Blogging is mainly about writing and if you take steps to in publishing awesome content on your blog then this will only help your blog to grow. Most people who browse the Internet want to read articles that is of high quality and also articles which will be benefiting to them. So writing high quality articles for your blog can make your blog successful, but you have to know how to write those articles so that your blog readers love your blog.

In this article I will be giving you some 5 tips on how you can writing and publishing blog posts that make your readers fall in love with your blog.

Blog Post Writing

Have A Plan Before You Start Writing

Before you start writing you need to have a plan for what you will be writing about for your blog post to turn out great.

Most bloggers fail to publish awesome content because they didn’t plan their blog post before they started their writing process.

If you want your blog post to turn out awesome then you must first plan it. This means you may need to get a pen and paper or a notepad app on your smart phone. Brainstorm for titles that you would like to write about.

When thinking about titles for your post, you may come up with more than one title. Not to worry, this is great because you can then choose from the list of titles that you have noted and analyze which one would grab the attention of people more so that they will want to read the entire article.

After you have  the title for the blog post, you can now list the points of the article which you would like to discuss. These can be referred to as sub-headings.

When you have come up with the sub-headings you can now start your writing process. Write your introduction for the article and make sure that it is appealing to reader.

Always have a great introduction to your blog posts because this is what determines if the reader will continue reading to the end of the post.

Write A Little Each Day

When writing your blog post you don’t necessarily have to finish it in one day. Some blog posts are long and lengthy and may take longer to write.

If you plan on writing a long article then you may also need some time to do research so that you can get your facts straight before you start the writing process for your article.

You can plan your post, just as I had mentioned in the first point above and then start writing the contents of the blog on another day.

Why shouldn’t you rush to writing your blog post?

Most of us today we live busy lives and this is why writing a well detailed blog post may take more than one day to complete.

Not only that, we don’t want to make any mistakes while writing, we want to get our facts straight before writing and we also want to deliver that blog post so that whoever is reading it gets the fullness of what is being said in the article.

Also writing a little each day will help you to become a better writer each day. What you did yesterday while writing you can improve on it today and improve on what you did today, tomorrow. Doing that will help you to become a better writer in no time.

If you want to become a speedy writer though, you can read this post I did about writing blog posts in 20 minutes or less.

Avoid Distractions While Writing

Distractions… Distractions… Distractions!

That is major killer to writing awesome blog post.

Most times while writing we have tons of distractions around us which causes us to lose focus while writing.

I can attest to that. Most times while writing my cellphone goes off, notifications from emails or social media sites, and other stuff always distract me and cause me to lose my concentration while writing.

In order to overcome that what I normally do is to put my cellphone on silent, turn off all notifications and put myself in an environment where distractions are less likely to happen.

When distractions aren’t around you then your only focus will be on the writing of your article. This will help you to think about your readers so that you can deliver your blog post to them in a professional manner.

Remember that distractions can make you lose your chain of thought without you even knowing it and this is why you should avoid distractions while writing your blog posts.

If thought there is a major distraction where you have to stop writing, then remember point number two. You can always continue your blog post writing a next day.

Make Blog Post Easy To Read & Understand

Lots of people don’t like when things are complicated and hard to understand. The same can be said of your blog post, if it is hard to read and understand then your readers will struggle to read your contents or even worst which is end up leaving your blog.

The easier it is to read your articles then the more traffic you will end up getting. Your readers will stay longer on your blog and they are more likely to share it if the content is unique.

Most people will learn or gain knowledge from reading if the article which they are reading is easier to read. This is why our articles must be easy to read.

Fonts should not be small or have a bright color that can be somewhat blinding to the eye.

Normally blogs have a white or gray content area with black font. It is best to stick with that type of theme for your blog.

So be sure to write articles which are easy to read, your blog reader will love your blog even more for that.

Proofread Article & Edit Before Publishing

After you have finished writing your article you may want to take some time to read it over.

Why is that?

This is because all of us are imperfect humans and we tend to make mistakes all the time. So while reading over the article you may want to check for spelling errors and also the use of punctuation. Using a wrong punctuation in the right place or using the right punctuation in the wrong place can convey the wrong impression in a point that you are trying to make.

If you found mistakes while reading over your article then you should correct these so that your blog post can be awesome.

