The computing has doubtlessly completely changed because of smartphones. Now no one needs to glue themselves to use a computer and do their personal and professional things. Smartphones have turned into such powerful as they can replicate everything a full-fledged PC does. These devices are today’s lightest form of computers and we can use them in a lot of computing things. They have brought the whole world of the internet and almost everything online just few taps away.

A huge credit to make smartphones such popular goes to the technology of mobile app development. We have two leading mobile OSs – Android and iOS – which together have more than 5 million apps. Think something that you believe a smartphone can do and, you will be surprised by knowing that there are several options available on app stores, like Google Play Store and App Store. So smartphones, together with apps, can do everything a PC does.

People are still exploring what their smartphones can do for them. But right here, another tech revolution is on the way. It’s called IoT that stands for Internet of Things. It’s all about how things (machines, gadgets, appliances, and gadgets) can be connected through the web and, how we can make them controllable through PCs and as of current trend – through smartphones.

The concept of Internet of Things have turned more practical with smartphones as they are portable and are truly wireless. These devices have high-speed internet connectivity with outstanding processing-power to hand any apps using Internet of Things technology.

It’s time that mobile app developers should start concentrating on blending apps with IoT technologies. Smartphones are capable of communicating with integrating sensors used in the objects connected to the internet. And apps can be developed to exchange the information received from these devices.

IoT has already brought in a number changes to several businesses. We have already seen smart-watches, and a never ending range of electronic appliances with suitable apps can be communicated over the internet.

IoT connected homes

There are already several companies entered the market of automating things at our homes. Do you want to switch on AC before you reach your home? Do you want to switch off TV remotely so that your kids can concentrate more on education? Do you want your plants automatically getting the required water or shades cutting extra sunlight inside a room?

If you want this, there are technology, sensors and appliances and mobile app technology to do this. The blend of mobile application development and IoT technology can do this for you.

Applying IoT at home can do a number of wonderful things. You can even find your keys which you always put safely but then never find at right time.

IoT connected cars

Automotive industry is also using IoT in creative way. Car manufacturers have recognized the power of mobility and, how merging IoT with apps can make driving more convenient and safer. According to an article published on Telegraph, we will have 250 million cars on the road in next five year. The article also says that automotive is going the one the major industries to take the advantages of the technology of IoT.

IoT connected travel

The travel industry is also seeing IoT as a useful technology for its operations. Businesses here are blending Apps, QR code and NFS tags together to come up with solutions or tools that can interact with museum, libraries, monuments, taxis, restaurants, etc to deliver more contented and convenient traveling experience to tourists.

Everything else

The whole world is now connected to IoT. We have IoT connected wearable devices, fitness gears and a lot more. At enterprise level we can see the uses of IOT in marketing, sales, product development, operations, manufacturing, services, support, information, operational technology, and customers,

Author Bio:- Rubal is the technical writer at Mobilmindz that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology and having a great experience in grocery app development, finance app development etc.


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