A website is the main platform for your online presence. It serves as the main communication tool between you and your clients. As the use of mobile devices has increased, it is immensely significant that your website should be mobile friendly. The researches have shown that 77 percent of Americans own smartphones and 50 percent own tablets. Perhaps even more notably, the percentage of online searches that done through mobile devices exceeded the percentage of online searches done through desktop computers. These figures show the trend shift and creates the need for the businesses to get the websites developed which are mobile friendly and provide the users a convenient user experiences on every device they own.

A customized website design should be a priority. It should inculcate all the needs of the customers who use mobile devices. The solution is a mobile web design. A customized website will be approachable through any kind of device providing the users with an interface which is clear, responsive and easy to navigate. This provides the users with the independence of obtaining all the information they need with complete expediency on regardless of the device they are using.

Below are some of the reasons why a mobile web design is extremely important in this era of high tech businesses plus few tools which will enhance your websites mobile responsiveness.

Google highlights mobile friendly websites

This is the foremost and the most important reason to create a website that is easily compatible with mobile devices. It is extremely important to get your website ranked high on Google and in 2015 Google announced that it is going to rank those websites high which are mobile compatible. This announcement also enhanced the creation of the mobile friendly websites.  Then in 2016 a further step was taken by Google when it declared that it intended to use a website’s mobile version to rank the web pages. Mobile web design is now on the top of the list in Google’s indexing and ranking exertions. It is quite obvious that websites which will ignore mobile compatibility will face the consequences in the search results. There ranking will continuously deteriorate as Google is increasing the emphasis on the mobile friendliness. It should be on the priority list of any business that while getting their website developed its mobile friendliness is not compromised so that their Google ranking is not suffered. In fact mobile compatibility should be an integral part of their search engine optimization campaign.

Mobile compatible web design offers a satisfying user experience

Most of the people between the ages of 18 and 64 own and use a mobile phone or a tablet which makes it quite important that those consumers get a positive user experience. It can be irritable for the user hence laying him off your website if the interface is not suitable while they visit your website through their mobile devices. It is a major push back for a user if a site on their mobile screen shows the fonts smaller and difficult to read, links are too tiny to click thus making any kind of a form or information requirement hard to fill. Your visitors have to scroll here and there in order to navigate through the site. Their required content will be hidden and they might see a large graphic in place of their wanted information. Another major turn off is that the website will take more time to load which creates frustration and hindrance in providing a smooth user experience.

All of these hitches add up to an unpleasant user experience that will definitely discourage people to visit your site. A mobile web design modifies the user experience by enabling your website to display relevant content in an easy to access set-up for all the devices in use.

Mobile web design modifies your site to users’ mobile essentials

The mobile devices are the perfect solution for the users to get information when they are on the go or have instant decisions to make such as a gift to buy or looking for instant information. At this time, their content requirements are more vital and different from the content requirements of desktop users. They expect content that they can act on instantaneously. If they have to waste their time navigating through unnecessary images, walls of text, or minute links, they may very well leave the task.

However, a mobile friendly website, accommodates both the practical needs of mobile device users. For instance, mobile web design may make your cafe menu available on the home page, use bigger fonts, and pre fill forms when it notices visitors by a mobile device, because that will fulfil the exclusive needs of your mobile users.

Some ways to make your website mobile friendly

A quick way to check how mobile friendly your website is to open it up in a browser, grasp the upper right hand corner with your mouse, and drag the screen to far left as much as possible. If the text and images alter to fit in the smaller size, it shows that your site is fairly mobile responsive. If the other way round, it is a possibility that your site requires a mobile web design.

There are also several of free tools you can apply to conclude whether or not you have a mobile web design.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Tool

You just enter your URL into the tool and it will inform you if your site is mobile friendly or not.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights

For more comprehensive information about your website’s mobile friendliness, you can utilize Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Google Webmaster Tools Mobile Usability Test

To get even more detail regarding the usability of your site by using the mobile usability test available through Google’s Webmaster Tools.

The existing state of your website is ready, you may only need to make a few twists to your design, or you may need to do a more general redesign in order to attain mobile friendliness. Once you examine your site’s mobile friendliness, the next step to take is talking to a skilled web design and web development company.

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