For a small business, branding and online reputation is everything. For your business to compete with the big players, it is wise to build your business website. Yet, this may take some time and cash for you to be able to reach your goal. Keep in mind that there are lots of approaches when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Also, not because you have many visitors, you are not making money just yet. Not to mention bounce rate and some people would just dropping by and forgets about your stuff sooner or later. So, the challenge is, how can you increase traffic back to your small business website.


Make Them Stay


  • The first challenge is how to make visitors stay to your small business website for a while. First, your website must be a responsive website, meaning, it can fit in many types of screen particularly mobile gadgets. In fact, there are over than 80% of internet users these days who are using their phones and tablets instead of computer or laptops.


  • Another thing that you should consider is the loading time of your business website. You don’t need sophisticated designs to impress the visitors. You don’t need a video and you don’t need hero slides just to make them stay. In fact, you are telling them to go away. Why so? It is because not all visitors have the same internet speed. If most of your target audience has a slow internet connection, your bounce rate will be affected.


  • Fresh content is another factor that you need to execute from time to time. Both live audiences and Google love fresh content. Take the advantage of your blog page and educate them more about your service or the industry itself to the audience. This may take a lot of work but, can be very rewarding in the end.


Gaining Leads


  • Again, as mentioned, gaining a lot of visitors do not make money just yet. Even if you have more than ten thousands of visitors on a daily basis, yet no one would dare to buy your product or subscribe your service, then your campaign is not effective after all.


  • This is where leads come to the scene. You can encourage your visitors to leave their full name and email address in the middle or at the bottom of your site. This will vary depending on your approach and how effective the approach is. You can mass mail them and tell them about your latest service and products.


  • You can take the advantage of reliable traffic generator to help you minimize your target audiences. This can help you to determine and configure the exact behavior of the visitors including heat maps. You can select a particular location at the right time, right approach and the right audience that can make your website into a conversion engine.


Social Media


Finally, take the advantage of social media networks. You can never go wrong with this one if you really want to increase your Traffic and your sales as well. Billions of people are using social media networks and Facebook paid ads can help you to increase your traffic through your landing pages.


Tracking and Analytic


This approach can help you determine what did go wrong and the things that go right. The traffic generator tool identifies the unnecessary and ineffective approaches prior to your campaign. You can easily get rid of these approaches and focus more on the things which are effective to your optimization and conversion campaign. For optimal boosting, find the right tracking device and analytic tool to help you determine the most effective approaches from your campaign and improve them more.


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    I just wish I knew what I know today because it would of helped me a great deal, those was the days when just massing keywords on your website to rank and get clients but now there is much more to it than that. It only gets harder but with each harder step comes more knowledge. Enjoyed your post so keep up the good work.

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    Thank you for sharing this. I believe it’s all about making that right content for the right audience. Gaining what interests them. Anyways, good read, Definitely, will share this.

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