This is my personal experience of how I’m profiting in the weight loss niche.

You know how competitive weight loss niche is, right? If you carefully disintegrate this niche, you’ll get tones of micro niches like fat loss, fitness, flat abs et al.

At the moment, I’ve five micro niche blogs in the health and wellness market and the most profitable is the weight loss review blog, where I feature weight loss diet, Nutrisystem coupon code and how to eat right articles.

Get Ready For Competition

To be frank with you, weight loss niche is highly competitive. If your belt isn’t tight, you’re likely going to fail if you decide to build a micro or authority blog around this subject. However, it’s not as difficult as it sounds, provided you’ve know how to research long-tail keywords and key phrases.

Planning your attack is the first step when you want to build a blog in the weight loss niche. Basically, people spend thousands of dollars on weekly basis, because, they want to burn excess fats.

In the United States of America and Canada, losing weight has become a profitable business model for savvy bloggers. But would you believe when I tell you that in other parts of the world, people don’t necessarily beat their heads trying to lose weight – they see it as a gift from Mother Nature – but in real sense, it isn’t.

The strong demand in weight loss niche made me build my first micro blog. Within the first quarter, I started ranking on Google homepage for some competitive key terms.

Before I knew what was happening, sales started rolling in. I was selling weight loss e-book and programs. It worked out fine.

How To Dominate Weight Loss Market

If I had to stop marketing online today, I would still generate at least $200 from a single micro blog where I review weight loss programs. But I don’t have to quit and enjoy yet, there is so much work to be done. Do you want to know how I dominated weight loss market (I mean, Google homepage?)

Well, keyword research is the first thing I did. Then, I researched the product to be reviewed to see what other experts and fitness enthusiasts have written about it. Then I used the same ideas to craft quality and informative review articles. There are no new things online anymore.

Whatever you need to write about has been written by someone, smarter and more intelligent than you. All you’ve to do is learn from their works and use your common sense to rewrite creatively.

Anchor Texts Linking

Building links to my weight loss pages wasn’t easy. At first, I was doing it wrongly, until I discovered the right approach. The best way to strengthen your inner pages and make them rank highly on Google top 10 is to use anchor texts. These anchor texts must be the primary keywords you’re targeting.

For instance, if you’re target key term is “weight loss diets for women,” then, by all means, use this to build backlinks. Make it clickable and link to specific page on your review blog where you talked about weight loss diets for women. Use alternative anchor texts if you’re building more than 100 external links to your pages.

Use anchor texts extensively on your resource box. The only strategy I use for link building is guest posting. It works like magic and if you succeed in linking from authority blogs (A-list blogs), it would weigh heavier in search engine algorithms and bring you more rewards.

Weight Loss Enthusiasts Tribe

Bloggers understand the importance of building a tribe. A tribe is a group of people who share similar goals and objectives. Email marketing is my best strategy to building relationships that work.

Once you capture their (prospects) names and email addresses, you can easily follow-up with valuable information which can be in any form: e-books, short reports, whitepapers, videos, membership access, software et al.

The aim is to position you as a credible expert. Once this is achieved, selling can be a lot interesting and simple. It’s more difficult to build a mailing list in internet marketing niche and the reason is because, every blogger and affiliate marketer knows why you want their personal information.

But in other niches like weight loss, 85% of the people who wants to lose weight are novice to internet marketing. They don’t know about AdSense, Autoresponder, One Time Offer or Back-end products. So, it’s easier to convert these visitors to subscribers, and afterwards into paying customers.

That’s exactly what I did with my weight loss review blog. But the same technique applies to every niche you can think of.

Over To You

I’ve shared a few tips on how to dominate search engines with micro niche blogs. Weight loss is not the only niche, even though it’s profitable.

Look into entertainment, software and business sectors. You may likely get your hands on profitable business models. Leave a comment and don’t forget to take action on these tips. You’re great!


[box]Michael Chibuzor is a fitness enthusiast interested in blogger’s wellness and effective dieting practices. He  promotes discount  deals in his coupon blog such as the latest medifast web code and a nutrisystem referral code . He writes blog posts about diet tips and offers you the best weight loss coupon deals.[/box]

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  1. Sylvia


    I think the things you covered through the post are quiet impressive, good job and great efforts. I found it very interesting and enjoyed reading all of it…keep it up, lovely job..

  2. David clarke


    Great sharing michael
    Cool article about weight lose. Well, People use your idea to get profit.
    I will also try this .