After that you are now ready to publish your article for your readers to gain knowledge on what you have written.


  1. Reply

    I think the things you’ve mentioned here are not only tips but it should be considered as a “MUST” to do before attempting to create a new post or article. This is most especially for bloggers with new blog sites. Content is KING!

  2. Adrienne


    Hey Kharim,

    I’m sure these are great tips but I don’t plan ahead. I just start writing, I know not the smartest thing I’m sure but when I know my topic I just sit down and start going. I don’t outline, I don’t plan ahead, nothing.

    I don’t write everyday but if you consider commenting writing then I guess I do that. I’m not one of those people who wants to write blog posts or anything else for that matter every single day but I do love reading peoples content and sharing my thoughts.

    I do think that people should have a plan though, don’t get me wrong. I think it would help them more moving forward.

    The distractions can really be a time killer for sure. It’s really important to make sure you stay focused and the writing so that people can understand, that one is really important to me. If I don’t understand what I’m reading I won’t be back. It’s really that easy.

    Great post and very helpful. Thanks!


  3. swapnil


    writing have to best i have will start my blog over old blog my old blog having lots of error n bugs now don’t have time to fix it so i have decided to start new blog hope i will get traffic by the way nice post really enjoyed it lot

    • Reply

      Hi Swapnil,

      I agree with you that our writing have to be in tip top shape so that our readers will love our content.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  4. Emmanuel


    If there is one thing which all of us ought to remember is the fact that whiles writing, we always ought to keep the end in mind.

    I do like the point you raised with respect to writing a little each day. We shouldn’t forget it is the little drops of water that makes a mighty ocean.

    • Reply

      Hi Emmanuel,

      You are so right pal. Writing each day is like that drop of water which you mentioned in your comment. Thanks very much for that point pal.

  5. Shiang


    Good article about Optimize Blog post writing 5 solid tips publishing awesome content..
    Very informative blog. Usually most of the bloggers just start writing when they get an idea. Instead they should first write their idea and then plan to expand it as you mentioned in your first point. It is better to write daily and of quality instead of just stuffing the words without thoughts and meaning. This you too mentioned in your another point.
    Thank you for this awesome post.

  6. Reply

    Hi Kharim Tomlinson,
    After so many days I am commenting on your blog. How are you? Thanks for sharing these nice tips.

  7. Mehul Boricha


    Thank you for this awesome post. Now I have identified the problems which I was getting while writing a blog post.

  8. Reply

    Hi Kharim Tomlinson
    Thanks for sharing wonderful tips to increase the value of blog post. Usually most of the bloggers just start writing when they get an idea. Instead they should first write their idea and then plan to expand it as you mentioned in your first point.
    Secondly we try break all previous records of writing in just one day. It is better to write daily and of quality instead of just stuffing the words without thoughts and meaning. This you too mentioned in your another point.
    Overall your post is the perfect guide to write an awesome post to make it viral on internet. Thanks a lot once again.

    • Reply

      Hi Mi Muba,

      So happy that you have come to read my article and leaving your feedback. I agree with you on what you have mentioned. Thank you very much, really appreciated.

  9. Reply

    Very informative blog. I have to agree that you should never rush a blog post. Although sometimes you have no other choice. I always try to put off posting until I have at least a day or two to look over what I wrote with refreshed eyes and mind.

    • Reply

      Hi Cheryl,

      Great point. But as mentioned in my article you can write a little each day until you complete the article. Doing so will help you to become a better writer each day.

      Thanks for the comment.

  10. vijisathya


    Good article about Optimize Blog post writing 5 solid tips publishing awesome content.. But i think the the good content is Create Meaningful, Strong writing within the Content.It is very effective.Thank you for sharing .

    • Reply


      Yes you are so right. Once you create strong meaningful articles then your blog readers will keep on coming back for more.

      Thanks for sharing your point.

  11. I. C. Daniel


    Distraction is my biggest enemy, lately I found that motivational videos gives me a sort of power to keep working hard… harder to achieve my dreams. In those days when you feel tired and disappointed you can try some of these videos to see if empowers you. 😀

    • Reply

      Hey Daniel,

      Distraction has been getting the better of me as well from the other day. But I make sure to do my work first before doing any other thing.

      Thanks for the comment bro and all the best to you.

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