Digital marketing is ever-evolving with the rise of social media and smartphone technology. Knowing some of the most popular digital marketing trends for 2018 is a great way to plan your own campaign strategies that are much more likely to resonate with any audience or demographic you are targeting.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is still king when it comes to promoting brands and businesses online (whether you are using third-party advertising services or social media platforms). Sharing unique, refreshing, and engaging content while promoting it with boosts or advertisements is a way to learn more about what your followers want from you and which type of content resonates best with potential shoppers.

Content marketing is not only recommended to gain insights into which advertisements work for your brand, but it is also ideal to gain traction by boosting the number of visitors and page views your website receives.


Video On Demand

Video media is becoming increasingly popular on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. With millions of individuals choosing video-on-demand services over traditional cable and switching to view information online rather than with their televisions, putting video media to work for you is a great way to captivate your audience.

Users scrolling Facebook are much more likely to engage with a post if it includes a video or a form of video media. Many popular Facebook pages today even promote animated GIFs with the use of the video platform to help increase views and the ability to display advertisements for additional revenue generation.


Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Collecting and utilizing big data and analytics from marketing campaigns and website plugins is a way for you to quickly gain the necessary insight to tweak future advertising strategies you plan to launch. Using big data is a way to hone in on specific audiences and truly get to know your potential customers on a more intimate level, helping to build trust and establish your brand as credible in any industry, regardless of the competition.


SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social media marketing, or SMM, is still steadily on the rise with the increase of smartphone browsing and communication. Developing the right marketing strategies with social media greatly depends on the platforms you prefer to use and the audience you want to reach. Conducting adequate market research is necessary for social media marketing to share promotions only when it is most relevant to those who have a genuine interest in the products or services your brand has to offer.


Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is still continuing to grow, offering new opportunities to market and promote brands each day. Learn various top advertising servers and which companies work best with the websites you want to advertise on.


Chatbot AI Technology

Chatbot AI technology is becoming more prevalent in advertising with the ability to communicate directly with potential consumers using bots rather than having to hire additional employees to maintain a connection.

Understanding the best methods of implementing digital marketing in 2018 is a way for you to stand out amongst your competition while solidifying a name a reputation for your brand or business online. Using trends most commonly associated with digital marketing is a way to outperform others in your industry while determining the best ways to communicate with your potential customers in the future.


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