There are millions of people that use Instagram to get an insight into the latest fashion trends in the market. This social media platform largely helps you to reach out to over 800 million registered users who are in the age group of 18 to 30 years. They are always on the lookout for the latest styles in the market, and this is why they check Instagram updates and Stories to know more!

Instagram is the perfect platform for your fashion website

If you use Instagram correctly for your fashion website, you can build your brand and get more targeted traffic to your business. Growing your list of email subscribers is also possible with the help of Instagram. This not only generates leads but it generates sales as well.

Keep Instagram social

When you are using Instagram for your fashion website, it is prudent for you to think social and not promote advertisements. No one likes to see a seller pushing products. They want to know what is new in the market and how it appeals to them. It is here that keeping Instagram social works for you and others. You should plan your content and ensure that your users interact with it. The content you create again should not look like spam. The pictures you upload should be interesting enough to engage your targeted audience so that they start noticing you.

When it comes to posting on Instagram, do not resort to excessive posting. Schedule quality posts regularly. Use automation tools like Gramista so that your targeted audience hears from you at least twice a day. The posts you create should promote value so that active shoppers get interested and start to do their research about you. The more value images and information you share with them, the better they will be interested in you.

Instagram Stories- engage your audience

Do you know that Instagram Stories can provide you with the instant gratification you are looking for? When you give your targeted users Instagram Stories, they get just 24 hours to share them. This means you effectively can promote the latest style and fashion products that you have. Users especially young people whom you target are eager to share the posts on their network, and this does go a very long way when it comes to promoting your brand.

The Story you post could be a fashion show where your brand and products were featured. The images you upload on a Story need not be very high- quality ones as the post will disappear from your page after 24 hours. This is why it is prudent to post a good Story once in a while. This helps you to connect with the targeted audience better and help you promote and sell your products as well.

The use of hashtags for making your content visible

Hashtags are used for allowing people to find you easily on social media. They are very popular and have been effective when it comes to reaching out to the targeted audience. There are specific hashtags that you can use for your product and brand. These hashtags are like keywords, and it is ideal for you to use at least 4 to 5 to generate interest in your brand or product. If you use the right hashtag, you will find that the engagement rates for your brand increase by 12%. In case, you are not sure on the appropriate hashtags to use, check competitor websites and see the hashtags that are trending and popular. They mainly help you to reach out to the audience who are looking for you.

Call to action for better sales

It is prudent for you to always post a call to action on your Instagram page for your audience. This will help them get the link to act. For instance, you should create a call to action for products that you sell like “Buy Now!”

When you are using photo filters, ensure you keep a consistent theme image for your page. This helps the targeted audience trust your product. You should always ensure that you check analytics and metrics to see how your posts are performing. Every post should be planned and if you are not careful enough to evaluate performance you might lose targeted followers who will not be interested in the posts you publish.

Keep the above points in mind when you are generating traffic for your fashion website. Instagram is an excellent platform for you to reach across to the targeted audience and it mostly helps you to increase leads. Plan your posts daily and use high-end pictures that capture the essence of your products so that your targeted audience become loyal customers after interacting with you.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional who suggests Gramista for making regular Instagram posts for generating more traffic and leads.

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