Blogging is all about sharing information, data, thoughts and opinions. Apart from this, blogging to a large extent is being used to make name and money these days. Not being concerned about whom your blog is directed towards is ok until you have a personal blog. In case where you are willing to monetize your knowledge through your blog, it is profoundly important for you to be considered about your target audience and create a blog accordingly.

You must and should be crystal clear about which niche you pick for your blog before you think of churning cash out of your blog. A blog that seems to be into everything and anything may seem like a mediocre blog to your target traffic, thus repelling your prospects. One needs to choose his/her blog’s niche with vision and wisdom as the niche chosen can determine the future of the blog and the blogger alike.

Here is a short checklist that can help you choose the right blogging niche for yourself –

Is it of your kind?

This I believe is the first and foremost question you should ponder upon when the niche of your blog is in question. Like I mentioned earlier, the essence of blogging is sharing information.

How much information would you know and learn about a niche that you are not genuinely interested in? And how much can you share?

The best choice would be something you are passionate about and know best about. Avoid going for a niche only because it is in vogue and can make you immense money. Nothing can make you money unless you do it with full heart.

How is the competition?

You better not go for a niche that is beaten to death. Choose a niche that has reasonable completion. If you come across a niche that has minimal competition you tend to perceive that it is the one you need.

But hay! Chances are that, that particular niche is not in demand and hence there are quite a few or no blogs on it. Hence, before conclude that a niche is right for you in terms of competition, research a bit more about it to see how much traffic it can generate for you.

How much is the niche’s endurance?

Considering the competition in each niche, and Google’s ranking algorithm, a blog need to be roughly alteast one year old in order to start earning well.

What if the niche itself gets obsolete within that 1 year? What would you write about and share with the world when they are no more interested in the niche?

Always choose a niche that has long term scope and high sustenance power. A topic that can go out of vogue in the near future may not be fetching you in the long run.

For instance, having a blog about world’s economy could be a better choice than one talking about the 2008 global recession; because the later would go out of people’s interest within a year or two unlike the former can be of continuous interest.

Level of knowledge

If you’d like to be a pro of your niche, you should improve the level of your knowledge, in order to choose right niche for your blog. If you choose wrong niche means it will kill your interest slowly. So you should know what all the things work and what not, you should collect the relevant information and research about topics befor choose the right niche.

Do not follow others

If you follow others means, its totally like blind trying to walk on the roads which is full of heavy traffic. For example, If someone start a Finance related niche and succeed over it, do not blindly start finance niche related topics. Undersand the concept that those people may be good at finance niches and they succees. So you should start a niche according tointerest, if you’re good at social media related stuffs, you can start social media related topics based blog instead following finance blog.

Blogging is not at all easy task, you should sacrifice your time and knowledge to give rich informations to readers, so before start blog, follow these tips to avoid minimal mistakes.

[box]About The Author: Tim Wilson works as content manager for HostPapa, a web hosting Canada company serving over 100,000 customers. Since launching in 2006, HostPapa has offered reliable, budget-friendly, easy-to-use Canadian web hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.[/box]


  1. Sudipto


    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this important post with us. I really enjoyed this post while reading and I think this post surely gonna help all the newbies. We have to choose only those niche in which we feel comfortable and have knowledge and the most important part is we enjoying during working.

  2. Sudipto


    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. I really like this post and I think this post surely gonna help all the newbies. We have to choose only that niche about which we have good knowledge.

  3. Prakash


    We should check the competition on the niche we are choosing. And keyword research is also beneficial in choosing the niche. Nice post thanks for sharing it.

  4. Kumar


    yes niche play major role and acquires important position for any online business, your post is so informative thanks for sharing with us..

  5. Dan


    I agree that when you are starting a niche blog, you really have to have some extra knowledge in that area. Otherwise, you are simply not doing what you need to do. Furthermore, I really like the comparison with the heavy traffic road. Doing what others are already doing will get you only so far. If you really want to stand out and be successful, you have to map your own road. Cheers.

  6. Simona


    It amuses me when I stumble upon a talking dog or a screaming monkey video while trying to read a blog that seemed to be all about make-up. In my view, choosing one niche and dedicating your entire blog to that is the only way to catch an audience. Great tips on the blogging matter. Congrats!

  7. Fatima


    This is the major dilemma that all starters face when they start blogging; to decide on their niche. I wish I had such a detailed guidance on how to go about it when I started out. Really appreciate your share as it would definitely help the newbies and correct the approach of existing ones.

  8. Aayna


    Deciding upon the niche is the basic thing any blogger needs to do, but often bloggers fail to decide the niche which is apt for them and for their writing. This post makes the concept crystal clear, by simply pointing out the things which one needs to consider before locking in a niche. The writing style of this post is certainly its star feature. Thanks for the share.

  9. Dave Sabados


    Love it… a niche that is not beaten to death. The perfect example is the oldest one on the block… you know which one… still a great company but like you said “beaten to death”. On the other hand I suggest due diligence as well. Always look before leaping… ask for income disclosures etc…
    Awesome post.

  10. Joe Hart


    Enjoyed reading this post.This is a fresh perspective on niche blogging…In my opinion there is a lot of scope for long tail keywords in every niche…This implies that you can make it big even in a crowded niche provided you know how to perform research properly…It is however better to determine more specific niche and address to its audience.

  11. Salman khan


    great post and nice tips. newbie blogger must try and implement these tips and they will get success as well…

  12. MCA Reviews


    These checklist is so interesting and I love reading it. I will definitely share this to all my social media friends like Facebook and Twitter. 🙂

  13. Rajkumar Jonnala


    this is a very informative article for every blogger and especially for beginners keep going

  14. Samfrank


    Good article. I agree with you that bloggers need to enjoy what they are bloging, not just only money.As a business owner, you can definitely do niche marketing. All you need to do is pick out a certain segment of the population, target them by using an effective way of advertising, and then endorse to them relevant products and services that they will find interesting to purchase. Once you start attracting an audience that is the main target of your products, you will surely make a fortune out of it.

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