I am a lover of animals and I love to have pets at my home.

I currently have 7 wonderful dogs at home, most I ever had was 18 at one time but I gave away some of them to friends.

Recently I started collecting come fishes and trust me its a great hobby to be taking care of fishes, and watching them swim as well.

When I bought my first two goldfishes at the pet store, I didn’t have any aquarium so I bought a fish bowl to keep them.

I wanted to get more fishes but the fish bowl would be too small to keep so many fishes, so I decided it was time to upgrade to an aquarium.

When I checked out the prices of the aquariums they were a bit too pricey so building my very own aquarium would be the next option.

I was a bit timid to build an aquarium by myself because I had some doubts that it would leak or fall apart, so what I did was to suggest this to my girlfriend because she had also gotten some goldfishes as well. We agreed to build an aquarium together and see how it would turn out.

We went to the glass store and bought some glass to the measurements for a 10 gallon aquarium, watched some videos on YouTube about building your own aquarium.

My girlfriend and I used the silicone to hold the glass together for the aquarium and let it dry for about 24 hours. After that we filled it with water to test the aquarium for leaks or if it would fall apart.

The water stayed in the aquarium for over 18 hours and not a single leak nor did it shatter. The aquarium was a success. I gave that aquarium to my girlfriend and after that I made another for myself.

Want to know how building my own aquarium helped me to become a better blog?

[box type=”red”]Building My Own Aquarium = Better Blogger[/box]

Apart from building my own aquarium which worked out cheaper, I learned some very valuable things that I could apply to my blogging and how it can help me to become a more successful blogger.

[box type=”spacer”]Don’t Give Up So Easily[/box]

When I thought of building my own aquarium, I was a bit scared that it wouldn’t be successful but I didn’t give up there. I went out and bought the materials, watched some YouTube videos and then built it.

The aquarium turned out to be successful.

With blogging, I sometimes think that I would fail.

Did I give up on blogging?


Blogging is something that I love and I am very passionate about blogging.

Blogging is not only a money making business to me. This is more of a hobby and I enjoy blogging and sharing my knowledge with others so that they can have some success like me through blogging.

When I started blogging I had doubts that I would have this much success, just like the aquarium.

My aquarium didn’t fall apart or leaks and I am still caring for my fishes. The same can be said about my blogging, it didn’t fall apart and I am still blogging with success.

[box type=”spacer”]Keep Adding For More Success[/box]

I added some decorations to my aquarium and also to my girlfriend’s aquarium as well. Bought some more fishes and it was completed.

My aquarium was a success!

You noticed here that I added some contents to my aquarium.

In blogging, adding contents to my blog (just as I did with adding come contents to my new aquarium) is a must for completion.

This made my aquarium beautiful.

I wanted my blog to look great as well, so what I did was to add fresh contents to it so that my blog readers can benefit for my educational/informative articles.

But with blogging providing new contents on a regular basis is a must. This will help to keep my blog active and also gives life to my blog.

[box type=”spacer”]Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things[/box]

I was scared as I said to build my very first aquarium, but it turned out to be very successful.

I have a this hurdle in front of me when it comes to video blogging. I am a bit shy to get in front of the camera and speak.

This is something that I need to over come because I know that video blogging would help me to become even successful if I started posting videos.

What I plan to do is get rid of my fears and plan a video for my audience. I wanted to do video blogging for some time now and I think that now is the time to do it.

So please subscribe to my blog and then look out for my videos.

[box type=”yellow”]Pictures Of The Aquariums[/box]

Here are some pictures of the aquariums that I built.

My Girlfriend’s 10 Gallon Aquarium

10 gallon aquarium being tested

My girlfriend’s 10 gallon aquarium being tested with water for leaks

10 gallon aquarium

My girlfriend’s 10 gallon aquarium

10 gallon aquarium

My girlfriend’s 10 gallon aquarium

My 15 Gallon Aquarium

15 gallon aquarium in process

My 15 gallon aquarium in process

15 gallon aquarium

My 15 gallon aquarium

15 gallon aquarium

My 15 gallon aquarium

[box]In Conclusion…[/box]

This post was inspired by me building my own aquarium.

What I am trying to say is that the things which you do on a daily basis, try to apply them in your blogging. Chances are that you will have some success in your blogging as well, just as I did with my blogging.


For further aquarium information:

How to use Aquarium Silicone

For resources for an UV Sterilizer to lower the risk of aquarium disease and improve Redox:

UV Sterilizers



  1. Mycherita


    hi karim, i hope you enjoy with your new hobbies, i also got the same hobby like you, but more to aquascape ( planted aquarium ). this hobby make me feeling cool , relax and calm from our daywork stress.

  2. BILL


    Un like you.I worked at ALL GLASS AQUARIUM,in FRANKLIN,WI.I knew about building fish tanks.I could do that,pretty well,back then,in the 70’s,so now I am trying to build a blog business.Still learning.

  3. Reply

    Hey Kharim !
    First of all i must say you are not only a creative blogger but also a creative designer. Your aquarium is awesome to see.
    Moreover, this is a motivational post. “don’t give up” is key to success.
    I really liked this post.

