like 2 bucks instead of $20. But I know the product is something my visitors will be satisfied with.

    And my ticket site.. I’ve spend months and endless testing filtering through ticket companies until I found two that I believe will benefit my customers.

    Bottom line: If you’d refer your family and friends to your site because you truly believe you’re adding value, you’re on the right track to being a ‘good’ blogger! πŸ™‚

    • Reply

      Thanks for your input Dee. You fall under the good category because I remember you giving me some tips over Lisa’s site and I thank you for that.

      Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

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