Exams are known not to be fun to students whether the individual is diligent or lazy, everyone needs a boost from time to time. While students found ways to cheat as long as the exam is passed, the invention of technology dramatically increased the potential for creativity.

Exams also shows a high risk of dangerous factor for many students because a study shows that student are scared of exam because of failure. Also a certain number of students are depressed because of the expected outcomes, which can lead them to lose their lives or indulge themselves and even some having suicidal thought because of the fear of failure. Many students even try some fraudsters to pass the exam, but they can still be caught cheating and possibly be prevented from passing the exam. Exam Device Products has made some of the best spyware that are so invisible, which can help during exams without getting caught.

A study that was carried out in 2009 revealed that about one in three high school and college students were caught cheating with their mobile phones. In addition, one in four students said they had no problem cheating on technology

Recently, the schools have caught up and discovered how many opportunities students can use to cheat on their devices. Getting caught cheating in an exam comes a big consequence. For this reason, this article describes some of the best professional invisible devices from exam devices that can help cheat during an exam without getting caught.

In fact, cheating seems very useful to students who are not interested in learning. This saves time, does not tire them, lets them enjoy their time, and helps them easily get a good grade without even opening their books.

Listed below are ways to cheat in exam with technology

So, exam cheating gadgets are known as one of the best cheating techniques. It is a test and exam deception device that consists of a hidden ear bud the size of a grain of rice that you put in your ear. Thanks to the earpiece, you can listen to your partner clearly and discreetly.

Cheating in exams has never been easier. The invisible earphone of the examination device is the smallest earphone in the world to cheat in the test! Pure review cheat technology.

Some devices that can help cheat without getting caught in exam hall:

Wireless communication method

Students are often encouraged to work on projects to improve student-centered learning and self-learning. However, it has been found that some students see this as an invitation to participate in exam papers. Regardless of whether they use more “traditional” methods – such as manual signage, raising a paper to the person at the back or most times eye contact.

Some of the technologies mentioned in the Team Cheating section concern wireless headsets and handsets, cell phone communication, and burden sharing: when a student remembers and answers one section, another takes command.

The spy camera method

The miniature camera Px 700 keys of the examination device. The device is small and can be connected simply by pressing a button. In one second you get pictures and videos in very good quality. Thanks to this method you can easily get all the details necessary to pass your exam.

The earpiece method

With the earpiece method cheating in exams has now been made so easy. With a device like the invisible earphone, which is known as the smallest in the world, you can cheat in tests or exams without getting caught.

Connect the hidden earphone to your mobile phone, put the cord around your neck and insert the wireless earphone into your ear. Go to your exam and call the person who will help you pass your test. You will follow the conversation through the earpiece hidden in your ear and speak into the microphone in a low voice.

MP3 compatible

Write down all the answers to your test in advance, and then listen to them as you take the exam. Take notes, transfer audio files to your small MP3 player and play them quietly during the test. A very popular audio gadget for students is the famous iPod. IPods are used to hide lists that are disguised as song titles. If you’re not allowed to listen, you can put headphones in your sleeves or wear a hood to hide the cables.

An example of this device that is used to cheat during an examination is the inductive collar with headset. This device is user-friendly and therefore easy to use. The connection to the headset is: automatic, wireless and invisible to all detectors. This device does not come with any wire so it is so risk free.

The sound bug method

How the Sound Bug works is that it turns any surface into a speaker which can be connected to anything near. As soon as the Sound Bug is attached to a flat surface, it converts electronic signals into mechanical energy, vibrates the flat surface and emits sound.

This cheat device is one of the most powerful Bluetooth devices with a wireless color headset. The sound bug device is compatible with any model of mobile phone model, it can answer calls and of the best feature it offers is that it is user friendly, anyone can use this device


Whether with high-tech equipment or pre-recorded MP3 files, students are not allowed to cheat normally, but the introduction of this cheat devices has helped lot of student worldwide pass their exam without getting caught, also this exam cheat devices are becoming more and more demanding and hard to spot.

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