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Are you trying to improve your website’s exposure on the Internet? If so, you’ll have no doubt come across two terms: SEO and Content Marketing.

Some people assume both terms mean the same thing: to improve search engine visibility. That’s what their ultimate goal is, but they achieve that in different ways. In fact, SEO needs content marketing to deliver results. Here’s why they both go hand in hand:


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SEO is the client; Content Marketing is the service provider

The relationship between SEO and content marketing is one of a client-service provider. Search engine optimisation dictates what the requirements are, and content marketing fulfils them.

Content marketing is primarily used for the SEO industry. It’s a way of helping Internet marketers gain a competitive edge for their clients. Some large companies even hire teams of content writers and SEO strategists to be number one.

SEO wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for content marketing

We all know that SEO helps websites get better ranks for results pages. It’s a natural thing to want your site to show up on page one for relevant search phrases.

Part of the SEO process involves tweaking the words and articles on a website. Or, in other words, content! To get that done, content marketing needs to be part of the SEO process too. If content marketing didn’t exist, neither would SEO.

SEO focuses on keywords; Content Marketing uses them

When you search for something in Google, you type in a keyword or a phrase containing keywords. For example, if you’re hungry you might type in “takeaway food.”

Content marketing ensures relevant sites show up in results pages. You have to track the right keywords and using them in your page content. Of course, one cannot automate the process without it looking spammy.


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That’s why high-quality content gets written by human copywriters and includes those relevant keywords.

SEO link building campaigns are useless without Content Marketing

It’s no secret that all good SEO link building campaigns need content marketing. An online marketing consultant will tell you content is king for increasing inbound links.

First of all, you need high-quality content on your website. Next, you need to produce content that gets published on other sites. Those blog posts and pages will include natural, relevant links to your website.

If you don’t have content marketing, how can you have an SEO link building campaign? Third party sites aren’t going to link to external pages that contain spammy content. They only want to link to content that will provide value to their audience.

SEO works in the background; Content Marketing is on the front line
Despite their close relationship, SEO and content marketing work in different areas. Search engine optimisation concentrates on making things happen in the background. Meanwhile, content marketing delivers quality articles that everyone (include Google) can see.


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Content marketing might not get much credit from an SEO point of view. But, without it, you wouldn’t have much of an SEO campaign to build!


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    This is a very interesting discussion and absolutely true. One can’t do content marketing in case content is not SEO optimized and in the other case there is no point of simply creating SEO optimize content if you don’t know how to market the same. But to make the combination work perfectly, one have to follow slow but stead way of link building from quality sources.
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