Gas pressure washers are a blessing when you are a clean freak. These machines are able to generate quick results. At times, the whole cleaning process can be really satisfying. As a beginner, setting up a gas pressure washer can be challenging for you. But do not worry, you do not require separate tools or special techniques for getting started. 

We have listed down step-by-step details. By following these steps, you will be able to get started in no time. 


Setting up a gas pressure washer

Before you start cleaning, it is important that you make all the connections. The water should be flowing without any problem. 

  • First of all, you need to tighten all the connections. Make sure that there are no loose connections so that the air cannot pass through it. If connections are not made properly, you will see leaks and you will not be able to clean with full water pressure. Even the best gas pressure washer fails to perform well when connections are not made properly. 
  • Attach the spray wand and set it to the low- or no-pressure setting. If you set the spray wand to a high setting, there are chances that it will recoil when the pressure washer is started. The best way to prevent it by removing the nozzle beforehand. If you are using an electric pressure washer, it is recommended to keep the setting on low-pressure, wide fan settings.
  • When you have made all the connections. Now, it’s time to get the water running. Open the water faucet. Spray some water to get the debris and air out of the system.
  • If the water is running smoothly, now it’s time to get the engine started. When you are using a gas pressure washer, you will have to pull the cord. Before you start using water, keep the engine run for at least a minute. It is recommended to use the pressure washer after just one minute, if it keeps running for several minutes when the trigger is off, there are chances that the engine will get damaged. 
  • Keep the water running, while keeping the trigger off. This will give you time to adjust the pressure and spray setting. During this time, you have to select the nozzle and attach it to the spray wand. When you are done with making these connections and settings, you are all set to start cleaning.  

How to start?

  • Before starting any pressure washer, whether it is gas or electric, make sure that it does not have any debris in the inlet filter. 
  • Always place the pressure washer on stable and solid ground. Before you start cleaning make sure that the pressure washer is placed properly. There should be no chances of tripping. 
  • Now, it’s time to make the necessary connections. The first thing you need to do is to connect the hose to the pressure’s washer and the other end to the water supply. Make sure that it is not attached to a portable water source, otherwise, the water supply might get interrupted in the middle of cleaning. 
  • Before you start cleaning, run water for at least a minute. So, that if there is any debris or extra air present, it can be removed. 
  • Check whether the spray wand is working properly. Press on the trigger to run water through it. 
  • You are all set to turn on the engine and start cleaning. Pull the cord and you are all set to go. 

For all gas pressure washers, the most important thing is to keep the gas levels in check. Make sure that the gas tank is full and in good condition.

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