This is a very real issue that all bloggers should think about when they are trying to maintain their blog and bring in new readers. How often should you post a new blog?

Some news blogs update several times per day, while other blogs are lucky to be updated once per month.

So what is the right answer for your blog?

The right answer is going to depend on the goals you have for your blog.

If you have a personal blog it doesn’t really matter how often you post. You are posting mostly for your own benefit.

Keep in mind that if you want regular readers for your blog, then your post frequency is going to be very important.

If you want visitors to come to your blog every day, then you are going to want to post something on your blog at least once per day.

If you want visitors to check back every once in a while, then posting once or twice per week is probably enough.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo love continually updated blogs. So if you are looking for a good search engine ranking, you will want to pace yourself so that you can be sure to update your blog on a continual basis.

Don’t Spam Your Blog Readers
Give them time to read older posts
In fact, when a loyal reader does subscribe to your RSS feed, they may actually be turned OFF your blog if you post too often. Too many headlines come flooding into their feed reader and they will drop you, regardless of how great your posts are. It becomes overwhelming and too much work for a reader to keep up with.


  1. Murlu


    I think it’s important to have a balance between giving readers regular content but not bogging them down with post after post each day.

    Readers, just like you and me, need time to digest and implement the things we talk about. When we make a how-to post, it doesn’t give the reader any value when you jump right to a new one the next day because they may still be working on the first.

    Instead of writing dozens of posts, write one or two really GREAT posts. Let your readers take it all in and work on the topic you talked about. When they come back, they’ll have another great article to read and implement. That’s the true way to make your blog sticky.
    .-= Murlu´s last blog ..15 WordPress Plugins To Install On A New Blog =-.

  2. Melody


    Posting frequency can also depend on industry and quality of content. As an artist my posts may take a lil longer because of customizing my post’s graphics as well as additional design elements, but I think as long as you establish stability in your consistency of posting then readers will learn to adapt. =)
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..Design Process For March’s Twitter Pinup =-.

  3. Jordy


    I’m enjoying reading your blog posts. I just wanted to say that I post as many articles as I can write in a day. I manage more than one blog though.

    When I look at the increase in revenue over the past year that has been directly related to the amount of articles that I’ve posted, I am compelled to write even more.

    • Reply

      Thanks for your comment Jordy.

      It’s nice to know that you have more than one blog and your are able to provide your readers with articles to read. Keep up the good blogging work 🙂

  4. Joshua Pitts


    I post once a day. The only reason I do this is to provide readers with fresh content everyday. Im also very knowledgeable in my niche. So its easy to spew out quality posts.
    .-= Joshua Pitts´s last blog ..My Top Five Plugins to SEO and Increase Backlinks =-.

    • Reply

      Thanks for your reply @ Joshua Pitts. I try to post once every 2-3 days. But I have cut the days down to 2 days not. I notice that if I take too long to post, my rss reader counter drops.

  5. Just Cause 2


    My topic is video games so I need fresh content so sometimes I won’t have any. and when a game comes out I might do 20 posts.
    .-= Just Cause 2´s last blog ..Dragon Age Comic Released on PSN and iTunes =-.

  6. Reply

    Thanks for reading Jay and also for commenting.

    That’s exactly what I try to do, post every 2-3 days. Give the readers time to read the articles, and that also gives me time to put together and write other articles.

  7. Jay


    Yeah, I think it is very important to not post too frequently. I try to post every 3 days. It gives me a time to get a nice post together and to gather my ideas.
    .-= Jay´s last blog ..Truthful Affiliate Is A wealthy Affiliate =-.

  8. Reply

    Yep that’s so true Robyn, “If a person subscribes to a news site then mostly definitely they will get many updates per day…”

    What I do is: if I have other posts or articles that I write, I would normally store them and then publish them at a later date. So I write ahead of time so that I will always have something to post on my blog.
    .-= Shane´s last blog ..What do you blog about? =-.

  9. Robyn from Sam's Web Guide


    Posting frequency depends greatly on your blog’s niche. If a person subscribes to a news site then mostly definitely they will get many updates per day through their feed reader, so they will decide if they can handle that.

    I’ve been trying to create at least 4-5 new posts per week. If I have very popular posts, I may republish them to get them back to my front page
    .-= Robyn from Sam’s Web Guide´s last blog ..Microsoft’s New Courier Tablet / Digital Journal =-.

    • Reply

      I try to post at least once every 2-3 days. Remember what I said in last part of this post, “Don’t Spam Your Blog Readers, Give them time to read older posts… they may actually be turned OFF your blog if you post too often.”
      .-= Shane´s last blog ..What do you blog about? =-.

      • Women's Clothing


        I would disagree with you on this one. If you notice something, the probloggers post daily. Why??? Because they know that people would be visiting their sites daily. If you can do it, try posting 2 post daily on this blog for 3 months. Then intentionally miss posting for 1 week. I can bet (not real betting) that someone would ask why you haven’t posted for a while.
        .-= Women’s Clothing´s last blog ..H&M Clothing: H and M Clothing store =-.

        • Robyn from Sam's Web Guide


          That’s a good point. Readers who regularly visit will always want to see fresh content daily.
          .-= Robyn from Sam’s Web Guide´s last blog ..How to Add an About Author Box in the Post Footer in WordPress =-.

        • Reply

          Very good point. Well I would step up my posting in due time but my blog is just 1 week and 3 days old.

          Thanks for the tips

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