With more and more browsers and operating systems coming into play in 2018, it’s crucial you have access to the latest gadgets to ensure your blog still looks good and works responsively, regardless of the device your visitors are using. Simply altering a color code in CSS could change the way it looks from one browser/device to another. Therefore, owning your own gadgets to test your site regularly is the way forward, especially if you’re taking your blog/site seriously. Here are just some of the gadgets you should consider buying/renting if you don’t already have access.

High Spec Laptop

You could, alternatively, go and use a simple piece of software like a multiple browser/device viewer, but you’re not going to get the same experience as you would if you owned the device yourself. Although many online consumers are now using mobile devices as their online browsing tools, you should never forget about those using desktop/laptop computers. If you invest in a high spec laptop, you’re going to gain access to many more tools and browsers that’ll give you a much bigger testing checklist. Have a look at Gadget Gestures to see some of the best technology on the market.

iPad or Alternative Tablet

It’s imperative you look through an iPad/tablet viewpoint for any website you own – you just never know how different your website could look from a standard desktop viewpoint. These gadgets are costly, but it’s something that needs to be invested in if you’re serious about setting your website apart from its competitors.

iPhone or Alternative Cell Phone

You could even go as far as owning multiple handheld devices like iPhone’s if you really wanted to go a step further. Some of the earlier models use different technology than the newer models so testing your site in different handsets is the way forward. Of course, different cell phone models also use different technology, but most consumers use iPhones as their handset choice so ensuring your website renders well in that particular model first would be wise.

Online Gadgets

There are also several tools you can take advantage of online, which would save you the costs of owning the devices individually. Look at this device viewer, which will ensure your blog/site renders well in all viewpoints possible. This is an easy way of testing your site, but you have to understand that you’re not going to get the honest viewpoint as you would from viewing from a physical device. There are multiple tools like these online, but always make sure you find one that’s reputable, otherwise, you could look through a completely different viewpoint.

As stated above, you needn’t usually need to worry about owning the above devices as there are multiple online tools you can use to view your blog on multiple devices at the same time. However, you’re not always going to get the exact experience, and if you’re worried about every single detail of your website, the only real way forward is to own the technology and test your site yourself.

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