An accomplished graphic designer should not only create eye-catching logos, infographics, and illustrations but also promote his or her works of art on Instagram. Bygone are the days when graphic artists and illustrators struggled to get a job through rare connoisseurs of art. Today, art and graphics are open to all for appreciation, thus helping budding and seasoned graphic designers to preserve and highlight their talent through the leading photo-sharing platforms like Instagram. Just like many small and big companies, logo, book cover illustrators, and infographic designers are now building a community to connect and display their work to potential clients.

Through Instagram, you can interact with fellow graphic artists and build a fan following too. It will lead to opportunities galore for more graphic design work. As a designer, you can now use Instagram to show your work and convince clients to buy your work for a handsome payment. The best way to do it is by leveraging the Instagram feed. To make your job easier, here are some tips to promote your graphic art on Instagram:

Use High-Resolution Images

This point may sound a bit obvious, but you must ensure that you post only the top-quality logos, book cover illustrations, and infographics on this photo-sharing site. Your creations must reflect your perfection and vision. When a potential client wants to hire a graphic designer, he will look for superlative images. Use the Instagram filters to improve the look and feel of your logo or monogram.

Keep Your Posts Interesting and Relevant

No matter whether you want to display your letterhead, brochure, poster, magazine cover, catalog, or a T-shirt design, post nothing but interesting and relevant work. Instagram is one of the best platforms to highlight your work in progress, the inspiration for the work, and final design to increase your fan base. The social media platform not only helps you to draw attention to your creations, but also your portfolio as a whole, and the motivation that drives you to create attractive designs. Your posts should include high-quality images of your design, inspirations, accomplishments, events, design-in-progress, and the place where you work.

Represent as an Artist

Instagram is an image-sharing platform. Therefore, ensure that the pictures you post are something that represents your graphic design prowess. Even if you want to post something as honest as what tools you use while designing graphics for your clients, present it in a creative manner.

Present Your Biography with Style

Add a neat, simple, and a detailed biography on Instagram with some style. You are a graphic designer and you know how to go about it. Let your creative juices flow. You can integrate a link to your work. When you create your bio, try to design emoji to impress clients. Ensure that your bio serves as a window into your creative world. Make your biography look aesthetically beautiful. In other words, design your bio with a touch of panache.

Add Captions to Support the Visuals

Use Instagram as a visual storytelling platform to accentuate your graphics work. For example, if you have created a logo design for a coffee brand, include an interesting caption about the emblem that you have created. It will motivate your followers to engage with the design. When it comes to Instagram users, they love to interact and if they like your logo, they will happily like, comment, and share a few good words about your graphic design skills. Take some time out to research the internet. You can also visit sites such as Gramblast for more inspiration.

Decide on the Frequency of Your Posts

When it comes to Instagram posts, quality prevails over quantity. If you want to post your logo design, business card design, or graphics for product packaging like a toy frequently, you are free to do so. However, if you want to post just to meet the daily requirement, it is better to avoid the compulsion. You may skip for a day or two if you do not have a high-quality image. If you plan to post daily, then do not do so more than once or twice in a day.

Post at the Right Time

Did you know what Latergramme, a service that lets you schedule Instagram posts,discovered? It studied about 61,000 images to figure out when these visuals receive the maximum likes and comments. It was discovered that the time between 2 am and 5 pm EST is the best time to display your posts. It will help you build a good fan following and they will engage with your graphic design work. Avoid posting any of your work between 9 am and 6 pm. Wednesday is the best day of the week to post your logo design or book design work.

Use Blue-Toned Images

Curalate, a leading marketing platform, tested more than 8 million photos to identify the best-performing Instagram tone. And guess what? The color blue proved to be the best hue. The blue-toned pictures perform 24 percent more efficiently than those with orange or red tones. Therefore, if you want to post your works of art, use blue-toned images.

Use Popular Graphic Design Hashtags

Attract more visitors and engage with your followers with the use of popular graphic design hashtags on Instagram. These hashtags categorize the content. Therefore, use a few of them with individual posts to get your work to specific categories. This is one of the best ways to boost your presence on the photo-sharing platform. Though Instagram lets you use up to 30 hashtags, we recommend that you stick to 5 to 12. The most popular ones include #graphicdesign, #graphic, #vectorart, #visualstyle, and #illustrator to name a few.


As your fan base grows, you will find people loving your graphic design work. Whether it is a logo, product package design, video game art or signagewhen Instagram users like your creations they re-gram your work or tag their friends in the comments. This is how your talent as a graphic designer will go viral. Consequently, you will gain potential clients to whom you can sell your designs.


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