  3. Timmy


    Yes, it’s true that many people are earning money by selling weight loss products. Now-a-days , Obesity is the major problem that the people are facing in their life. This problem is increasing due to having unhealthy fast food in breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are various companies in the market which are selling products to reduce obesity. And People are getting attracted by these products because they really want to become slim, fit, healthy in life. There are various blogs posted on web related to this problem with solution.

  4. Reply

    Weight Loss is the hottest niche in the internet and there is no question about this. So if you rank higher for this particular niche then the chance of making huge profit is high…

    I learnt few tips from this article too and thanks for sharing.


  5. Lily


    weight loss niche is really a strong keyword. This would gain a lot of traffic if you find a perfect weightloss niche.

  6. prabhat


    hello michael
    yes you can do great with weight loss niche. many poeple are searching for in on internet. and it is one of the most searched keywords. thanks for the post

  7. Reply

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  8. Reply

    Thanks for such a wonderful post. Yes you are right, there is so much competition now a days, so targeting long keywords may turn fruitful. It is indeed a profitable niche but due to large competition,making money wont be very easy.

  9. Zeeshan


    No doubt weight loss is one of the top niches through which we can make money online but the problem is competition in this niche. Its nearly impossible to reach the first page of Google in this niche.

  10. Zara


    This is a great article and a very inspirational one for people that are ready to put in some effort and work harder and harder.
    I have always kept myself away from such niches but I ma now thinking of getting into weight loss no to give it a shot.

  11. John Ernest


    I find the weight loss niche as the richest niche to take when starting a blog for income. Why? With the increase of obesity in teenagers, you are sure that there will be enough people looking for tips and tricks for weight loss and fitness. Aside from that, a lot of other blogs are already established which means you have a lot of resources to read information from. You may have a lot of competition as well, but nothing will be able to stop someone who is determined to be number one.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      You’ve my kind of persona John. Nothing can stop a determined man from moving forward to great heights. Thank you very much for making out time to read and comment on my post. See you around!

  12. Reply

    Weight loss is good technique to increase visitors and ranking of website on search engine. Your given steps by steps information makes easy to understand weight loss niche blog. Thanks for including weight loss concept in blog post.

  13. Kristine


    Weightloss is one of the most profitable niches because a lot of people are interested in weightloss and exercise. And I agree with you that the key to a good link is the keyword and the ways of linking.

    Thank you for this informational post!

  14. Reply

    Hi Michael,

    Great case study. I like how you make a content on your micro blog, that is so ture and thanks for your honesty. I strongly agree that there is no new things on the internet, whatever your idea is, someone else have written about it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make any content.

    Once again, thanks for sharing your great experience

    • Michael Chibuzor


      You got the point I made my good friend. Thank you for stopping by to read my post. Have a great day!

  15. John Mak


    Hello Michael,

    I believe weight loss is one of the top niches you can make money online. Especially Medifast or Nutrisystem are Top Weight Loss Programs (gold mine) but with so much competition. Most people do the mistake to select a niche and start promoting fast, but that’s not good at all for the eyes of Google. To hit top rankings you need at list 3-4 months by adding high quality content and quality backlinks. If you try do it faster, Google will think you’re a spam site and remove you from rankings. Nothing’s easy!


    • Michael Chibuzor


      You’re right John. We should take it gently and build up authority before building links. Thank you for reading and your suggestions are welcomed!

  16. Mika Castro


    Very interesting post to consider. It will be easy to patch things up on this kind of field if e know the basics.

  17. Aasma


    Nice article,

    You’ve mentioned valuable and valid points, in almost every niche all types of topics are already covered… so you can easily check them and try to come up with same thing but in creative manner so audience actually likes it.

    Once you create your trust then it’s not difficult to monetize.

  18. Jane


    I’m new to blogging and my niche is Weight Loss but the one thing I forgot is the various ways available to market my blog. Thanks for sharing this great post. It’s really helpful.

  19. Reply

    Hi Michael, I have heard that the weight loss niche is the number one biggest niche on the Internet. Is that the case or do you know of any bigger ones?

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Well, I haven’t heard that weight loss is the #1 biggest niche. But I do know its extremely popular and profitable for bloggers. I think I would research to know more. Thank you for reading

  20. Ben


    Interesting article. I lost over 100 pounds once and have considered using my experiences to enter the weight loss niche many times!

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Get started Ben, don’t wait another second. You already have experience losing weight, so share it with others and cash-in. Thank you for reading my post

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