The current concept of strategic design is here to provide you with an idea of dealing with the current technical debt. The main aim of this strategic design insists that a system cannot have same premium quality through the entire system. So, it is mandatory for the team to choose to leave with parts of systems, which have a good or bad effect. Or it might deal with active control of quality. Messy code is quite a rate and does not implement some of the important requirements. It further does not have any perfect values. So, you do not have to spend much effort on it, to refactor into great code.

Parts with high quality

There is only one point, which might be hanging in your mind. Which code parts are likely to offer you with high-quality services? It might be possible that an implementation part might have a bad design, without hampering the entire quality. In such cases, none such good design is required for that current piece of implementation. Well, this argument seems to be quite questionable. Furthermore, each code does not need to go for any good quality service. At least, you need to create an unmaintainable system for your use.

Understanding about the design well

For better communication within any project, you are working, it is mandatory to learn more about the strategic designs and even understand more about technical debt. So, no such decisions from stakeholders need to work on, while dealing with the software project. Developers need to realize one thing; not all requirements must be implemented in an elegant manner. This might require, sometimes, too much of effort. Furthermore, the customer understands one thing. Those dirty and quick solutions might lead to some project debt eventually, and you have to pay back. Technical debt further comprises of hidden problems regarding quality. This might further lead to failure of the said project, once they have surfaced.

Learning about the stakeholders

If you want to deal with technical debt, then you have to learn a little bit more about the technical debt stakeholders. They are mostly associated with your software project. Customers are primarily annoyed with the bugs or some of the missing features because of lower productivity level. This might again lead to some additional costs for the current help desk. This can even annoy the people more. It is time for you to increase the current developmental time along with some quality issues. That might form problems for the marketing session.

Going for the other moves

Sometimes, bugs might lead to some frequent patches, which can easily work in annoying the present operation team. There are some annoyed parties, which might not work wonder for making the management happy. In some cases, the parties comprise of bad publicity relating to delays, bugs or security problems. It might annoy the customers and the whole management system, too. Sometimes, developers are suffering too, as none wants bad work to be delivered. There are some other rules too, which you need to work on. And for that, click here!

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