Affiliate marketing is tough and requires some time to understand an go ahead. If you have a lot of time, you can understand the concept of affiliate marketing easily and quickly. If you are able to write good articles and do promotion yourself, affiliate marketing will require a little more time. If you want to outsource work, you require less time and more money. So in order to begin with affiliate marketing, you need to have something or the other! If you prefer out sourcing and need a budget, you can get make a quick earning by promoting coupons related to your blog niche in your blog.

1. Buyers Search For Coupons

Most of the buyers including me search for coupons before buying a product come what may! People love saving money, so do I and so do you! So coupons become an important [art of your marketing journey. Coupons are typically easy to promote, easy to convert and pay nicely as well! Buyers most of the time after selecting and finalizing a product go in search of coupons thus this ensures hat they are going to buy that product. You just have to bring forth your coupon code and that’s it! You will get a sale in a few hours. Try ranking high in Google and see the difference!

2. Easy to get and promote

Most of the companies support coupons. Be it Hostgator, Aero Postale or any other company! I don’t think there is a company who does not support coupons. Coupons are an important part of all online as well as offline business strategy and thus finding coupons is a very very easy task!

You can use Click Bank and contact the product makers for special coupons in order to stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Coupons are really easy to get and promote. And you can promote them everywhere!

3. Get a custom coupon

The unique  your coupon, the more sales you can expect and the chances of people using your coupon code increase by more than hundred times! For example if you own a blog named (just an example :P) Blogging Junction, get a custom coupon like BloggingJunction or something related to your blog name.

Why? Shakespeare said, what’s in a name?! Well, some theories don’t apply here! Names do matter, they matter a lot! Custom names can help you boost sales as all sales using your coupon will be credited to your account. Thus names matter, in fact they matter a lot!

4. Auto Promotion!

If people like your coupon code, the one you share with them by any means, email, blog, forum, etc. will recommend it to their friends planning to buy the same thing. Thus you get automatic promotion for free! You just need to sit and watch and over time your revenue and popularity will grow. If you have a custom coupon, the sales and commissions will g grow over time!

So in order to make a quick buck, start promoting coupons and keep on making money!


  1. Rajkumar Jonnala


    There are plenty of sites offering affilate membership where one can create their own custom coupons and make them available to the readers. If there is more reduction on a product, then people will buy it automatically.

  2. Reply

    I agree when someone searches for InMotion coupon or something and you are the first person on Google you will easily get a sale. Everyone likes to save money and affiliate marketers should be use these tactics.


  3. Gary Tyrrell


    Coupons is a very good process used by many business organizations in order to promote their products and websites.

  4. Cyber World


    I agree with you Peter. A coupon when clubbed with a good product, can go viral!

  5. Bryan


    Hi Saksham

    You’ve my attention with this great post. I definitely agree with you that coupon can help you to increase more sales product. Peoples are more likely to shopping their favorite items at online shops and at the same time wish to have a great saving. But not all vendors will realize about it’s advantages until they read this post.


  6. Mary


    And the thing is coupon can also be promoted in related forums as well…and from forums you can get quick referral and sales.

  7. Lynn Sanders


    No doubt about it, coupons are a great way to produce sales, even if you do have some competition on the market, not that much to become bothersome though.
    I even remember of some plugin that made creating coupons easier, can’t remember the exact name right now… but it’s proof they work.

  8. Gail Gardner


    Affiliate Marketing is more challenging to do well than most bloggers realize. Coupons ARE a good way to drive sales and many merchants will provide custom coupon codes for specific bloggers on request.

    There are many power affiliates who have sites that focus on coupons and it may be challenging for the average blogger to rank for coupons for the most common brands. They might be better off focusing on either less commonly promoted coupons or promoting them in unique ways.

    Did you know that ShareASale has a coupon and deals database AND one specifically for Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotions? That is worth checking out.

    If you’re a blogger who has never done affiliate marketing before I recommend starting with ShareASale and promoting magazines because the commissions are high, they are popular all year round and during holidays, and there are quality magazines in almost every niche.

  9. Reply

    I work in a sales center of a computer company and EVERYDAY people call in looking for discounts even when the PCs are already discounted. We get more calls to when customers receive emails with coupons they could use for purchase of specific items. And even if they did not need to buy these supplies (for example ink cartridges) they end up buying more just so they can use the coupon and get the discount. Coupons have brought in more sales than the instant rebates have.

  10. Chris


    I really like Hostgator’s method of handling coupons. They give affiliates a way to generate their own coupon codes themselves from their account. And if any visitor uses your coupon code, you get the credit, even if you haven’t cookied them.

    It’s a cool system, and I hope other affiliate programs follow their lead.

  11. Maria Pavel


    Now that our lives are getting tougher, prices of commodities are getting higher, we need to find ways to meet our budget. Coupons can definitely be the best way to attract more customers to buy your items. As a result, it can increase your sales. Remember that sales turnover is more important than margin per product.

      • Saksham


        I have the same question.

        Do you want to show coupons in your posts or is there something else you want the plugin / widget to do?

      • Scott


        I just need an attractive coupon that has different “skins” with expiration dates or a space for coupon codes.

      • Reply

        Custom coupons, just looks mainly. Small like a 125×125 ad, but looks like a coupon. I guess i could use an image, but I would like a little more automation.

        • Saksham Talwar


          Then Couponpress is probably for you. It doesn’t show any images, but instead allows you to show attractive boxes.

  12. bbrian017


    I think this is a great idea! In fact I will be giving all our affiliate lights members the ability to sell the 1.99 package for our 4.99 gold services. This is the main reason I stopped and discontinued the Bronze package.. I knew there would be some marketing ability if I was to remove it and then only give that special deal to our affiliate members. I’m hoping this will in return increase their sales and our customer base. We will see how it goes.!

    • Reply

      Hey Brian, that sounds like a great idea. What you can also do to boost sales is to set an expire date so you can get more purchases in a period of time.

    • Saksham


      Thats a million dollar idea Brian! I think your idea may just work. Affiliates won’t hesitate to promote your membership. Further as Blog Engage is already an established community, you can expect people to buy memberships pretty quickly!

  13. Marketing Philosophy


    Coupons can certainly increase the sales of a business and is one of the best marketing and advertising methods. The reason is that people feel that they earn from coupons (even though they still pay for the product or service) and it makes them feel that they will lose if they don’t use these coupons (it’s just basic human psychology)

    Kostas | Opportunities Planet

    • Saksham


      Kostas, I agree with you. People generally run behind offers and most of the times a big banner saying 25% OFF will attract hundreds of buyers in no time! Coupons really do wonders!

  14. Peter


    They can help you in the sense that they can disperse or spread all your products and services.

  15. Aaron


    I too search for coupons first before buying anything online. So it’s always beneficial if you’re promoting a product with its coupon code. There are more chances that visitor likely buy it. Nice tips!!!

    • Saksham



      yeah! Promoting a product with a coupon increases conversions and its a great marketing strategy!

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