    • Reply

      Hey Matt,

      Ever since building my own aquarium, it only got better. I am loving the success that I am having with the aquarium.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  4. Typing Test WPM


    Kharim this seemed crazy at first then I keep on reading and it started to make sense great idea to incorporate every day things in your blogging I will try this as if for no other reason it will make the post more unique and genuine to say the least. Thanks for the great tip Bro!

    • Reply

      Yep everyday things can be implemented onto blogging. Doing this will help you to look at blogging in a different way.

      Thanks for the comment.

  5. Reply

    Its interesting to read Aquarium = Best blogger . I think i have read this type of story first time and i really inspired . Also i will definitely say that yes , we must never every give up . That you have mentioned .

  6. vinay


    hey love the aquarium and its interesting post on how small thing can contribute to some thing big in future

  7. Mark Brook


    great Idea to make own aquarium I also have many fishes but I buy an aquarium and also have some birds and for them I make my one room as there living place.

  8. kevin


    Yo Kharim,

    That aquarium looks decent, you could start a career out of it…lol.

    when you had 18 dogs all at once it must have been chaos

    • Reply

      Hey Kevin,

      Well my girlfriend and I love animals and we were thinking of opening a pet store.

      Going to see what the future brings.

      Well those dogs can really be a handful…

      Thanks for the comment.

  9. aquarium fish tanks


    ha yes youve become a great blogger with your indepth fun and frolics for making your own aquarium! Looks good by the way, I hope your happy with it?

    • Reply


      Yep have been blogging over 2 years now. My aquarium has been looking wonderful and I love it so much. I am really happy the way it turned out.

      Thanks for the comment.

  10. Bhushan


    Hi Kharim,
    This post is very inspirational because it is real experiment. You feel first and your share it. I like this sentence: Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things. In the real life we should do new thing and learn new thing because it promote you in front of the world. Thanks for sharing awesome article!!

    • Reply

      Hey Bhushan,

      If I didn’t make my own aquarium then I would have to pay even more for it.

      The same goes with blogging, you can learn to set up your own blog or pay someone else to do it for you.

      Much cheaper when done by yourself.

      Thanks for that comment pal.

    • Reply

      Hey Alice,

      I always try my very best to provide the best blogging tips. If you subscribe then you will know when I post new tips here.

      Thanks for the comment.

  11. Greg


    Stick with what you know. It’s very important that the theme of your blog is related to the things that you know really well or to the things that you’re very passionate about.

  12. Rajkumar


    Hi Kharim,

    The aquariums look beautiful. Your experience is a great tip for many who want to become good bloggers. I am really delighted to read about your entire experience here. Cheers!!!

    • Reply

      Hey Rajkumar,

      The aquariums are great and the fishes are very happy. With blogging you can apply what you have accomplished throughout the day to your blog and see the great results.

      Thanks for the comment.

  13. Fisayo


    One quote came to mind while reading your article “Don’t be discouraged, sometimes its the last in d bunch of keys that opens the lock!”.

    This means we should never give up even when it seems impossible to achieve.
    Nice to see those aquarium you built for yourself and your girlfriend, they look beautiful.

    Now, I challenge you to provide us- your readers with a VIDEO to put us through on some things you do best. We await your VIDEO.

    Nice job bro!


    • Reply

      Hey Fisayo,

      I agree with you man. Giving up too easily won’t get us anywhere in life. We have to sometimes struggle for the things that we want. If we struggle to the end and then accomplish what we want then this success will be even greater.

      I will be doing a video soon. Don’t worry.

      Thanks for the comment.

  14. Rajkumar Jonnala


    Hi Kharim,

    Well i believe and follow only one sentence i.e “Hard work is necessary to get success in any goal. And never give up, keeping trying until you get success.

    Thats the reason why iam stable on blogging since 2 years and learning new things daily.

    Thanks for inspirational share.

    • Reply

      I have been blogging for 2 years as well.

      Sometimes things are up and at other times things are down. The great thing is to not give up and to continue blogging for as long as possible.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  15. Maja


    Hello Kharim you are enjoying from wonderful hobbies and working for these hobbies with dedication makes you intelligent and create more patience.
    From your this post I can conclude that you have a lot of love for your work and profession.

  16. Ti Roberts



    This was a great post and very inspirational! I especially loved when you said not to give up. That’s exactly what I’ve learned as well along my blogging journey. Most people who begin blogging don’t become successful because they give up to easily and too quickly. How can you ever expect to be a success with an attitude like that?

    I’ve been involved with internet marketing for over 7 years now and because of my iron will and determination to NEVER give up, I’m actually starting to see some success now. I’m elated and I’m so grateful that I’ve stuck it out and I will continue to stick with it until I reach my goal and help others to reach their goals. Just as you have done.

    There’s so much power in telling your own personal stories and being transparent with your audience. It helps to build a deeper and stronger relationship with your readers and helps to build even more trust. You’ve done a wonderful job on this post and I really appreciate it!

    Thanks for sharing this with us!


    • Reply

      Hey Ti Roberts,

      I have been blogging for 2 and a half years now. Sometimes there are road blocks on the journey to success. But I am not going to turn back.

      I am going to clear those road blocks and continue on my way to success.

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for stopping by as well.

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