A website is a marketing tool and it is meant to inform people of your service and enable them to get in touch with you for closing the deal or getting further information. It is up to you to try and close as many deals on the spot without allowing them to have second thoughts. The following tips may assist you in doing this.

Have a Firm Landing Page

Your website should have top quality content, to begin with. Everything written, is to be relevant to what you are trying to sell. Information should be streamlined and not allow visitors to wander off. Keep your landing page simple and with one purpose, to inform and sell. Have several call-to-actions on the page so they don’t skip the reader’s attention. Avoid using banners as people tend to ignore them. Make it clear, include them somewhere in the text and make them a part of the text. As long as they are easy to spot.

Be Convincing

The worst thing you can do for your website is to intentionally make your viewers suspicious. This is exactly what you are doing when choosing to post unconvincing testimonials. Choose a relevant reputable website whose purpose is to compare, rate and review services and products and get your testimonials from them. Make sure the visitors on your website know the origin of these posts as this is the only way they will believe they are genuine.

Show them how it works in real life

Having an image of a product is a must! It is hard enough not being able to touch something or try it. People will not venture to buy something they haven’t seen. A good thing you could do for both products and services, but especially for products is to offer videos of user instructions and reviews. This way it will be easier for the visitors to get a feeling of a product and it may even be the tipping point between your product and a different one they didn’t have a chance to see.

Basic Marketing

Do not underestimate the power of basics. What people are after is still a good offer. If they recognize one, they will find it hard to reject. So target your best and worst selling products and combine them into good deals. Offer them a whole pack for a price that is insignificantly higher than the original price for one product. Reassure your visitors and make them feel safe by explaining you are so confident in what you are selling that you are offering a refund on any purchase that did not meet its buyer’s expectations.

Attract Visitors

Try to use SEO skills to attract a decent number of visitors to your web page, to begin with. You can hire a specialized SEO service or you can have an internal SEO expert, it is up to you as long as you are aware of its importance. Optimize your website so that it can be seen from any connected device. Have links leading to your website on various related blogs and related reputable websites. This way people will be able to get to you from various sources and ‘sides’.

Use Retargeting

What happens to most of the visitors is that they leave without making a purchase or signing up for your newsletter. Use cookies to track the whereabouts of your lost potential customers and remind them of your existence every so often while they browse the web. The chances are that they will return because they had a look at your website for a reason and you need to get to them before someone else does.

Internet marketing is a vast category and it can be used and improved in a great number of ways. These are some of the effective tactics you can use to boost your sales. Don’t let your website be just a leaflet, make it into your best sales assistant.


  1. Andrea Maria


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